Monday, September 30, 2013

Newsletter September 30, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Club Championships
With close to a 300 point lead I think it is safe to say that we have Piranha's club championship wrapped up. After four years of second place finishes it's nice to be #1 out of around 200 clubs that were entered. They will award the championship at the Cape Henlopen Triathlon and Duathlon on October 13. Please make sure that if you go that you and your family stick around for a team photo. So far we have 27 signed up. You can register here.

Augusta 70.3
   Barbie Woodland   6:45:31
Jarden Westchester Triathlon
   Brett Saunders   2:08:48   4th overall
   Jocelyn Saunders   2:20:06   2nd overall
   Brooke Saunders   2:31:27   1st AG

Save the Date
Our first annual club party will be Saturday November 2 at 6:00 at the DSFC Pike Creek location. More details to follow. You will also have an opportunity to order uniforms that night. Lenny Rogers will be putting together a slide show of the team throughout the year. Please send him pics to include at

VO2 Max Testing
Fellow Tri-Dawg Matt Hall from CardioKinetics has put together some testing opportunities for other Dawgs. I have attached the information and pricing. In an earlier e-mail I mentioned that I did the Health and Performance testing myself and the feedback that you get is amazing. If you are a serious or even casual competitor, I would highly advise getting something like this done for the sake of your own health.

Eagleman 70.3
This is a popular race with the Dawgs. Registration opens October 1 at 7:00 PM. Don't delay if you want to do it because it closes out real fast.

How to Master the Long Run
Click here for tips on increasing your long run.

Congratulations to Jen Snyder and Josh Loren on their engagement!

Moderate Exercise and Knee Arthritis
 A new study of 1,500 participants over the age of 45 revealed that the risk of middle-aged and older adults for developing arthritis in the knee is unaffected by 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.  The study’s authors added, “This study shows that engaging in physical activity at these levels is not going to put you at a greater risk of knee osteoarthritis.  Furthermore, we found this held true no matter what a person’s race, sex, or body weight is.  There was absolutely no association between these factors and a person’s risk.”    Arthritis Care & Research, August 201
Getting It Right
Nice first person story about overcoming obstacles and completing their first 70.3.

From Zero to Ironman
Less than three years ago, Kendra Goffredo didn’t know how to swim, hadn’t ridden a bike in 15 years, and was coping with a running injury—not the most auspicious circumstances to tackle a triathlon, let alone an Ironman. Read here how she is consistantly on the podium in IM events.

World Record Swimmer Mallory Weggemann to Keynote Yes U Can USA’s Gift of Movement 
U.S. Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann, who holds 34 American and 15 world records, will headline the second annual Gift of Movement Celebration on October 24 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. at White Clay Creek Country Club. In 2008, complications from an epidural injection left Mallory paralyzed from the waist down. In spite of her disability, Mallory went on to become one of the most decorated American swimmers.

The evening will feature hors d’oeuvres, dinner, a silent auction and an address from Carla Markell, Delaware’s First Lady. The benefit is hosted by Yes U Can USA, an organization for people who are disabled or have limited mobility. The nonprofit identifies and overcomes barriers, then gets people with disabilities moving through exercise and activities.

“The local disabled community really had few options when it came to activities,” says Vickie George, co-founder of and active participant in Yes U Can USA. “We are changing that in a big way. With the help of more donors, partners and volunteers, we’ll put resources directly towards expanding our sports, fitness and outdoors programs, so more people can reap the physical and psychological benefits.”

More than 115,000 Delawareans have disabilities. Yes U Can USA offers individualized exercise, swimming, and wildlife programs, and does not charge its participants any fees. Making a gift to Yes U Can USA gives the gift of movement and accessibility to people.
To attend the event, visit
If you would like to sponsor the event, visit
If you can’t attend and would still like to donate, visit
Yes U Can USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that breaks the disability barrier. Located in Newark, DE, the organization seeks to increase inclusion, awareness and access to health, recreation and physical fitness opportunities for people with limited mobility and disabilities. 
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Newsletter September 23, 2013

here for the practice.

Save the Date
Our first annual club party will be Saturday November 2 at 6:00 at the DSFC Pike Creek location. You will also have an opportunity to order uniforms that night.

Outer Banks Triathlon Sprint
   Lauara O'Sullivan   1:48:37   4th masters
   Jen Bunora   1:48:37   1st Athena
   Sara Boehmer   3:01:02   Grandmasters/1st AG

   Mike Welch   5:48:42   2nd overall (fastest bike split with 23.9 average)

   Patricia Clifford   6:34:21   5th AG

   Skipjack Relay
   Team Sparkles   Barbie Woodland, Tinna Otero, Nancy Welch   5:38:09   2nd 
   Team Tri-Dawgs   Kathy Minka, Lisa McKelvey, Lisa McKelvey   7:15:54   

Bethany Beach Triathlon
   Blair Saunders   1:29:49   1st AG
   Marc Oleynick   1:38:45
   Mark Fox   1:43:31
   Kristy Burnett   1:49:08   1st AG
   Kristen Carney   1:50:08   3rd AG
   Amanda Pupillo   1:51:38   2nd AG
   Joanne Mullen   2:08:12   2nd Athena
   Tanja Przywara   2:15:21

Bethany Beach Duathlon
   Josh Boesen   1:29:23   4th overall
   Julie Boesen   1:49:05   1st AG

Bethany Beach is part of the club series so we picked up 36 more points for a total of 866 points which is a 270 point lead with only Cape Henlopen on October 13 left. So far we have 18 signed up for that race.

Congratulations to Tri-Dawgs Craig and Justine Deputy on their recent marriage!

Dawgs Pass 300 Mark
Seven years ago we started with about a half dozen friends with a common interest in triathlons. Today we passed the 300 member mark! What is really amazing is that it's all word of mouth since we don't do any advertising or recruiting. And the best part is that it is such a special group of people.

Stroke Analysis
Here is a really cool video of two coaches doing a stroke analysis of Non Stanford who won the ITU World Championships in London last week. The technology and camera angles are awesome.

Race Report on SavageMan
From Eric Wolf 
Top 10 Reasons for NOT racing Savageman 70.0 Triathlon:
10. Low lying fog banks and swimming directly into the sun make the jacked-up hammer toe of the disoriented age-grouper in front of you the best thing to site off of.
9. Your T1 split is measured not in time but in the least layers of cold weather bike clothing.
8. The first 20 miles of the bike are downhill. In wet shorts. In 40 degree temps. You connect the dots.
7. The Westernport Wall is merely a 'gateway drug' to the subsequent 7 mile hill climb 'overdose'.
6. Even the local farm goats use a triple ring.
5. Killer Miller makes Lake Placid look flat.
4. By mile 50 even the downhills make pedaling hurt.
3. You soon realize its faster to walk uphill than to run.
2. They add a 400m gravel run climb to the second turn around because, uh, they can.
And the number one reason to NOT do Savageman 70.0...
1. You'd actually prefer doing an Ironman.

Race Report on ChesapeakeMan
From Lisa McKelvey
Several of us did the Chesapeake Man Endurance festival this weekend. My "report" is a little different ....

First, our Dawg team is amazing. Mike and Nancy Welch, Tinna and Brett Oterro, Kathy Minka, Kevin myself and Liam had dinner Friday night before the big race. ---Barbie Woodward could not make it and we found out Sat that Patricia Clifford was racing too!

Patricia did the skipjack (75.2) and Mike did the Aquabike (2.4/112). The rest of us did the relay skipjack.

The water was full of see nettles, aka jellyfish, and the bike and half the run clocked winds from minimum 15 mph to over 30 - the whole time. If you like challenges, this is a good one.

But that is enough for the course. My version of the report is about what a great team we have. We all had fun at dinner and race day lots of cheering for each other. I cramped up halfway through the bike and had to slow down significantly to avoid injury. (Worst I have ever had) Next thing I know, Tinna was right beside me making sure I was okay and encouraging me. She is a pretty good cyclist so help and advice greatly appreciated. I was able to get a few more miles on that rush when Patricia came up to my side and asked how to help. I told her about the cramps she slowed down to talk for a few minutes and then gave me her salt tablet stash to try to help me break through the cramps! A few more miles.. amd there on the side of the road was Kathy Minka (jelly fish stings and all) with Tinna's husband Brett to cheer me on some more. I managed to finish and headed out on the run, after getting hugs and kisses from Liam and Kevin who are the most patient cheering section ever. A few miles in I saw Nancy on the way back, again encouragement and a smile from a fellow Dawg. A few more miles and I found Patricia, (who lied to me about where the turn around was :-) but her generosity on the bike trumps that) and more encouragement and smiles. I walked the entire run with another athlete and chatted. It was a nice midday stroll through the country side, haha. Towards the finish again there was everyone to cheer me on for the last grueling few hundred yards. I think Mike may have even jumped the fence to meet me at the finish and be sure I had fluids and stayed upright.

