Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Newsletter May 13, 2013

Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

Marc Oleynick                        5:11:02
Peggy Oleynick                       7:08:58

Ironman 70.3 San Juan

Vic Suchodolski                      5:46:05
Marianne Moore                      6:23:13            2nd AG
Diana Ortiz Beaudet               6:44:34
Glenn Moore                                       7:06:45
Aaron Mason                          7:23:52

Boston Marathon

Brian Welch                            2:59:16
Mike Welch                             2:59:16
Amanda Pupillo                              3:29:48

New Jersey Devilman

Sprint Du

Joshua Loren                           1:30:57            1st M
Patrick Hall                             1:53:58            3rd Div

Half Lite 50 Du

Tinna Otero                             4:36:44            1st Div

Sprint Tri

Michael Welch                                    1:28:28            3rd M, 3rd Div
Blair Saunders                         1:31:05            1st Div
Brian Welch                            1:31:33            3rd Div
Aaron Perelman                              1:33:38    4th Div
Vince Lafashia                                    1:36:16            3rd Div
Katrina Dowidchuk                1:38:02            1st Div
Susanne Vanzijl                              1:38:20    2nd Div
Jamie Brabston                                1:42:50    1st Div
David Drysdale                               1:43:57   
Bryan Tingle                           1:45:00            5th Div
Brian Denney                          1:46:33           
Eric Wolf                                            1:50:51           
Nick Anderson                                    1:53:14            1st Div
Andrew Campbell                   1:56:55           
Brian Drysdale                                    1:58:37
Larry Filtz                                           2:08:05            5th Div
William Hollandsworth           2:13:20            3rd Div
Peggy Oleynick                               2:15:15    2nd Div
Roy Hall                                              2:18:30            1st Div
Eric Robson                            2:23:45           

Half Lite 50 Tri

David Anshen                         3:24:41            3rd Div
Marc Oleynick                        3:29:18            5th Div
Jason Flickinger                              3:33:11   
Joseph Burns                           3:36:32           
Amanda Pupillo                              3:42:32    4th Div
Holly Burns                             3:44:29            1st Div
Marianne Moore                              3:45:11    1st Div
Kristy Burnett                         3:47:09            2nd Div
Cindy Johnson                                    4:00:58            1st Div
Gregg Fink                              4:04:56           
Patricia Clifford                              4:21:23    5th Div

Below is a link to the 6th Annual Steelman OWS Race.

A few of us did this event last year and it was a great alternative to the typical endurance challenges we do throughout the season. I'm hoping to get a large group to head up there again this year.

-Sunday, July 13th, 2014.
 (Keep in mind this is the day after Diamond in the Rough).
-Offers 3 race options: 3 mile, 1.5 mile, 3 mile relay team.
-Wetsuits are permitted (but disqualify you for any awards).
-Compared to some other bodies of water, Lake Nockamixon
 (Quakertown, PA) is equivalent to swimming in your bathtub water.
 Minus the rubber duck, loofah and Costco-size bottle of Head and
 Shoulders. Assuming, of course, you have dandruff or recognize
 the hygienic benefits of an exfoliated _________. (Fill in the blank)
-Is great preparation for those doing any halfs or fulls this year.
-No matter how slow you swim there is plenty of post-race pizza
 available. My brother and I took 2 hours and there was still enough
 leftover for us to eat ourselves into a cheese-induced food coma
 AND receive a 10% discount on a coronary bypass. Woo to the
-Unlike a triathlon, the only equipment you need is a pair of goggles.
  And, a swim suit. (Apparently, race organizers frown upon the 
  unpleasant side-effects of cold lake water and the feeding of native
  aquatic life. Don't judge. 2 hours is a long time and boredom sets
  in quickly. :-\  )

Registration is currently open. If the link does not open for you and you need to enter through the homepage (, be sure you do not register for the Steelman Triathlon.

Walk for the Cure
Fellow Tridawgs - wanted to call your attention and hopefully support for our annual Walk for the Cure in support of Arthritis. Funds raised go for research to find a cure for Arthritis which afflicts 50 million adults and 300,000 children at a cost if $128B annually just in the United States. This is close to my heart as my daughter, a competitive athlete, was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. We need science to advance to afford her and others a quality of life we all enjoy.

You can register, make a contribution or both through the attached link.  Thank you in advance for your support! 

Date: Saturday, May 17th
Location: Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, 20 Pattison Ave. A, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Time: Registration Opens at 9; Walk begins at 11

5K Run
What: 5K run & Crab Feast
Date:  Thursday, June 5th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Where: Szymanski House (709 Haddon Road, Wilmington DE 19808)

Please mark June 5th on your calendars to join us for the 6th  annual Crabowitz 5K fun run and crabs!  We will be supplying crabs and pizza, water, Yuengling, and our own Brewmaster Tony BBQ , will once again be providing two kegs of “Rebel Electrolite Ale”  J !

If you prefer something else, please bring your drink of choice, and please let us know if you can attend and how many you will be bringing.  The run is optional and kids are welcome !

We are also continuing the tradition of collecting donations for the B+ foundation.  The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation honors the life of 14-year-old Andrew who battled leukemia and sepsis. Andrew’s B+ blood type became the perfect message – Be Positive – to reflect how Andrew lived his life and how he inspired others to do the same. The B+ Foundation is about kids helping kids fight cancer -- by providing financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer, and by providing childhood cancer research grants.

Thanks and looking forward to another great event!

Have a great week!