Monday, October 29, 2012

Newsletter October 29, 2012

Click here for the practice.

Masters Swimming
We have come up with a six practice per week schedule that will run about 15 weeks at a cost of $150. We hope to have a November 5th start date as soon as we finalize a few other details. I will be e-mailing out registration forms and the rest of the details this week. The Masters program is open to people of all abilities.

DSFC Resolution Classic 5K
The Tri-Dawgs will be hosting the 4th annual race January 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM. More details to follow. Please encourage your family and friends to join us for a great time with loads of amenities. You can sign up here on Piranha's website. 

Does Drafting Help in Running?
Click here for research on this strategy.

IM Hawaii Pics
Click here to go to the Tri-Dawgs photo page and click on IM Kona 2012 to see some pictures from Kona. 

Uniform Update
Last week I emailed everyone who has given me an order for a team uniform this fall to see about postponing our Sugoi order.  Our new rep at Sugoi has agreed to accept an order from us at the end of the year at these lower-quantity levels.  While we do have enough orders to get shorts & men's tops, we fell short in women's tops & trisuits. I was concerned that ordering only shorts & men's tops now would mean that in January we wouldn't be able to meet the higher minimums and then we'd really be scr*w*d!  

So, this works out well. I will add any orders you send me between now and the end of December to the spreadsheet and I will let you know when to send Carrie a check. 

As a side note, if there is another item you would like to see us get (tri-dawg tights? bike jersey?) please start a discussion on FB or in the forum and we can see where it goes. For any NEW items, we would need to meet the higher minimum, so it might require some recruitment. : )
Thanks very much!

Race Results
   Atlantic City Marathon
       Howard Keener   3:54:57

Congratulations to Becki and Andy McCullough on the birth of their daughter, Abigail Grace, 6 pounds 2 ounces.

From Sean Dougherty
Sean is the Delaware Swim Team's program coordinator and head coach of the national team.

On Wednesday October 10th, I gave myself a "Clean Shave" and began this years " Mustaches for Kids" fundraiser! This program will raise money for "Supporting Kidds." Founded in 1989, Supporting Kidds is one of the first organizations in the country to address the unique needs of bereaved children. The mission of Supporting Kidds is to provide a compassionate pathway to healing for grieving children and their families, and to empower the community to support them in the grieving process.

Thanks to all of you who supported my effort last year! I finished 6th overall in fundraising, with over $1300.00 raised; AND.... earned the Charlie Hustle award! This award is presented to the fundraiser who "hustled" to spread the word about the foundation. This year I have been slow to the blocks, but plan to rally, and get myself to the top of the fundraising board. Over the course of the next 3 weeks I will continue to grow my "Stache," you can follow the links below to learn more, follow my progress, and/or make a contribution in support of my effort. 

I will be sending out periodic updates of my "Stache," and the progress to towards my goal of raising $750.00 for the cause. Of course, I would love to raise more money, but I'm getting a late start, so I'll do my best. 
Thanks, and please take a minute to look at the links below. 

2013 ITU World Triathlon San Diego
Click here if you are interested in registering for this event.

Have a great week.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Newsletter October 21, 2012

Click here for the practice and here to see who to podium spots.
White Clay Creek Duathlon
Do not miss your chance for one last race before the end of the season on October 28.  This 5k run-12 mile bike-5k run is priced at only 70$ (early registration).  Carpenter Recreation Area (part of White Clay Creek State Park) in Newark, Delaware will host this event.  The 5k course will travel along the many trails at the park and is the same course for College and High School Cross-Country meets. The road bike course offers rolling hills through scenic back roads, down Paper Mill Road, and into the town of Newark prior to returning to the park. Click here for more information and registration.

Staying on Course
Here is some interesting video technology showing just how off course swimmer can get in the open water.

Congratulations to Ryan Stahnke on winning four races overall in four consecutive weekends.
Congratulations to Brooke Saunders for being the 2012 USAT Olympic Distance National Champion for 17-19 AG.

