Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Masters Swimming - New Session Starts April 10th

Attached is information and registration for the next session of Masters Swimming. You can register and pay at the first practice. These are all coached practices and open to anyone regardless of experience and ability. "Masters" just means it is for adults, not level of ability. I can put you in touch with others if you'd like to talk to someone who took the first session to see what they thought of the experience. If you only attended two practices per week that still works out to $5.35 per practice which is a bargain especially considering the level of coaching you're getting. Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Coach

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lake Placid Hurricane Damage

Many of us have made the trek to the Lake Placid Ironman. I think it has become the team destination of choice if you are doing an IM. And if you have been there you know that one of the highlights is the beauty of the area. Lake Placid and neighboring towns have embraced the IM and their community support has been overwhelming with over 3,500 local volunteers. Last week the area suffered some severe storm damage due to Hurricane Irene.

The World Triathlon Corp and the Ironman foundation will donate $5,000. They have also created a website for others to give back to this community and you can see pictures of some of the damage. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. I encourage you to give whatever amount you can to this worthwhile campaign. The Tri-Dawgs will be sending a team donation as well.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Run for the Buds

Here is a worthwhile race to benefit awareness for Best Buddies Delaware and the Down Syndrome Association of DE. There is a 5K and Half Marathon. Click here to register.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lums Pond Open Water Swims

Lums Pond officials have asked us to cancel this Wednesday's (8/29/11) open water swim. The heavy rains this past weekend and the amount of runoff into the pond has raised the possibility of health issues. This was also to be the last week of open water swimming so sadly we are done for the season. Thanks to Vince and his team for putting together another successful year of OWS. The experience has been invaluable to many. Hopefully we will be able to do this again next year.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Masters Swim Program

We will be adding additional practices starting mid-September and running through mid-December. Please check the attached information page and if you are interested there is a registration form. Contact me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sea Colony/Make A Wish Triathlon

Marco asked me to post this information and I agree that it is a really fun race to do. It was actually my first about 25 years ago.

We are staying at the Annapolis unit , ocean view, 7th floor, directly above the transition, party zone. Make-a-Wish gives a 20% discount and they take off $80 (or more depending on unit size) if you BYO sheets n towels. Our total for the weekend (in Friday, out Sunday) is only $231.56. That includes taxes. Really good deal for oceanfront weekend rental.

It would be fun to revive the Tri-Dawg tradition. Advise all to book asap before the rooms are gone. Those interested should request PRO-TRI 20% discount when making a reservation. It's on the link, anyway.

Make A Wish Triathlon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IM France

Here is a race report from Doug Bishop who recently completed this race. Great job and congratulations to Doug!

I finished!! Thanks to all of the Tri-dawgs for the support. It has
been great having a new triathlon family since moving to DE. I wrote
up a race report which I sent out for some other friends and family.
I thought I'd share it with the dawgs but you'll have to put up with a
few cliches (probably typical of a first time IM person like me).
Feel free to send this out to the dawgs and/or post on the blog as

Also does anyone have an extra garmin 205/305? I borrowed a friends
for the race and then LOST it during the bike. I feel like a horrible
person and am looking to have a temporary replacement. On another
note, does anyone have a small road or tri bike they were looking to
sell (or maybe even temporarily loan). My friends bike was stolen
last week (apparently there have been a few recent bike thefts in
Newark, WATCH OUT!). She is 5'2" with a long torso so I think she
needs ~48".

IM France race report with plenty of cliches
I am surrounded by people doing amazing things. From the seemingly
mundane: managing a family, a relationship, or a job; to the overtly
extraordinary: founding charities, forming companies, fighting
disease, or generally taking the long odds to make the world better.
Giving everything you can each day in spite of the challenges is my
ultimate aspiration. This Ironman is owed to all of those around me
doing exactly that.

The last few weeks before the race were a struggle to say the least.
I managed to complete my last few key century rides and 20 mile runs
while simultaneously moving apartments, completing finals, attending 2
weddings, and trying to get my research off the ground. Although my
training and taper had to adapt to the circumstances, I came into the
race confident I put in the necessary work with no major injuries
(hurray!) and feeling mostly healthy and rested. I was able to
convince myself that my lingering ab injury and mild knee pain
wouldn’t slow me down too much over the long distance.

I had heard about the infamous bike course and was aware of its
reputation as “like no other” but was not quite prepared for what I
saw as we drove the course three days before the race. The drive
alone took us four and a half hours; only a 1hr 15min short of my goal
time on the bike. The course works its way from Nice and heads into
the mountains where the fun begins. The bulk of the elevation –
almost 4000ft – is biked in a single 11 mile climb which begins at
mile 30. The narrow roads wind like an old river bed, up and back
down the mountain. Similar roads can simply not be found in the US as
we choose to pave our way straight through mountains and turns rather
than wind along the path that nature gives us. We traveled through
medieval French towns built on mountainside cliffs and carefully
followed switchback turns with little (or no) guard rail. The danger
apparent in the blind turns, long ravines, and mountain bluffs were
only lessened by the stunning views, unique and extraordinary at
seemingly every mile. The trip, which I made three times (but only
once by bike), is one in which you begin by snapping photos of each
new view, but two hours later you finally put down the camera and soak
in the full view as you know another view is just up the road.

I woke up at 4:30 race morning, thankful I was able to sleep 2 hours.
Despite being rushed in transition and warm-up, I felt strangely calm
as the gun went off. Although I thought long and hard about target
times and paces, I had tried to set few expectations for my first
Ironman (although the latest version of my excel spreadsheet read
10hrs 40 minutes). The swim was a mass start, probably 200m wide
along a rocky beach. I had positioned myself in a coral with athletes
aiming for 1hr 6min as a target time, hoping that would be
conservative enough to avoid being swum over too much. When the gun
went off, all 2700 athletes poured into the ocean which felt much as
it looked, like chaos. Inevitably as we rushed out of the gates, we
kicked, hit and swam on top of each other as would thousands of cats
had they been tossed in the ocean. The Mediterranean was shockingly
blue and clear which was perfect for seeing the arm (or foot) of the
person beside you. The athletes would converge as we approached each
buoy leading to scrambles for the best position and the perfect line
to the next buoy. I emerged from the water in 1hr 4min, just on
target. Feeling good.

