Saturday, July 28, 2012

Newsletter July 28, 2012

Click here for today's practice and here for my blog and podium spot.  Also we have had about 20 new Tri-Dawgs join the team in the last couple weeks. I challenge some of you to come out to a Saturday morning swim practice while attendance is light during the summer months. The hardest thing about doing this is showing up for the first practice. If you get there, I'll take care of the rest. All abilities welcome.

Ironman Lake Placid Results
We had another great time at LP hanging out with all the Tri-Dawgs. However, the weather turned nasty on race day. It was hot and humid with very little cloud cover and the competitors suffered. Close to 300 ended up having to drop out. That was the most I have seen in the seven years I have been going up there. The Dawgs did great though. Eric and Lenny had impressive PR's and Cindy and Chris completed their first full IM. Katie was the fastest of the gang but no surprise there. Jeff and Patricia battled the elements and posted good times. Marianne qualified for Kona so we will be heading there in October. Unfortunately Margaret had to withdraw with a foot and back injury on a day she was super fast. She did an amazing :59 split in the 2.4 mile swim!
   Katie Dickerson   11:43
   Jeff Kammerzelt   12:07
   Lenny Rogers   12:13
   Eric Wolf   12:41
   Chris Wolf   13:23
   Marianne Moore   13:45
   Patricia Clifford   13:49
   Cindy Johnson   14:09

Philadelphia Marathon
I mentioned last week that it would be nice to get a group to go up and do the half or full marathon. We already have a few signed up. Click here to register. This does close out so don't put it off too long.

Piranha Triathlons
We are in a solid second place for the club points race with 424 points. Brick is in first and still within our reach with 654 points. Two big races are coming up. The first is North East on Sunday August 12 and the second is Lums Pond on Sunday August 19. Currently Brick has 25 signed up for the two races and we have 17. Please think about doing at least one of these races. Click here to register. I should be at both races and we'll have the tents set up with some light tailgating like at DITR. In case you didn't know, the North East triathlon is the birthplace of the Tri-Dawgs.
USA Olympic Team
Read my blog about the differences in watching the mechanics of sprinters in a pool and distance swimmers in the open water. Click here for a fun video that the U.S. team put together. Great team building! Call Me Maybe!
Andrew Gemmell from the Delaware Swim Team will be swimming the 1500 heats on Friday August 8 and the finals will be Saturday August 4.
The women's triathlon will be on Saturday August 4 and the men's will be on Tuesday August 7.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newsletter July 18, 2012

I didn't think I would be able to get a newsletter out this week since we are heading to Lake Placid IM but I had time to get a few things together before we left. Kathy will run practice for me on Saturday. 

Congratulations to Josh Loren for qualifying for Xterra Nationals in Utah!

Race Results
EX2 Xterra triathlon in Rocky Gap MD   (.75 miles swimming, 14 miles mountain biking, 5 miles trail running) 
    Blair Saunders   2:19  (4th overall, 1st AG)   
   Josh Loren   2:21  (5th overall, 1st AG)
   Vince LaFashia   2:34  (3rd AG)
   Margaret Amidon-George Loren-Margaret Amidon Relay 3:38

Overcoming Mental Blocks
Click here. Not that any of us have these!

Lake Placid IM
If you would like to follow the Dawgs here is the list of names and bib numbers. Race is Sunday July 22. You can follow them on the IM website or on your smart phone with the IronTrac app.
Eric Wolf   1947
Chris Wolf   1411
Margaret Amidon   720
Marianne Moore   1036
Lenny Rogers   2301
Cindy Johnson   1011
Katie Dickerson   545
Patricia Clifford   999
Jeff Kammerzelt   1937

From Rudy Project
Rudy Project requires that a minimum of 1 order be placed on your BRO account per year – in order to keep your account active.
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This email will serve as a final reminder to please place an order before I deactivate unused accounts at the end of the year.

If you are on a Club or Team, PLEASE make sure that ALL members know how to order. Here are the ordering instructions:
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By the way, we've had the wrong code on our website forever so if you tried to use it you likely were not successful. Above is the correct VIP code.

Philadelphia Marathon
In years past we've had a nice number of Tri-Dawgs do this race and we'd tailgate and cheer all the Dawgs on. We haven't done that for awhile.  I've signed up this year and if you are thinking about doing a fall marathon or half marathon why not consider Philly and we'll make it a party. Registration is still open.