Race Results
Pocono Half IM
   Jon Cochran   5:57

Ironman Hawaii World Championships
   Mike Welch   10:33:30
   Marianne Moore   13:47:01

Cape Henlopen Triathlon
   Brett Saunders   1:06   2nd overall
   Blair Saunders   1:06   4th overall
   Dave Anshen   1:11   2nd 40-44
   Jocelyn Saunders   1:11   1st overall
   Brooke Saunders   1:13   3rd overall
   Grant Otto   1:13   1st 0-19
   Dave Drysdale   1:13   
   Charles Collier   1:14   2nd 0-19
   Marc Oleynick   1:16
   Amalija Jurcik   1:17   1st 0-19
   Josh Maybury   1:20 
   Duncan Outslay   1:20
   Jocelyn Wong   1:22   2nd 30-34
   Alexa Murray   1:24
   Brian Drysdale   1:28
   Dave Smallwood   1:34
   Jack Carey   1:35
   Dave Meyers   1:38
   Sara Santana   1:40
   Brian Gilbert   1:45
   Heather Drysdale   1:47
   Sandy Jannetty   1:48
   Michelle Wang   1:49
   Lauren Vispi   1:51
   Kristin Lepley   2:02

Cape Henlopen Duathlon
   Ryan Stahnke   1:01   1st overall
   Katie Dickerson   1:07   2nd overall
   Barb Casper   1:33

Greater Atlantic Multisport Series
For the fourth year in a row we came in second place in the club championship series with 885 points. That was truly a great team effort and we more than doubled our points from last year. Team Brick came in first again with 1006 points. The two mini sprints they hosted this year counted towards team points and they scored 289 points on those two races alone. We scored 2.75 points per entry and TB scored 2.55 points per entry. There were over 150 teams that participated. Congratulations to everyone who helped us have another successful year.

On an individual level we also did very well. The following scored in the top 5 (let me know if I missed your name).
Blair Saunders   3rd overall
Katie Dickerson   2nd overall
Marianne Moore   5th overall
Brett Saunders   2nd 0-19
Jake Minka   5th 0-19
Brandon Dombrowski   4th 20-24
Craig Deputy   5th 20-24
Ryan Stahnke   2nd 25-29
Dave Drysdale   3rd 25-29
Andy Jakubowitch   2nd 30-34
Josh Maybury   3rd 30-34
Ryan Lowe   2nd 35-39
Dave Anshen   4th 40-44
Vince Lafashia   5th 40-44
Brooke Saunders   4th 0-19
Justine Sosnowski   3rd 20-24
Jocelyn Wong   4th 30-34
Sandy Womer   2nd 35-39
Margaret Amidon   1st 40-44
Jocelyn Saunders   1st 45-49
Stephanie Khan   2nd 45-49
Holly Burns   3rd 45-49
Kristin Lepley   4th Athena
Nick Anderson   2nd Clydesdales
Eric Wolf   4th Clydesdales

Carbo Loading 
Many of us are doing half or full marathons this fall. Here is a good article on carbo loading the right way.

Ironman Hawaii World Championships
This was another amazing experience in such a beautiful setting. I wish everyone could experience the final two hours of the race as the crowds cheer in the final triathletes leading up to the midnight cutoff. It's one huge block party and celebration. Marianne and I had a great time with Lenny, Cindy, my son and daughter-in-law and grandaughter. Mike and Brian Welch and their wives joined us one evening for dinner and good times. I'll try to get some pictures up on the website within the next week. Marianne and Mike had stellar races in very challenging conditions. That course will push anyone's limits. Lenny, Cindy and I rode our bikes out on the run course after dark and it was a great experience being out there and watching the triathletes digging down with everything they had to finish the race. I believe there will be something on TV next Saturday.

Build Core Strength
Make a commitment to build your core this off season. You can start with some of these exercises.
Fitness Gadgets
Here is a USA Today article on gadgets to help with your workouts.
Have a great week.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Newsletter October 5, 2012

I had time to get one more newsletter out before heading to Kona. You can follow Marianne Moore (441) and Mike Welch (1765) at Ironman Hawaii World Championships on October 13 by going to and using their athlete tracker or installing the IronTrac app on your phone. Jocelyn Saunders had to pull out due to an injury.

Good luck to Diane Arnold who is doing the Chicago Marathon Sunday. You can go here to track her. Her bib number is 22254.

Online registration starts October 9 at 9:00 AM. This sells out fast so if you are planning on doing it, don't wait to register. Click here for the website.

Cape Henlopen Tri and Du
Our last team race is CH on October 14th. We have 27 registered so far. Click here to register.

Cape Henlopen Tailgate
Click here for the link to bring something to the tailgate.

Running and Weight Loss
Click here to read an article on losing weight to gain speed.