What an amazing team! For me it is not about race time it is about the journey. I don't even know what our time was but I know that everyone finished and finished safely.

On that note though, Mike got 2nd with the fastest bike split of the day. Woo hoo !!!!!

The caring  and support continued as I got to my car and had texts from you checking in and making sure all was okay.

I have to believe that we have one of the best teams around, having nothing to do with the incredible talent that many have, but the overwhelming caring and compassion for each other we all have. I am so proud to be part of this team. Thank you to all, great job!

- Lisa

PS. As I am typing this I have gotten 7 text messages checking in to be sure all is well. It is :-)

Have a great week!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Newsletter September 16, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Group Bike Rides
Our group bike rides on Tuesdays from Jennersville Y have been discontinued until next year.

Save the Date
Our first annual club party will be Saturday November 2 at 6:00 at the DSFC Pike Creek location. You will also have an opportunity to order uniforms that night.

My Office
I have moved to our New Castle location at the address below if you are looking for me. I will be there Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00 and I will still be at Pike Creek weekdays 5:30-8:00 AM. Saturday morning swim practices will still be at Pike Creek. 

Marshman Sprint
   Mike Welch   54:16   1st overall
   Blair Saunders   55:26   3rd overall
   Nick Price   1:17:57
   Margaret White   1:20:38
   Cheryl Williams   1:23:51
   Stephanie Davis   1:33:48   2nd Athena
These 6 people scored 25 points for the club which gives us a total of 830 points. We are 257 points ahead of second with just two races to go.

FirmMan 70.3  
   Brian Denney   5:06:28   1st AG

Savage Man
   Chris Wolf   7:07:10
   Eric Wolf   7:10:52
   Bill Hollandsworth   8:44:35
   Chris and Eric each earned a brick by making it up the infamous hill on the bike. Unfortunately Bill got blocked by a 4 bike wreck.

AC Triathlon
   Gregg Fink   2:26:09

ITU World Triathlon Championships (London)
      Brett Saunders   1:07:55   26th AG   3rd US 
      Jocelyn Saunders   1:15:58   5th AG 
      Jocelyn Saunders   2:08:45   8th AG
      Brooke Saunders   2:11:23   2nd AG  Silver Medal

Jocelyn Saunders wrote this on her Facebook page. I thought it was too priceless not to share:
"Today Brooke got a silver medal in the 18-19 age group at World Championships in London, England. Awaiting my start I watched her finish on the blue carpet and heard them announce a silver medal for Brooke Saunders from the United States.Tonight after the Team USA party Brett and I and their new team USA friends watched as she received her medal at the awards ceremony at Trafalgar Square. Wow!"

Bike Maintenance Schedule
Click here for a quick overview of what to do when.

River Towns Ride and Festival
Click here for details.

Xterra Wetsuit Sale
Click here for their sale to club members. There are some really nice discounts. Marianne and I wear the Vortex sleeveless and love it. Our discount code is CO-DAWGS.