I began the first of the climbs on my bike with the simple goal of
using as little as possible. As my friend Andre knows, although I
like to “drop the hammer” at the beginning of a climb, I knew I’d pay
for it at mile 60, and then pay again during the marathon. Although I
was passed by some during the long bike climb, I made it to the top
feeling like there was still gas in the tank. Despite not being quite
the daredevil that I’d lead you to believe, I proceeded to pass
athlete after athlete on the windy way down the mountain. The two
unfortunate casualties of my ride were my CO2 pump which popped off my
bike on a speed bump at mile 70 (don’t flat now!), and my Garmin GPS
(actually borrowed from Andre) which came off my bike slightly further
down the road (Sorry Andre! I even got off to look for it). Despite
loosing my watch, I finished the bike a few minutes ahead of target,
5h 43min.

I got off the bike slightly dehydrated from missing the last aid
station but feeling surprisingly intact. I started off the marathon
at 7:00/mile pace and struggled to slow myself down to my target of
8:00 after the first mile. The marathon proceeded in 4 laps down the
Promenade de Anglais, and was hot and long (who knew!). I finished
the first 9 miles well above my target. Average pace 7:30/mile, in
hindsight, a mistake. By midway through the 2nd lap I began having
stomach cramps, likely due to attempting to re-hydrate after the bike
ride along with the dozen+ gels and copious amounts of caffeine that I
had consumed in the previous 7 hours. I continued pouring water over
my head, but had to cut back on gels and drinks at the aid stations,
and was forced to take two trips to the port-o-potties for stomach
breaks (I need say no more). Despite the slowed pace from the cramps,
I resisted the urge to walk and avoiding food helped my stomach
problems. Coming into the finish line I had enough energy to pick up
the pace again (but not enough to look pretty for the cameras). My
marathon finished 3hr and 38 minutes after it began, 8 minutes over my
goal, but I have to say I was still quite satisfied. I ended, on a day
I thought impossible to predict, 2 minutes faster than my goal: 10hr
38min and 3 seconds. 217 of 2600 Ironmen.

Now I have to give a few thanks. To the Tri-dawgs who adopted me and
make me feel like I have some community in this new town. To Vince,
Josh, Lenny, David, Margaret and everyone else who rode and swam with
me, and put up with me not knowing how to flip turn or ending up in
the wrong lane in the pool. And to my friends and family who have to
put up with my training schedule, constant eating, blabbering about
triathlons, and incessant Facebook status updates (yes there are other
parts of my life). Keep following your dreams, fighting your battles,
and remember it all means nothing if we can’t share it with each

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Dawg showing at St. Andrews!!!

Hi -
What a great showing by our Tri-Dawgs and Tri-Pups at the St. Andrews triathlon this past weekend!  We have now moved into 2nd place in the point standings!  Refer to link:
Would love to see a race re-cap from someone on the race!  Please post one direct to the site or send to me at and I will gladly post it for you! 
St Andrews Sprint Triathlon June 19, 2011
Sprint Distance Division Time Awards
Saunders, Blair M45-49 1:06:50 3rd M overall; 1st AG
Saunders, Brett M0-14 1:10:32 1st AG
Anshen, David M40-44 1:12:06  
Saunders, Jocelyn F45-49 1:12:33 1st F overall, 1st AG
Rogers, Justin M25-29 1:15:02  
Outslay, Duncan M40-44 1:15:48  
Saunders, Brooke F15-19 1:19:09 1st AG
Collier, Charles M15-19 1:20:22 2nd AG
Anshen, Tish F40-44 1:26:08  
Johnson, Cindy F50-54 1:26:54 2nd AG
Murray, Alexa F15-19 1:33:35 2nd AG
Curl, Lisa F45-49 1:37:49  
Smallwood, Jessica F35-39 1:40:25  
Longhurst, Valerie F45-49 1:41:03  
Mckelvey, Lisa F40-44 1:47:14  


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Team E-mails

We are now over 140 members on the team which has maxed out my Comcast distribution list. G-mail allows a much large list so I have created an account just for Tri-Dawg e-mails from me ( I will also start using BCC so that there are no issues regarding misuse of the distribution list.

If anyone has something they would like to e-mail out to the team just drop me an e-mail and I will send it to the team. Please continue to use my address since it is unlikely I will check the gmail account very often. I would prefer to use the website instead of e-mail as much as possible, so if you send me something, I might just post it here.

I sent out an e-mail on 6/15/11. If you received it and would like to be removed from this distribution list let me know. If you did not get the e-mail then you are not on the updated distribution list. Let me know if you would like to be added to the distribution list.

Also let me know if you have any ideas for the website. Diane and Margaret have done a great job in making improvements with this. Hope to see you at a race soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tri-Dawg Challenge

Refer to this link:

This is to challenge the Dawgs to sign up for 2-3 races this season! There are 3 great races coming up that many Dawgs turn out for so the support is huge! Plus we will get lots of points in the Piranha Series! As you know we do not ask for dues to be apart of the Dawgs nor do we pay for coaching from Glenn nor do we ask for a fee to swim at Lums pond Wednesday evenings.... But we can raise money by placing in the Piranha series. The last two years we placed 2nd! The first team wins by pure volume so it's difficult to beat them in terms of total points but on performance at key races we can contend against the rest!!!! Please make every effort to sign up for one if not more of the following races:

1) Diamond In the Rough Tri is a 1 mile swim, 27 mile bike and a 5 mile run on July 9th...