Masters Swimming
We have some logistical issues that need to be resolved but DSFC is committed to getting this up and going. Stay tuned.

From Amanda Armstrong
Join PAWS for People on Saturday, October 20th for the 4th Annual Wag-n-Walk & 5K Run and One Mile Family Friendly Doggie Walk at Glasgow Park in Newark, Delaware.  This is a chip timed event and the only race in Delaware that dogs are allowed to run/walk the course with you!  
All dogs that complete the 5K will receive a PAWS Finisher Tag and treats provided by Barkable Bites!
Come join me and my dog, Honey, for a fun-filled day of live music, food, pet games, and various vendors with pet treats and accessories.  There will be a Howl-o-ween costume contest, cutest pet contest, K9 demo and more.  Click on the link below for more race information and to register!  (If you want to participate in the One Mile Family Friendly Doggie Walk, register under Honey’s Bees to walk with my team and me!)
Hope to see you there!

Triathlon Camp Info
I was wondering if you could forward this email out to the group, I think a few people may be interested.  I am helping run a pretty cool 3-day swim camp out of Stanford University this December.  Specifically the dates are the 16th - 18th (arrival on the 15th) or the 20th - 22nd (arrival on the 19th).  The camp is all inclusive and geared towards triathletes and masters swimmers.  All you need to pay for in addition to the fee is your transportation costs to get to Stanford.  It is going to be a truly unique experience, here are some features:
  • Get picked up at the air port and driven to your hotel by a member of the USA National Swim Team (In a mercedes Benz SL 500 if that matters to any car fanatics)
  • Coaching is done by Stanford's Men's Swimming staff and USA National Team members
  • Swim with the USA National Team members
  • All swimming will be recorded with a Strokeview underwater recording system
  • Get 1 on 1 video feed back from the coaches and take the DV:D with your swimming and their feedback home
  • Expert clinics on nutrition, technique, injury prevention etc.
  • Professional triathlete motivational speakers
  • Massages included by Michael Phelps's personal masseuse 

Like I said, everything is included with the camp fee, apart from your travel expense to get to the camp.  If you want more information on pricing or the camps, you can email  Feel free to forward this email if you think of someone that would be interested!  It will be an unforgettable experience for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Spinning at DSFC
In the past DSFC Tri-Dawgs were allowed to take the Saturday morning spin class if there were bikes available for members. Going forward the class will only be open to members or those paying guest fees. If you are a Tri-Dawg and a DSFC member or you want to pay the guest fee you are free to take the class.

Team Uniform Order
It's time to place another Tri-Dawg uniform order. Please email Diane Arnold separately ( with your size & style order. 

Women's Fizz Tank -- $40
Men's RS shirt         -- $50 
Men's and 
women's RS short    -- $50. 
Trisuits                   -- $100.  

A couple of women have ordered the RS style top instead of the Fizz Tank, and that is certainly an option ($50). Just remember that there is no inner bra in the women's RS tops. 

Here again is the sizing chartFor sizing trisuits, use the RS top size as your guideline.

FAQ's (hopefully) answered:

Q. I didn't get a chance to try on the fit kit. Is it still around?
A. Sorry, no. I had to send it back. However, we learned that if you are on the edge in a size, you should order a size down for the Fizz tanks.  If you are unsure,ask a team mate to try theirs on. You really do want a tight fit.The Fizz should fit like a swimsuit. Hopefully the sizing chart will help you decide, too.  
Q. I am one size on top & another on bottom, so what's my tri suit size? 
A. Our Sugoi rep says, "For sizing the Tri suits, I recommend using the Tri tops as the ‘fit guide’ for those who are different size from top to bottom, go for the Top size over the bottom." 
Q. Is there a shorts length or padding choice? 
A. No. Unlike the Canari shorts, there is only one pad style, called the Trilite chamois, and one inseam size of 6". 
Q. Who do I pay? 
A. Make checks out to Carrie McGoldrick and send to: 2443 Linden Dr, Havertown, PA 19083-1651 
Q. When is the deadline? 
A. October 15 
Q. Can we order any other custom items? 
A. Not this time! This is considered a "reorder" of the first order placed this year. We can try to order something new with the new order in January, if we can get 24 people on board to meet the minimum!

If you have any other questions, please ask! Odds are, someone else has the same question, and our rep at Sugoi is very good at getting me quick responses. 

Other Tri-Dawg Gear
Click here to order other clothing from our website.