Singles Event
The Mullica Hill Women’s Tri Club is hosting a singles mixer event on Friday, September 20th, from 7-10 PM at Morgan’s Pier in Philadelphia.  We are inviting all local fitness clubs to join us for this free event.  We would love for all single men and women (all ages 21+) with active lifestyles to come together for an evening of fun, networking, and hopefully connecting!  Our Tri Club alone has over 700 female members, all different ages and fitness interests, and quite a few single ladies to boot!  Although some of you are a little far from Philly, perhaps you have a single friend who is local to the area who would like to come!  Please let everyone know that they are more than welcome to bring a wingwoman/wingman if they don’t want to come alone; the single ladies and men will get a bracelet while the married ones will not.   For all the Directors/Presidents, this may be a great way to introduce your club or organization (AND events) to a wider audience.  We have quite a few ladies who travel extensively throughout the year to do events in the Tri-State area!
No RSVP is required for this free event, and the event is rain or shine.  The venue will be outside under tents, and as of now, we are looking at a lovely 70 degree evening.  There is plenty of parking available at Dave and Busters, and again, ALL AGES (+21) will be there!! Here are the website details:  Please feel free to spread the word!! If you have any questions, you can either e-mail me at or call Colleen Fossett at 609-577-4804.   

Have a great week!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Newsletter September 9, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Ironman 70.3 World Championships
   Mike Welch   4:42:14

Nations Triathlon
   Gail Wynn   3:27:17

Diamondman Half Iron Tri
   Dave Anshen   5:23:40   3rd AG
   Marianne Moore   5:27:03   2nd Overall
   Julian Randolph   5:52:23   2nd AG
   Brian Drysdale   6:26:16   
   Glenn Moore   6:36:16   1st AG
   Barb Casper   7:04:38   
   Josh Maybury   7:10:30
   Patty Webster   7:39:43

Diamondman Sprint Tri
   Blair Saunders   1:24:48   5th overall
   Duncan Outslay   1:35:52
   Allan Cox   1:49:37
   Pat Hall   1:49:49
   Bill Hollandsworth   1:50:45
   Nic Price   1:51:14   3rd AG
   Irene Drum   1:54:13
   Anelika Eichler   1:55:04   1st AG
   Joanne Mullen   1:57:19   1st Athena
   Theresa Carpenter   2:21:13
   Becki McCullough   2:21:57

Diamondman Sprint Du
   Josh Boesen   1:34:15   1st AG

Diamondman Youth Tri
   Jacob Benson   17:39
   Maggie Benson   17:59   3rd AG
   Kerri Drum   24:25

Diamondman Youth Du
   Aiden Hall 17:17   1st AG

We picked up 68 points at the Diamondman races and now have a commanding lead of 308 points in the Club Championship with three races left. Next up is Marshman this coming Sunday, then Bethany and Cape Henlopen Tri's to wrap up the season.

Tri-Dawgs Party
Save November 2 6:00 PM for our first annual Dawg party. More details to come
Proper Head Position in Swimming
Click here for two good videos on maintaining proper head position and the effects of too high of a head position.

Classic Signs of Overtraining
Click here.

New TBT Program
Click here to see TriBike Transports new pack and ship bike program.

Ironman Club Championship
This is a new program this year. Many of you have taken the time to register as a Tri-Dawg at IM events. Right now we are 38 in the country. I think that is pretty awesome. If you are doing any 70.3 or IM events please look for the club table at registration.

Strength Training for Swimming
I asked Eric Wolf, who is a personal trainer, to put together a top ten list of strength training exercises for swimming. Not only did he give me a list but he has included YouTube links so you can see how to perform the exercises correctly. By the way, if you are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Eric. 
1. Elbow Planks -
2. Supermans -
3. Flutter Kicks (hip flexors) -
4. Standing Cable Trunk Twists -
5. V-Ups -

6. Rotating Dumbbell Shoulder Presses - 
7. Dumbbell Rotator Cuff (external) -
8. Dumbbell Rotator Cuff (internal) -

8. Straight-Arm Cable Pushdowns (forward lean)-
9. Cable Reverse Flys (shoulders)
10. Seated Cable Rows -

How To Bounce Back From a Bad Workout
Click here.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Group Training

Open water swim at Lums Pond is finished for the year. We still have Monday night track workouts at McKean High School at 6:00 PM and group rides Tuesday nights leaving from Jennersville YMCA at 6:00 PM.

Newsletter September 2, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Lake Norman Sprint
   Josh Maybury   1:35:28

Save the Date
On Saturday November 2 at 6:00 PM we will be having our first official Tri-Dawg party not counting the countless tailgating we've done. We will hold it at the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center at 4905 Mermaid Boulevard 19808. We will be posting a sign up for food and an e-vite soon. In the meantime mark this date on your calendar. This will be a night to celebrate our successful season, try on and order uniforms and ring in the holiday season. I hope you and your significant other will be able join us.

