Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Dawg showing at St. Andrews!!!

Hi -
What a great showing by our Tri-Dawgs and Tri-Pups at the St. Andrews triathlon this past weekend!  We have now moved into 2nd place in the point standings!  Refer to link:
Would love to see a race re-cap from someone on the race!  Please post one direct to the site or send to me at and I will gladly post it for you! 
St Andrews Sprint Triathlon June 19, 2011
Sprint Distance Division Time Awards
Saunders, Blair M45-49 1:06:50 3rd M overall; 1st AG
Saunders, Brett M0-14 1:10:32 1st AG
Anshen, David M40-44 1:12:06  
Saunders, Jocelyn F45-49 1:12:33 1st F overall, 1st AG
Rogers, Justin M25-29 1:15:02  
Outslay, Duncan M40-44 1:15:48  
Saunders, Brooke F15-19 1:19:09 1st AG
Collier, Charles M15-19 1:20:22 2nd AG
Anshen, Tish F40-44 1:26:08  
Johnson, Cindy F50-54 1:26:54 2nd AG
Murray, Alexa F15-19 1:33:35 2nd AG
Curl, Lisa F45-49 1:37:49  
Smallwood, Jessica F35-39 1:40:25  
Longhurst, Valerie F45-49 1:41:03  
Mckelvey, Lisa F40-44 1:47:14  


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Team E-mails

We are now over 140 members on the team which has maxed out my Comcast distribution list. G-mail allows a much large list so I have created an account just for Tri-Dawg e-mails from me ( I will also start using BCC so that there are no issues regarding misuse of the distribution list.

If anyone has something they would like to e-mail out to the team just drop me an e-mail and I will send it to the team. Please continue to use my address since it is unlikely I will check the gmail account very often. I would prefer to use the website instead of e-mail as much as possible, so if you send me something, I might just post it here.

I sent out an e-mail on 6/15/11. If you received it and would like to be removed from this distribution list let me know. If you did not get the e-mail then you are not on the updated distribution list. Let me know if you would like to be added to the distribution list.

Also let me know if you have any ideas for the website. Diane and Margaret have done a great job in making improvements with this. Hope to see you at a race soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tri-Dawg Challenge

Refer to this link:

This is to challenge the Dawgs to sign up for 2-3 races this season! There are 3 great races coming up that many Dawgs turn out for so the support is huge! Plus we will get lots of points in the Piranha Series! As you know we do not ask for dues to be apart of the Dawgs nor do we pay for coaching from Glenn nor do we ask for a fee to swim at Lums pond Wednesday evenings.... But we can raise money by placing in the Piranha series. The last two years we placed 2nd! The first team wins by pure volume so it's difficult to beat them in terms of total points but on performance at key races we can contend against the rest!!!! Please make every effort to sign up for one if not more of the following races:

1) Diamond In the Rough Tri is a 1 mile swim, 27 mile bike and a 5 mile run on July 9th...

2) Sunday august 14th the lums pond sprint triathlon or duathlon! Great race for beginners!!! And of course we will tailgate afterwards!!

3) The 3rd race (Delaware DiamondMan) is Sunday september 11th also at lums pond (just begins at a different side of the pond) and there are two distances; half ironman and a sprint! Again the sprint is a great beginners race distance and for those who have been thinking of doing a half, this is a flat bike course! Also this is the race that Becki n Andy met last year and are now married! So who knows maybe you can make a "love connection":)!

Remember to sign up as a "Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg" (not trail dawgs) when u sign up, look for team option on sign up page!

(FYI) MY goal is to see close to 30 people at each race BUT coach has upped the challenge to 50 people per race! Which makes sense as we have over 100 dawgs on our roster....

FYI...we do get points if you sign up as as a Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg in any of the Piranha series. You don't have to just do the Lums Pond sprint or duathlon ; and the Delaware diamond man sprint/half.


Open Water Swims Resumes this week

Open Water Swims Resumes This Wednesday June 15th from 6-7pm at Lums Pond.
Entrance to Lums Pond off of Rt 896 and Howell School Road - parking Lot Area 1

A Dawg is going to KONA!!!!