2) Sunday august 14th the lums pond sprint triathlon or duathlon! Great race for beginners!!! And of course we will tailgate afterwards!!

3) The 3rd race (Delaware DiamondMan) is Sunday september 11th also at lums pond (just begins at a different side of the pond) and there are two distances; half ironman and a sprint! Again the sprint is a great beginners race distance and for those who have been thinking of doing a half, this is a flat bike course! Also this is the race that Becki n Andy met last year and are now married! So who knows maybe you can make a "love connection":)!

Remember to sign up as a "Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg" (not trail dawgs) when u sign up, look for team option on sign up page!

(FYI) MY goal is to see close to 30 people at each race BUT coach has upped the challenge to 50 people per race! Which makes sense as we have over 100 dawgs on our roster....

FYI...we do get points if you sign up as as a Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg in any of the Piranha series. You don't have to just do the Lums Pond sprint or duathlon ; and the Delaware diamond man sprint/half.


Open Water Swims Resumes this week

Open Water Swims Resumes This Wednesday June 15th from 6-7pm at Lums Pond.
Entrance to Lums Pond off of Rt 896 and Howell School Road - parking Lot Area 1

A Dawg is going to KONA!!!!

Well Dawgs - it was an exciting weekend race wise for many people. Our own Marianne Moore won a slot to Kona! Sandy completed her first Half Ironman! Many raced in their first triathlons ever including Shannon and Diana (Diana's race report is below); our Tri-Pups (Brett, Brooke and Grant) rocked the Tri-It triathlon and Stephanie Khan swan 4.4 miles in less than 2 and half hours!!! (so what did the rest of you do this weekend?)....

Tri-It Triathlon June 12, 2011
Sprint Distance Division Time Awards
Saunders, Brett M0-19 0:45:15 4th overall; 2nd AG
Saunders, Brooke F0-19 0:50:33 2nd AG
Otto, Grant M0-19 0:54:19
Longhurst, Valerie F45-49 1:04:09
Lepley, Kristin F35-39 1:07:00
Carter, Shannon F30-34 1:13:24

Eagleman Triathlon June 12, 2011
Half-Ironman Distance Division Time Awards
Jeff Kammerzelt M40-44 4:53:42
Katrina Dowidchuck W40-44 5:06:41 8th AG
Andy Jakubowitch M30-34 5:07:08
Paul Randolph M45-49 5:15:40
Lenny Rogers Clyesdale 5:39:32 5th place division
Marianne Moore W55-59 5:50:05 KONA!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Boehmer W55-60 6:17:56
Sandy Womer W30-34 7:24:07

Bay Swim June 12, 2011
4.4 Mile Swim Distance Division Time Awards
Stephanie Khan W45-49 2:18 8th AG

Diana's race report (fabulous report by the way)...

Here is My intro to Tri-Dawgs - and my recap of my first sprint-Tri event.
I ran into Glenn at a school event. Mrs. Moore (please correct me) had just completed the Boston and he was sporting his NY marathon jacket. I very quietly mentioned wanting to do the 1/2 Ironman in Puerto Rico in March (cause you cant talk about that kinda thing with just anyone, they think you're crazy! Haha)
He talked about the Tr-Dawgs, recommended reading the blogs and I said, "sign me up" and have been quietly participating with Tr-Dawgs ever since! (approximately one month, haha)Ii started the the OWS at Lums as soon as I saw the posting for the start date.
That's about when I started my haphazard tri-training. There are plenty of structured workouts to follow, but with three little ones, (ages 3,4,&7) and a 40-50 hour work week, staying consistent is pure magic.
I wanted to share with you that this past Sunday, I completed my first Tri, the "Tri it-Tri and I am hooked. I was bummed at first because my running/training partner couldn't do it and it was too late to back out! But it was a blessing to have him help get settled :) I came in at 252/384. My transitions were horrendous!!! In the swim, I was swam over, under and elbowed in the head and veered off course TWICE! I loved the craziness so much, I ran out of the water cracking up!
My chain popped on my MOUNTAIN BIKE!! Yes, I took a Jeep into a race meant for Porsches'! My brother is a serious cyclist and he laughed at me, but I am working with what I've got! LOL it was a fun ride, I was told that the mountain bike made you work about 3x harder , so I tried to pedal 3x as fast as the 'skinny tire' people. I had the music from the wicked witch playing in my head, spinning super fast in Dorothy's window and not going anywhere! But I felt really great teetering into the run! Now I know what it feels like to be a newborn foal, legs don"t fail me now!! I really wanted to just RUN, but my legs betrayed me, they were like mush! Being a runner first, this was the strangest sensation for me and it took about a 1/2 mile to snap out of it. Then I flew and made up some ground, passing that one person that I couldn't get around on the bike! LOL
I bounded through the woods, whispering to the others along the way, 'Dont walk now, ur almost done!' if they had the energy to trip me, they probably woulda! HAHAHHAH
I'm Soooo happy, I finished. I am ok with my place because I learned so much and I am so glad to have met Everyone, so far i have completed two events in The piranha series. The Dover Duathlon, and the Tri-it Tri :)
I will let you know what events I plan on next too keep you updated.
Lotsa love!
Diana Ortiz-Beaudet

Monday, June 13, 2011

Xterra Wetsuit Promotion

2011 Sponsored Athlete Pricing: Second & Third Quarter
Volt: $99 (reg. $200)
Vortex 3 Sleeveless: $139 (reg. $300)
Vortex 3 Fullsuit: $179 (reg. $400)
Vector Pro X2 Sleeveless: $199 (reg. $400)
Vector Pro X2 Fullsuit: $275 (reg. $600)
Vendetta: $500 (reg. $750)
Velocity-M Speedsuit: $175 (reg. $200)
Transition Backpack: $45 (reg. $70)