Essential Running Drills
Click here.

Training Fins
If you swim with me you know that I am a big proponent of using fins. I'm often asked where to get them. Here is a link to Amazon with fins I would recommend. Also if you look on the team website The Swim Shop is one of our sponsors and they carry fins. They are located in the Fairfax Shopping Center on route 202.

Endless Pools
Please welcome our newest sponsor. Details about what they can offer the Dawgs is below and will soon be posted on the website. Please make sure you contact Robert Reid directly if you are interested in making a purchase. Thanks, Robert and Endless Pools!
I was able to secure discounting for the TRI DAWGS on our products. 10% off the Fast lane, Fast Lane Pool, Original Endless Pool, and the Spa Series.  
We typically offer just 1,000.00 off of our Original Endless and Spa Series Pools for sales events, so 10% off the top is respectable for starts. If we get a lot of TRI DAWG hits, I'll work on getting something deeper.
Robert D. Reid
Design Specialist
Endless Pools
1601 Dutton Mill Rd.
Aston, Pa 19014

Have a great week!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newsletter July 14, 2012

Click here for Saturday's practice and here for my blog and the podium spot.

Race Results
Julie's Race Aquathlon  (1/4 mile swim-3.1 mile run-1/8 mile swim)
   Ryan Lowe   31:24   (3rd overall male)
   Eric Jackson   32:29   (1st 0-19)
   Stephanie Khan   32:45   (2nd overall female)
   Brian Drysdale   35:01   (1st 25-29)
   Vic Suchodolski   35:20   (1st 40-44)
   Aaron Mason   37:09   (1st 30-34)
   Ray Jackson   38:54   (1st 45-49)
   Eva Van Stratum   40:03   (1st 50-54)
   Jeanette D'amico   40:33   (1st 30-34)
   Diane Arnold   40:43   (2nd 50-54)
   Diana Ortiz   41:12   (2nd 30-34)
   Sarah McElrath   44:03   (2nd 25-29)
   Heather Drysdale   44:56   (3rd 30-34)
   Michelle Wang   48:13  
   Kristin Lepley   49:29   (2nd Athena)
Congratulations to all who made the trip to Smyrna to do this race. They scored 72 points for the club championship and kept Brick from piling up points in another one of the made for Brick races. Special thanks to Ryan Lowe for rallying the troops to come out to this race.

Upcoming Bike Clinics and Races
Click here for info.

Kona Inspired
Brooke Saunders asked that we spread the word through the Tri-Dawgs to vote for an incredible woman she met at one of Jocelyn’s Ironman competitions. BethAnn Telford has been fighting brain cancer since 2004; it is her dream to compete at Kona. Ironman has a new program “Kona Inspired” which allows athletes to share their inspirational stories.  Eight athletes will win a chance to compete at Kona.  All they need is our vote and BethAnn is one of them. 

Here is the link:  Click the link and then click VOTE below the video.  You can vote daily through July 18.

Congratulations to Vince Lafashia for earning a slot at Xterra Nationals in Utah!

MS Bike City to Shore Ride
Diane is doing this fundraiser. Click here if you would like to support Diane.

Best Carbs
Can you name five of the top sources of quality carbohydrates? Click here to see what they are.

Did you know that fellow Tri-Dawg Val Longhurst is also a Delaware state representative? Here's a note from Val. You can e-mail her if interested in joining her.

I'm doing a parade in Delaware City July 21st starting at 11.  Do you think any tridawgs would want to join?  Could always use more people to gently toss candy at the kids.  It's about a 2 mile walk.  I'm assemblying people at the Governor Bacon center @ 10:30 for line up.  Crabby Dicks is at the end of the walk.  Might be some encouragement:)

Bike for Sale
Fuji Aloha 1.0, about 5 years old, only used in tris and tt races. 54 cm. For Dawgs I will include look pedals, size 10 shoes, and bike computer.  $625.00
Fred Kahler

Lake Placid Ironman
Good luck to all who are doing this race next Sunday. I know Cindy Johnson, Lenny Rogers, Margaret Amidon, Chris Wolf, Eric Wolf, Patrica Clifford, Chris McGoldrick and Marianne Moore are entered. Sorry, I think I'm missing one or two. There will be no newsletter next week since I will be in LP as well helping Henry and Vince with the cheerleading and tailgating. At least  three of us will be having a fun day!  If you download the IronTrac app you can easily follow them during the course of a very long day.