New Sponsor
Since The Body Business folded we haven't had a massage business to sponsor us. We do now with Therapeutic Massage and Wellness located on Limestone Road just south of Kirkwood Highway. They are offering 10% off of all services and a five one hour session package for $275. They also have a strict no tipping policy.  Here is their website. I tried them and was very pleased. 

OWS Tips
Click here.

TBB Cyclery News
Click here.

9/11 Heroes 5K Run
This event will benefit DE Boots On The Ground.  Together, both organizations are committed to helping our military men, women and their families. Click here for details.

Tri Books
I just ordered Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. This is a 400 page plus book chocked full of great advice. You can read the reviews and find out more here.
Another book I just finished is Be Iron Fit. I thought this was an excellent read for anyone attempting their first IM. You can read reviews and find out more here.

I am looking to get feedback from triathletes on a virtual training app that just hit Kickstarter. What I want to learn is if the tool would be welcome in the tri community or not. I must decide what features to build next; and that will depend on who I am building for. I think it is a natural fit for multisport athletes, but I’d really rather get your opinion on that.
We just announced the app, called FitTrip, through Kickstarter last week. The campaign is going crazy. You can see a short video about the app at:
 It is a virtual training app for when you’re training indoors. It provides HD video of courses and synchronizes the video to your effort using your heart rate. It also offers zone training, stats, and coached endurance and interval sessions. We have HD video of courses from around the world. We also have a full Olympic-distance triathlon: the nationally televised Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon out of the Chicago area.
 What I want to find out is if triathletes want this and what features are necessary to make it awesome. The best products are the ones that users get to help shape. Would you be willing to send this email or my phone number to the team (or perhaps add this to a newsletter) and let them know I’d love to get their thoughts and ideas? Alternatively I could set up a Skype or Google Hangouts session to provide a live demo. Either way I am looking for your team’s feedback and advice on how to make it the best possible.
Thanks for considering it.
Shane Schieffer

Jack's 5K
As many of you know, on October 6th, 2009 I lost my first friend to something no child should have to deal with, cancer. Jack was a young man with a kind soul, strong spirit, and a will to fight. Though we long to see his smiling face up to bat on the Piedmont field, we must promote awareness and raise funds so that others will not have to undergo the same fight that Jack put up. After Jack was taken to heaven I was told by many, "time heals." Though five years has passed I have not forgotten about my first friend and hero, nor have I forgotten about the 46 children who are diagnosed with cancer each day. Please join us in raising money for pediatric cancer and in honoring Jack's ForeverSTRONG spirit by joining or donating to team 4evR Young at Jack's 5k!To register or donate to my team go to or go to
Thank you for your continued support! Together we will fight the monster that steals far too many lives.
Brooke Saunders

A Cautionary Story
Hi Glenn. I think we met once at the Lum's Pond Wednesday night swims. I was to participate in my first triathlon in Bethany next month. I suffered a massive heart attack after training 2 weeks ago. During the Cardiac Cath as they were trying to stent the blockages they severed my left main artery. Which left me with an emergency open heart Quadruple bypass. I turned 42 while in the hospital. I was in the best shape of my life. The only warning signs I experienced were that my workouts seemed more taxing and I had pain in my left arm that wouldn't subside. I was becoming more and more breathless with each workout. The day of my heart attack I went to swim and couldn't even finish 100 yards. I am so blessed that I wasn't out in the pond or on a country road somewhere. I tell you this to remind my fellow triathletes to listen to their bodies. Yes, having a heart attack is rare. 
But, because of our level of fitness, athletes often slip through the cracks. That happened to me. They sent me home from the ER with a diagnosis of muscle strain when in fact I had already experienced two undetected mini heart attacks. 2 hours after they sent me home the massive heart attack occurred. I have no doubt that I will rock my first triathlon next spring or summer. I have a lot of work ahead of me but am ready for the challenge. I know that most of our team do not know me. But, can you please share this with them. We tend as athletes to "tough" it out. But, sometimes we really need to listen to our bodies. Looking forward to training in the spring. God Bless.
Emily Holcroft

Have a great week!