Team code: CO-DAWGS

Also, the Pro Deal Pricing in to which you are entitled to will be the same for the second and third quarter. Please see the attached form and keep on file for your orders.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks to my Tri-Dawg family

Hi Dawgs,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has reached out to me and asked how I am doing since my accident Friday night June 3rd.  I am doing much better!  
It was a scary situation as I look back now and hear the ad-libs from many on what happened.  I don’t remember much except seeing my front tire get close to Vince’s rear tire and then waking up in the ambulance.  In the middle of all of that Vince, Eric, Kris, Josh, Lenny and Cindy, who were all riding with me, had to react.  We were going at a good pace and having a great time and you do not realize how quickly something can happen.  
I want to thank the rescue personnel (from the paramedics and ambulance to the firemen and police) who arrived on the scene.  Vince said they did a fabulous job!!!  Apparently I was repeating the same question over and over again which is a sign of some type of head trauma/concussion.  Rocky had a good idea in that we should add a section to the Tri-Dawg page that outlines what to do and how to respond when something bad happens; what signs to look for and what questions to ask in different situations.  I think it’s a fabulous idea!  I know many of us think “it will never happen to them” but many experienced cyclists would say “its not a matter of ‘IF’ but rather a matter of ‘WHEN’.  
Lying in the “waiting room” between tests and being looked at I looked around the room and I saw many faces…Vince, his dad, Henry, Josh, Jen, Cindy, Lenny and my sister.  In parallel Josh and Eric went to our house and walked our dogs, Henry went to our house and got Vince and I clothes as we were staying at hospital overnight for observation and then Eric visiting later in the hospital.  We were discharged at 2:00 am and the next day, my sister brought us breakfast, Lenny brought me Swedish Fish and fruit, Marianne stopped by and brought flowers, Coach had a beer at our house (go figure, shows up empty handed and has a beer!  Kidding coach), Henry came by to write me a ticket “for following too close” (funny man) and Dave Anshen came to the house to visit so he could put eyes on me to ensure I was ok.  I got many text messages from Lisa, Becki, Andy, Diane, Paul, Bill, Carrie, Chris, Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Jocelyn, Amanda, Shannon, and all my neighbors asking if they can do anything or come by etc… and I realize what a great family we have in the Tri-Dawgs.  
Luckily I walked away with only major road rash and a concussion and a black eye and nothing else – it could have been a lot worse.  The helmet and sunglasses didn’t make out that good though L  Ill need to replace them but they saved me for sure!  I know I don’t have to tell you, but Always wear your helmet!  And also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor – always carry your cell phone and an ID – or better yet get a Road-ID!  I wear one as does Vince.  If I was alone (as many of us ride alone), the Road-ID would have saved me as I was unconscious Friday night when Vince ran up to me.  So someone would have found me and called 911 first and then looked at my wrist and read to call: my sister and Vince next as their names and numbers are listed.  Even if you do ride with people, do they know who to call in case of an emergency?  Do they know your spouses name and number or your kids or your parents?  Probably not!  Its cheap and easy to get!  I just ordered one for Marianne and Carrie (act surprised when you get it from me girls) – but the rest of you, please order yourself one.  They are actually somewhat fashionable tooJ  Vince and I personally have the Black Elite one…Here is the link:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uniforms to Ship "Mid-June"

I've been getting a lot of questions about the current uniform order so I wanted to get a message out to everyone.

The order that we placed with Canari at the end of April will be shipped from San Diego in a couple of weeks. Canari custom orders take 8 weeks to turn around. Our past orders have been in the winter so that everyone could have theirs in time for the beginning of the season. Since the team has grown so much recently, we decided to get another order going, but unfortunately that means that some won't have their uniforms in time for the June races.

Unfortunately, I just don't I have time to place orders year-round. As soon as I get a bit more information, I will post something on the Tri-Dawg Gear page so that everyone will know when to expect to be able to order uniforms.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Movie & Stats!

Go Dawgs!

Watching you all race last weekend inspired me to get some more work done here on our web site! We now have a Stats page with the spreadsheet that Margaret continually updates and previously sent us through email. Now it is always available here to refer to.

Coach envisions this as not only an archive of our team's work over the years, but also as a resource for Tri-Dawgs registered in upcoming races to be able to look back, find a team mate who has done that race, and pick their brains for race-weekend tips.

Also, if you are looking for a good race to enter, I believe that when Mags knows who is competing in upcoming races, she posts the race on the spreadsheet with a link to register and a roster of everyone who is already signed up. Later, she fills in the results. Be sure to tell Margaret what your racing plans are this year so that she can update the sheet and we can all see who is doing which races!

Also, Rich Castro sent me the wmv file of the 2009 Movie he made. Thanks Rich!! It is posted both on our Facebook page and here, in the left column of most of our Tri-Dawg pages.

Enjoy the nice weather!

SwimSense Performance Monitor

You have a computer for your bike and a GPS watch for running. Now for the triathlete who needs all the latest gadgets there is a performance monitor for swimming. Click here to find what this monitor can do to improve your swimming.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Swim Shop

We have added The Swim Shop to our growing list of sponsors. You can find out the discounts they are giving to members at the bottom of the About Us page. I've been dealing with them for over twenty years when most of their business was in the competitive swimming world. They are interested in offering more products for triathletes so if you have any suggestions for products/lines you would like to see them carry, just drop them a line.

Please identify yourself as a Tri-Dawg if you are making a purchase.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Race report weekend of May 21-22, 2011

Hi Dawgs,
Well we had a lot of people racing this weekend!  28 Dawgs/3 Races/Lots of memories!  I reached out to some Dawgs to send me race reports to post... see below what your fellow teammates are saying about the races....Results posted below each race as well....
Columbia Race Report
Per Dave Anshen:
Great time hanging out with all the Dawgs at dinner the night before the race!  Lots of good carbo loading and some wine drinking by coach!  Although I've participated in the event the past four years, this is the first year that the weather forecast did not include rain or T-storms.   In the days leading up to the race, there was some question about water quality (due to the rain and run off), but after we all urinated in the water just prior to the race, the water quality was acceptable and the swim was on! 
For me, my alarm was set for 4:30 so I could eat my usual PB&J (and coffee) for breakfast and allow enough time to get to the race by 5:30.  Many Dawgs met in the tent area before the race and it was a great place to relax prior to race time.  It also nice to have help with zippers and lubricating by that is another story (Vince, Paul and Henry).  Vince and I were in the same wave (7:18) and were one of the first to enter the water.  It was crazy, there were 230 in our wave and everyone seemed to be fighting for the same space.  I had more people swimming on top of me (or under me) than in all other races combined.  After getting kicked in the head twice, I swam into a clear lane near the shore.  After the first turn, things seems to settle a bit.  After the swim exit, I was happy to see that I was more than 1 minute faster than last year...Coach almost looked surprised when I ran past (always nice to hear his encouragement after the swim!).  The transition was fairly smooth and it was time for the bike (my favorite leg).  I really wanted to improve my bike time from last year...but I had my doubts when my legs felt a bit sluggish during the first 2 miles.  I finally got into a groove and started cruising a bit.  Around mile 18 (I heard go Dave) and Carrie was flying past in the opposite direction.  That woman can ride!  It was mile 21 and I spotted Chris up ahead...Vince is flying up ahead and we made the turn onto the final stretch together.  Blair Saunders flew by us...holy crap...Blair was going faster than many of the pro men!  Blair, Vince, and I were all in T2 at the same time and it didn't take long for Vince to fly by me on the run.  Vince's form and pacing across all three legs in fantastic.  He had some nice words of encouragement for me...but I just could not hold Vince's running pace.  At mile 3, Chris McGoldrick flew by (as usual) and made it look so easy on the run.  I saw Paul Randolph looking smooth at mile 4 and then saw Marianne looking fantastic at mile 5.5 as we started the final stretch around the lake.  By this time, I was exhausted...the humidity was taking its toll.  I really wanted to make my PR but I knew it would be close.  I picked it up the last 1/4 mile and ended up breaking my Columbia PR by 42 seconds. 

After crossing the finish line, I was happy to see Vince and Chris...a nice hug and we were very happy to complete this tough race.  To be honest, I felt very weak and needed some food/water.  After the race, two of my childhood friends found me near the food tent...very nice catching up.  I grabbed some chocolate milk and two bagels and then went to our Tri-Dawg tent.  I saw Brett chilling in the tent and can not believe he did a 2:30 on such a hard course (at his age).  Wow...quite impressive!   I wish I could have tailgated with the Dawgs but promised Lauren I would be back home for her soccer game.  Great day...another great showing for the Dawgs. 

Per Jocelyn Saunders:
It was a beautiful day for the Columbia Triathlon today. With lots of Tri-Dawgs competing it was exciting to cheer everyone on. Heather Drysdale, Brian Drysdale, and David Drysdale all did their first triathlon on this challenging course, and David even made it on the podium in his division. Lenny, and Marianne also made it on the podium 1st and 3rd respectively in their divisions. Alexa, Andrew, Brooke, and Brett all competed at their first Olympic distance race. Brett took 1st in the 19 and under men, Andrew took 3rd in the 19 and under men, Brooke took 1st in the 19 and under women , and Alexa took 2nd in the 19 and under women. So on the way home there was talk of a 1/2 Ironman , Ironman, and even an Ironman tattoo like Lenny all some day way in the future. Pre-race nerves got to Alexa and it was great to have Lenny and other Tri-Dawgs encourage her to enjoy her race. It was fun to watch the friendly competition among Vince and Brooke on the swim, also Blair caught Dave, Vince, and Chris on the run, then they again challenged each other on the run. Cheering everyone on at the finish, Diane and I agreed that we would both race next year. It was also great to see the race director, Vigo recovering from being hit by a car 7 months earlier in Hawaii. Lets hope he makes a full recovery.

 We all agreed on the drive home that the Tri-Dawgs are a really nice, supportive group of people and we are really happy to be part of this group. I have to add that this has been a tough year for me with a separated shoulder, then a broken collarbone and the support I have gotten from you guys has been tremendous! Glenn has checked up on me probably more then anyone, and I think it is in the tough times that you learn who really cares about you! (: Thanks to everyone and congratulations to all who raced in Columbia!!!

Columbia May 22nd
Olympic Distance Division Time Awards
Blair Saunders M 45-49 2:16:53  
Vince Lafashia M40-44 2:22:56  
Dave Anshen M40-44 2:25:10  
Brett Saunders M14-16 2:30:57 1st AG
Chris McGoldick M35-39 2:31:01  
Paul Randolph M 45-49 2:31:33  
Lenny Rogers Clydesdale (40-79) 2:37:35  
Carrie McGoldrick F35-39 2:38:13  
Marc Oleynick M-50-54 2:39:47  
David Drysdale Clydesdale (15-39) 2:41:18 2nd Division
Marianne Moore F55-59 2:48:42 3rd AG
Andrew Collier M14-16 2:49:53 3rd AG
Brooke Saunders F14-16 2:53:16 1st AG
Henry Speed Clydesdale (40-79) 2:54:36  
Stephanie Khan F45-49 2:56:33  
Patricia Clifford F50-54 3:05:38  
Alexa Murray F14-16 3:14:06 2nd AG
Brian Drysdale M25-29 3:28:08  
Heather Zolna F25-29 4:08:56  
Escape From Ft Delaware Race Report
Per Rich Castro:
Sunday morning I packed the car and arrived on time to get marked and pick up the race packet. At 9 AM+-, I ran into Bill, Ray, Rockey, and Eric. For about 1 hour, everyone had to wait until the ferry would transport us to the island. Once at Fort Delaware we had to wait for another 2 hours until the first wave went off (quite boring).
On the swim I mimicked the behavior of a zipper; swim left, swim right, and repeat. There was a strong current at the last buoy, making the swim more challenging.
Through transition I jumped on Scarlet and made my way through the crowd. The first 5 miles were ok, including the route 9 bridge. A strong wind started at around mile 7, slowing me down significantly. Once through the marshes, the wind dropped and I kicked it up a notch.
The run was slow and uneventful, until I saw Rockey. He yelled out “Rich”, followed by “Ouch, I think I pulled a muscle when I yelled out your name.” It made me laugh J
Happily finished, I had a chance to spend some time with 3 of my coworkers. Throughout the past year, I have been helping them train, as it was their first multisport event. For us, we finished within 1 minute of each other….amazing….but I did tell them that I had 50 lbs on them, as well as at least 6 years J
Well, it was about 4 years ago when I met the TriDawgs at this race. It’s been great to be part of such a nice group of people.
Per Eric Wolf:
Congratulations to everyone who raced yesterday at Columbia and Delaware City!  And special congrats to all first-timers out there. Nervousness is normal for anyone who has already completed a triathlon before and it can be extra intimidating when every aspect of the race is a step into the new and unfamiliar.
Escape From Fort Delaware brought its one unique challenges to the world of swim/bike/run for those of us who stayed local yesterday, the swimming was it. The skies were overcast for most of the day which made for ideal temps on the bike and run legs but brought with it a fair amount of wind and waves when crossing the river.  For those of you have never swam in the Delaware before, I can confidently say, it has the faint taste of diesel fuel and goes perfectly with the drift wood blocking our access into the canal. At one point, I thought Sun Oil and the Home Depot upstream in Claymont were having a free-sample give away and each of us was going to get our share whether we liked it or not. (Coach, I think at some point in our weekly Saturday swims, and so long as we all agree to keep our suits on, we should consider take turns swimming over top of one another but only after spilling 5 to 10 gallons of 87 octane into Chris McGoldrick's lane. :) 
All seriousness aside, I want to personally congratulate Rockey for completing the swim yesterday. For me, that was the highlight of the day. It was a challenge with two good shoulders and for him to get his feet on dry land without calling it quits beforehand was a great example of our team's never-give-up attitude.
The bike was, in typical Rt. 9 fashion, windy. Despite pedaling in my hardest gear going down the backside of the bridge, the wind was able to slow me down enough that it made reaching into my pull-along refrigerated cooler attached to Candi's (my bike) backside for the second half of my pulled-pork sandwich with creamy Dijon mustard extremely difficult. I attribute this reason alone to why I did not win overall male for the race.  
Sandy Womer had her own problems on the bridge. Apparently she could not get her bike into the small chain ring for the climbs to the top of Reedy Point which I'm sure must have tired her legs immensely in preparation for the run portion. Combine that with the fact that she deliberately disobeyed my direct orders to haul my second cooler of food, the one that housed the Acme $6.99 rotisserie chicken I picked up on way to the race and its clear to see that she was malnourished and was not carrying nearly enough weight to have her momentum carry her down from the top. She also does not believe that Chamois Butter is a suitable alternative to sunscreen and when applied safely can literally cut minutes over your swim splits. (Don't worry Sandy, I will not tell anyone else what else i suggested it was good for.)
The run was, well, what can you say about the run. It's the last obstacle to "free" food I paid $165 for. Escape's run is a flat out and back. The leader passed me on the way back at the mile 1/5 split. I think he may have enjoyed a Mexican meal the night before because he was hauling his butt like methane was shooting out it and he wanted to be first finisher in line for the port-o-poopers. I think there is a medal for that, btw. I'll have to check to confirm. Regardless, I made a mental note to consume a large can of Bush's Baked Beans on all future bike legs and will be taking applications for responsible teammates willing to accept responsibility for making sure this Clydesdale gets his much-needed share of gut busting fiber.
Escape from FT Delaware May 22nd
Olympic Distance Division Time Awards
Wolf, Eric Clydesdale 2:51:55 3rd Division
Smallwood, John David M40-44 2:54:43  
Jackson, Ray M45-49 3:09:37  
Womer, Sandy F35-39 3:15:36 2nd AG
Castro, Richard Clydesdale 3:21:31  
Williamson, Jr., Ronald M45-49 3:22:06  
Poeta, Rockey M35-39 3:49:44  
Dolan, Kevin M50-54 4:03:07  
Ironman Texas May 21st
IronMan Distance Division Time Awards
Jocelyn Wong FPRO 10:50:50  


Monday, May 16, 2011

Dawgy Dawg world!!!:)

Two more Dawgs get married: Congrats to Becki and Andy who got married this past weekend!

Another Tri Pup on the way: Congrats to Paul and Elizabeth who announced they are pregnant!

Good luck to the Dawgs that race this weekend at Columbia! Bummed I won't be there to cheer everyone on but I know we have a full crew traveling to race!

Also good luck to those racing Escape from Ft Delaware!!!! Good luck alll!!!!

Reminder open water swim Wednesday!