Have a great week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Newsletter July 8, 2012

Thanks to Kathy for running 2 out of the last three practices. I will be at practice this coming Saturday and then off to Lake Placid IM the following Saturday.

Michael Ramone Rundraiser
Michael is the owner of  Delaware Swim and Fitness, our primary team sponsor. He will be running for re-election as representative of the 21st District for the Delaware General Assembly. He is again hosting his annual crab feast at the Pike Creek club. Many Tri-Dawgs have turned out for this in the past and had an enjoyable time. Please join Marianne and me on July 15th. Details are in the attachment.

IM Arizona
IM Arizona Volunteer sign ups opened up on 7/1. Great way to secure a spot for the 2013 race. Dave Meyers is already signed up and would be interested in knowing if any other  Dawgs are going to volunteer.

Make-A-Wish Triathlon
September 29, 2012 – TriColumbia ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival in Cambridge, MD is benefitting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic this year! You can register for this event hereThis is the same triathlon that was held for 28 years in Sea Colony but has now been moved. In fact their first year was my first triathlon! 

Race Results
Island Man Triathlon
   Michelle Wang   1:39
Brick Sprint Triathlon
   Craig Deputy   1:11 (3rd 20-24)
Diamond in the Rough Results
The rough part was clearly the hot weather with temps reaching 100 degrees and water temps of over 87 degrees. We scored an incredible 137 points and picked up 104 points on first place Team Brick which means we are now only 137 points behind. We had 23 make the podium! Thanks to the 34 Tri-Dawgs that came out to put on an amazing performance not to mention a great time. It is interesting to note that no other team cheers on their own team mates like the Dawgs do.
Sprint Results
   Blair Saunders  47:47  (2nd overall)
   Brian Welch   50:05   (3rd overall)
   Jake Minka   50:24   (4th overall)
   Vince Lafashia   50:39   (5th overall)
   Aaron Mason   1:00   (1st 30-34)
   Ryan Lowe   1:01   (1st 35-39)
   Sandy Womer   1:05   (2nd overall)
   Justine Sosnowski   1:08   (5th overall)
   Amanda Armstrong   1:10   (1st 35-39)
   Diana Ortiz   1:10   (2nd 30-34)
   Valerie Longhurst   1:18
   Jessica Smallwood   1:19   (3rd 35-39)
   Peggy Oleynick   1:20   (1st 50-54)
   Victoria Oleynick   1:21
   Nancy Welch   1:24
International Results
   Mike Welch   2:18   (2nd 30-34)
   Katie Dickerson   2:24   (1st overall)
   Dave Drysdale   2:25   (3rd 25-29)
   Margaret Amidon   2:28   (2nd overall)
   Dave Anshen   2:33   (3rd 40-44)
   Craig Deputy   2:33   (2nd 20-24)
   Stephanie Khan   2:37   (1st 45-49)
   Marianne Moore   2:43   (1st 55-59)
   Eric Wolf   2:44   (2nd Clydesdales)
   Chris Wolf   2:53  
   Vic Schodolski   2:54
   Brian Drysdale   3:08
   Eva Van Stratum   3:09   (3rd 50-54)
   Ray Jackson   3:13
   Ron Williamson   3:13
   Jess Spivey   3:14   (2nd 30-34)
   Dave Smallwood   3:15
   Bill Hollandsworth   3:31
   Diane Arnold   3:39
What Next?
Our next team races are North East which has a sprint and international distance on 8/12 and Lums Pond on 8/19 which offers a sprint tri and du. There is no doubt if we get the same kind of turnout for these races we could be sitting in first place by the end of August. If you can't make these check out Julie's Race Friday and the Dragonfly the week after. If you haven't been to one of our team races your missing the amazing team comeraderie that the Tri-Dawgs have. Come out experience the excitement!

For Sale
LifeFitness treadmill in as is condition for $250. Garmin 305 GPS watch best offer. Contact me for both.

Congratulations to Andrew Gemmell for his win in the 1500 meter freestyle at the Olympic Trials. Andrew is on his way to the London Olympics. He is coached by Bruce Gemmell, his father and our masters coach. Andrew swam for the Delaware Swim Team which is affiliated with the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center.

Xterra Newsletter
Click here.

Stroke Analysis Article
Click here for an interesting NYT article on deep catch versus sculling in the freestyle stroke.
Have a great week!