Well Dawgs - it was an exciting weekend race wise for many people. Our own Marianne Moore won a slot to Kona! Sandy completed her first Half Ironman! Many raced in their first triathlons ever including Shannon and Diana (Diana's race report is below); our Tri-Pups (Brett, Brooke and Grant) rocked the Tri-It triathlon and Stephanie Khan swan 4.4 miles in less than 2 and half hours!!! (so what did the rest of you do this weekend?)....

Tri-It Triathlon June 12, 2011
Sprint Distance Division Time Awards
Saunders, Brett M0-19 0:45:15 4th overall; 2nd AG
Saunders, Brooke F0-19 0:50:33 2nd AG
Otto, Grant M0-19 0:54:19
Longhurst, Valerie F45-49 1:04:09
Lepley, Kristin F35-39 1:07:00
Carter, Shannon F30-34 1:13:24

Eagleman Triathlon June 12, 2011
Half-Ironman Distance Division Time Awards
Jeff Kammerzelt M40-44 4:53:42
Katrina Dowidchuck W40-44 5:06:41 8th AG
Andy Jakubowitch M30-34 5:07:08
Paul Randolph M45-49 5:15:40
Lenny Rogers Clyesdale 5:39:32 5th place division
Marianne Moore W55-59 5:50:05 KONA!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Boehmer W55-60 6:17:56
Sandy Womer W30-34 7:24:07

Bay Swim June 12, 2011
4.4 Mile Swim Distance Division Time Awards
Stephanie Khan W45-49 2:18 8th AG

Diana's race report (fabulous report by the way)...

Here is My intro to Tri-Dawgs - and my recap of my first sprint-Tri event.
I ran into Glenn at a school event. Mrs. Moore (please correct me) had just completed the Boston and he was sporting his NY marathon jacket. I very quietly mentioned wanting to do the 1/2 Ironman in Puerto Rico in March (cause you cant talk about that kinda thing with just anyone, they think you're crazy! Haha)
He talked about the Tr-Dawgs, recommended reading the blogs and I said, "sign me up" and have been quietly participating with Tr-Dawgs ever since! (approximately one month, haha)Ii started the the OWS at Lums as soon as I saw the posting for the start date.
That's about when I started my haphazard tri-training. There are plenty of structured workouts to follow, but with three little ones, (ages 3,4,&7) and a 40-50 hour work week, staying consistent is pure magic.
I wanted to share with you that this past Sunday, I completed my first Tri, the "Tri it-Tri and I am hooked. I was bummed at first because my running/training partner couldn't do it and it was too late to back out! But it was a blessing to have him help get settled :) I came in at 252/384. My transitions were horrendous!!! In the swim, I was swam over, under and elbowed in the head and veered off course TWICE! I loved the craziness so much, I ran out of the water cracking up!
My chain popped on my MOUNTAIN BIKE!! Yes, I took a Jeep into a race meant for Porsches'! My brother is a serious cyclist and he laughed at me, but I am working with what I've got! LOL it was a fun ride, I was told that the mountain bike made you work about 3x harder , so I tried to pedal 3x as fast as the 'skinny tire' people. I had the music from the wicked witch playing in my head, spinning super fast in Dorothy's window and not going anywhere! But I felt really great teetering into the run! Now I know what it feels like to be a newborn foal, legs don"t fail me now!! I really wanted to just RUN, but my legs betrayed me, they were like mush! Being a runner first, this was the strangest sensation for me and it took about a 1/2 mile to snap out of it. Then I flew and made up some ground, passing that one person that I couldn't get around on the bike! LOL
I bounded through the woods, whispering to the others along the way, 'Dont walk now, ur almost done!' if they had the energy to trip me, they probably woulda! HAHAHHAH
I'm Soooo happy, I finished. I am ok with my place because I learned so much and I am so glad to have met Everyone, so far i have completed two events in The piranha series. The Dover Duathlon, and the Tri-it Tri :)
I will let you know what events I plan on next too keep you updated.
Lotsa love!
Diana Ortiz-Beaudet