Mags race reports

I used to do a great trip report for races that I have been at and have been bad in posting them due to changes in jobs, personal life etc... (love ya Vince!  a.k.a. Babe!)
anyway here are my notes from recent races - - (if you are at a race and want to post your notes or story, by all means let me know and send it to me and ill post on your behalf or we can figure out how to grant access to all?  im not tech savvy so bear with me...
Trip to Boston Marathon
Well Vince and I traveled to Boston with Marianne and Coach on the train - so much fun!  Coach picked us up early from the house (even loaded our luggage in the car!) and off to the train station we went,  Started with some NECESSARY coffee for Marianne and I and we boarded the train (sounds like a song...hmmmm.....) we arrived in Boston (pink bracelets and all in honor of Diane and her battle to beat cancer!!!)  to meet up with Diane and Dave who had already got the lay of the land - we checked into an awesome B&B (per Vince's suggestion) and headed to the expo - OMG can you say wall to wall people!  Carrie, I almost teared up thinking off all the times I have been there with you and how much I missed you and Chris!  anyway we got all the necessary bibs and numbers and t-shirts for Marianne and Diane!  Afterwards we headed out for pizza and wine!  What fun!  we drank a lot of wine and from the pics I saw later on my phone, there was lot of kissing going on - - TMI!!  The next day Vince and I headed out for a run on the Charles River - soooooo beautiful!  What an active city!  I could live there!  Later we hooked up with Coach and Dave (while M and D took a nap to rest for the marathon) and we got to pick Dave's brain and learn some personal stuff about him!  It was fantastic!  He is now one of my favorite people!  You learn a lot about someone when you get alcohol in them!  ha!  To round out the evening the 6 of us went out for a great dinner at the local fish company restaurant!  great wine, food and tons of laughs!  we woke up marathon morning and walked D & M to the start - WOW talk about a lot of people - the runners had to line up for the buses - - we gave them each a hug and kiss and left them with their hubbies and Vince and I went for a run!  Sometime later we hooked back up Coach and Dave and watched some pretty amazing finishes for the marathon - the top wheel chair competitors came down to 3 racers!  and the men’s and women’s races were seconds apart!  AMAZING!  Diane and Marianne finished in typical Boston fashion - !  Boston will break down the toughest of competitors!  Our girls held up great!!!!!  Coach, Dave and Vince then went and got us pizza, ice cream and wine while we sat in the hotel room and re-lived the marathon:)  now I didn't run, but I had to ensure they didn’t pass out so SOMEONE had to stay back while the boys went and got us "refreshments"!  Ah Boston - - you will always hold a special place in our hearts! 
Trip to Devilman Half-Lite and Sprint:
The morning of Devilman started at 3:00am to walk the dogs, get coffee, pack up bikes and drive to race transition that opened at 5:45am.  Josh, the super teammate that he is came to the house at 3:45 to help us pack last minute stuff!  We met up with Brian Kennedy and his wife Michelle at Wawa for the necessary coffee run!!!!  Once at the race we met up with many Dawgs!  My sister Amanda, my neighbor Michelle (who both were rookies to the sport and doing their first triathlon), we saw Carrie in line registering, we saw Lenny and Cindy drive up and Carrie, Bob, Anshen, Doug, Jocelyn and Rich in transition.  Doug surprisingly didn’t forget his helmet or bike (ha ha kidding Doug, we love your aloofness!).  I was super nervous as the sprint waves lined up – Michelle was doing her first open water swim EVER!  Her mom showed up to watch her too!  How exciting and moving emotionally at the same time!  My wave lined up as the sprint waves were already under way… I kept looking for Amanda and Michelle to come out of the water – Amanda passed me and we gave each other a high five (ok phew she is out one more to go…) then Michelle surfaced!  I saw her running out of the water and I yelled to her – she ran towards me and we embraced in a big hug – and we both had tears in our eyes!  I was so excited and elated to see her!  Of course our team photographer got pics of that (thanks Lenny)! 
While on the bike, I saw everyone! It was an out and back course so depending on which race you did (sprint or half, you either did it once or twice) - - I accidentally called Anshen “babe” …. Ooopps thought it was Vince!!!  Ah well!  Rode a bit with Jonathan Cochran and talked some but we broke from each other…..I saw Carrie of course rocking the bike in true form!  So great to see her back on the circuit!  I then saw Bob, Amanda and Michelle on the bike – although my own sister called me Carrie!!!  I just shook my head and thought “Amanda, its your sister!”  ugh! 
On the second loop of the bike (for us doing the half lite distance) – I saw Vince, Anshen and Jocelyn wiz by on the way home!  Wow can they freakin ride!!!
When I finished the bike I decided not to run (stupid Achilles!!!!) so I got to have beer earlyJ  and hang out with the Dawgs!  Eric and Amanda and her Chris (of course sweet Fiona joined too) all came out to cheer us on!  When Michelle finished the sprint, I understand her mom ran her in - - OMG how sweet!!!! 
The awards for the sprint followed and Cindy and Carrie both placed in their age groups!  Not bad for a rookie and a recent mom!!!  Amazing – I love this extended family we have in the Dawgs!
The Half Lite finishers started to come in,,,, Doug rocked the course as did Brian!  Jocelyn came in 2nd female overall and Anshen and Vince had solid finishes!  Rich even finished with an Achilles injury (how you did it ill never understand, but I feel like a failure compared to you as I pulled out prior to the run)!
I didn’t even know Ron raced till I looked at Lenny’s pics!  Ron stick around some more next time and wait for us slow pokes!
And then in true Dawg fashion, we were the last tri team there!  J 
Did I already say how much I love this family? 
Half Lite Distance
Bishop, Doug
Kennedy, Brian
Anshen, David
Wong, Jocelyn
2nd female overall
Lafashia, Vince
Cochran, Jonathan
Castro, Richard
Sprint Distance
McGoldrick, Carrie
3rd in AG
Williamson, Jr., Ronald
Amidon, Amanda
Johnson, Cindy
1st in AG
Galbraith, Robert
Wang, Michelle`

Friday, April 22, 2011

Additional Swim Practices

We are starting a swim program that is open to everyone. Starting Tuesday May 3rd we will be running practices at our New Castle facility on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:30-6:45am. This introductory summer program will run until July 28th. The cost is $99 which comes out to less than $4/practice. The address is 2150 New Castle Avenue, New Castle, DE 19720. It is located next to Mike's Famous Harley off of 295 and 9.

We are fortunate to have obtained the services of Coach Bruce Gemmel to run the practices. Bruce is a nationally recognized coach with experience in open water coaching. All ability levels are welcome. This will be kind of a hybrid program for both Masters and Triathletes. Practices times and sites could be added dependent on the response. At the end of the summer we will evaluate the response and decide on what we will be able to offer in the fall in terms of times, sites, days, and cost.

You do not have to be a TriDawg or a member of DSFC to participate. If you are attending Saturday morning practices with me, there will be no change in that program. There is no preregistration. Just show up to your first practice with a check or credit card. Contact me with any questions.

Glenn Moore
Delaware Swim and Fitness Centers
DSFC Tri-Dawgs
4905 Mermaid Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19808
Office: (302) 234-8500
Fax: (302) 234-8502

Monday, April 11, 2011

Open Water Swim at Lums Pond

It is time for open water swims at Lums pond. The swims are open to ALL Tri-Dawgs and their guests. We just have a few simple rules (laid out by the park service, and a few laid out by us) that we must adhere to.

The swims are Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM only. We must have a minimum of two kayakers in the water at all times with throw buoys in the kayak. We all ready have the kayaks and buoys and I will arrange to have kayakers every week. We can only swim from Area One.

Everyone must pay the entrance fees to the park every week. Yearly passes are recommended. We will have a sign in sheet that must be signed by everyone entering the water and then be signed out as you exit.

Here are a few of our own rules. If you bring a guest, please ensure that person is comfortable in open water. If they are not, either swim with them until they are or let me know and I will swim with them. We can also arrange for someone to swim with them or get a kayaker to follow them until they are comfortable. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invest in a brightly colored swim cap to make monitoring easy for our kayakers. It is a good idea to get used to wearing a cap anyway as you will have to in races.

The first swim is May 4th. My number is 302-383-0060. Text or call with any questions, comments, concerns etc. Thanks and hope to see you all out there. GO DAWGS!!!!!---Vince

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tri-Dawg Uniform Order Redux

Hi everyone,

We are planning to re-order uniforms in the next couple of weeks. If you are one of the folks who missed the last deadline, now is a good time to email me with what you'd like to have. The tops are $45, the bottoms are $48, and the tri suits are $88.  When you email me, I'll reply with payment info and all of that. If you are unsure of what size you are, I STRONGLY suggest asking a team mate to bring their uniform to swim practice to try on! You want it to be tight, but obviously you also want to be able to breathe!

If you think you may have ordered the wrong size last time and want to reorder, put what have in the forum for sale now. Check the forum before you place an order... you might be able to buy one from a team mate instead. Hopefully in the end everyone who wants one will have a uniform that fits perfectly and there won't be any that are homeless!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Open Water Swim Practices

As most of you know we were able to use Lums Pond last year to do open water swim practices. I am happy to announce we were able to secure a spot again this year. The swims will be on Wednesday nights from 6-7 PM starting in May through the end of August. As we get closer to starting I will send along the details of the few simple rules we have to follow but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that open water swim practices are a go again for this year. Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swimming Gear

Here's a very good source for purchasing swimming gear. They are not one of our TriDawg sponsors but we do have a good relationship with them through Delaware Swim Team so I know they are reliable.

Metro Swim Shop

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changing Your Forum Foto

Hey Dawgs!
It looks like there are almost a dozen of us registered for the forum so far! You can see who is there by clicking on the "people" link at the top of the frame on the Forum page.

I got a question about putting your own photo in place of your "ghost image" profile picture.  Here's how you do it:
  1. Log in and then click on your name, which now appears in the upper right of the Forum screen. 
  2. Choose "My Personal Settings" from the menu that drops down.
  3. Click "Change My Picture" and then follow the prompts to download a picture from your computer.
 Have a great week!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tri-Dawg Forum Email Notification

If you would like to be notified when there is a new post in the forum, go to the forum page and click the  Options link and then "subscribe via email."  The notifications come almost immediately. You don't have to register to get notifications or to post.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spinning with Lenny

Lenny is going to be teaching a spinning class at Pike Creek Saturdays 9-10 AM. Since he will be paid by DSFC, the class is open to DSFC member first. This includes Dawgs who are also members of DSFC or who buy a pass. Any Dawgs that are not members can take the class but must wait until the 9:00 start of the class to see if there are any bikes available. Dawgs may also bring their trainers if there is sufficient room. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Monday, January 17, 2011

USAT All American

Congratulations to Jocelyn Saunders (17th place), Blair Saunders (99th), and Marianne Moore (15th place) for achieving All American status for triathlons.

Also congratulations to Dave Anshen for achieving Honorable Mention All American status for duathlons.

Lenny's Core Exercises

On the Training link check out the core workout Lenny put everyone through following Saturday's practice.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tri-Dawgs Get a Web Site!

Greetings, Dawgs,
At long last, Coach has decided that the Tri-Dawgs need a web site, and voilĂ , we have a web site!

This page is the web site's blog, where you'll find everything that before now has been emailed from Coach & Margaret, and anyone else who has replied to "all." It will be archived and searchable here. Feel free to comment! Your email can take a break.

Some of us want the email messages, and we can still have them! There is a box at the bottom right on this page where you can enter your email address, which subscribes you to emailed alerts whenever something new is posted to this blog page. If you want to know about new posts but don't want the email, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for your iGoogle page or your My Yahoo! page or another RSS Reader by clicking those links below as well.

The other pages here, tabbed along the top, are still in the works. Coach has already put in lot of swim workouts from the archives! It will be so awesome to be able to come here and print out a workout quickly
on my way to the pool! His notes from weekly swim practices will be here as well.

One of the tabs is our very own discussion forum! If you have something you want to buy or sell, or if you have advice or need it or want to share something you heard about, now we have a place to do it when we aren't actually in the pool or on the road or trails together. Register on the forum page to post. It's quick & easy.

Coach has lot of other great ideas for our web site. You'll be hearing about them!