Monday, June 13, 2011

Xterra Wetsuit Promotion

2011 Sponsored Athlete Pricing: Second & Third Quarter
Volt: $99 (reg. $200)
Vortex 3 Sleeveless: $139 (reg. $300)
Vortex 3 Fullsuit: $179 (reg. $400)
Vector Pro X2 Sleeveless: $199 (reg. $400)
Vector Pro X2 Fullsuit: $275 (reg. $600)
Vendetta: $500 (reg. $750)
Velocity-M Speedsuit: $175 (reg. $200)
Transition Backpack: $45 (reg. $70)

Team code: CO-DAWGS

Also, the Pro Deal Pricing in to which you are entitled to will be the same for the second and third quarter. Please see the attached form and keep on file for your orders.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks to my Tri-Dawg family

Hi Dawgs,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has reached out to me and asked how I am doing since my accident Friday night June 3rd.  I am doing much better!  
It was a scary situation as I look back now and hear the ad-libs from many on what happened.  I don’t remember much except seeing my front tire get close to Vince’s rear tire and then waking up in the ambulance.  In the middle of all of that Vince, Eric, Kris, Josh, Lenny and Cindy, who were all riding with me, had to react.  We were going at a good pace and having a great time and you do not realize how quickly something can happen.  
I want to thank the rescue personnel (from the paramedics and ambulance to the firemen and police) who arrived on the scene.  Vince said they did a fabulous job!!!  Apparently I was repeating the same question over and over again which is a sign of some type of head trauma/concussion.  Rocky had a good idea in that we should add a section to the Tri-Dawg page that outlines what to do and how to respond when something bad happens; what signs to look for and what questions to ask in different situations.  I think it’s a fabulous idea!  I know many of us think “it will never happen to them” but many experienced cyclists would say “its not a matter of ‘IF’ but rather a matter of ‘WHEN’.  
Lying in the “waiting room” between tests and being looked at I looked around the room and I saw many faces…Vince, his dad, Henry, Josh, Jen, Cindy, Lenny and my sister.  In parallel Josh and Eric went to our house and walked our dogs, Henry went to our house and got Vince and I clothes as we were staying at hospital overnight for observation and then Eric visiting later in the hospital.  We were discharged at 2:00 am and the next day, my sister brought us breakfast, Lenny brought me Swedish Fish and fruit, Marianne stopped by and brought flowers, Coach had a beer at our house (go figure, shows up empty handed and has a beer!  Kidding coach), Henry came by to write me a ticket “for following too close” (funny man) and Dave Anshen came to the house to visit so he could put eyes on me to ensure I was ok.  I got many text messages from Lisa, Becki, Andy, Diane, Paul, Bill, Carrie, Chris, Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Jocelyn, Amanda, Shannon, and all my neighbors asking if they can do anything or come by etc… and I realize what a great family we have in the Tri-Dawgs.  
Luckily I walked away with only major road rash and a concussion and a black eye and nothing else – it could have been a lot worse.  The helmet and sunglasses didn’t make out that good though L  Ill need to replace them but they saved me for sure!  I know I don’t have to tell you, but Always wear your helmet!  And also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor – always carry your cell phone and an ID – or better yet get a Road-ID!  I wear one as does Vince.  If I was alone (as many of us ride alone), the Road-ID would have saved me as I was unconscious Friday night when Vince ran up to me.  So someone would have found me and called 911 first and then looked at my wrist and read to call: my sister and Vince next as their names and numbers are listed.  Even if you do ride with people, do they know who to call in case of an emergency?  Do they know your spouses name and number or your kids or your parents?  Probably not!  Its cheap and easy to get!  I just ordered one for Marianne and Carrie (act surprised when you get it from me girls) – but the rest of you, please order yourself one.  They are actually somewhat fashionable tooJ  Vince and I personally have the Black Elite one…Here is the link: