Sunday, May 19, 2013

Newsletter May 19, 2013

Click here for the practice.

   Delaware Marathon
      Amanda Pupillo   3:32:23
      Lauren and Joe Patson  1st place family relay

   Escape from Ft. Delaware Sprint Distance  (45 team points)
      Blair Saunders   42:11   1st Overall Male
     Katie Dickerson   46:14   1st Overall Female
     Vic Suchodolski   51:10   1st AG
      Pat Hall   55:47
      Val Longhurst   1:04:45   3rd AG
      Tricia Howarth   1:04:48   2nd Athena
      Sara Mcelrath   1:07:02   3rd AG
      Diana Ortiz   1:11:41
      Roy Hall   1:13:06   2nd AG

   Escape from Ft. Delaware International Distance (39 team points)
      Katie Dickerson   2:20:33   2nd Overall Female
      Craig Deputy   2:20:42   1st AG
      Lenny Rogers   2:26:26   1st Clydesdale
      Nick Anderson   2:31:49
      Kristy Burnett   2:35:30   1st AG
      Cindy Johnson   2:44:09   1st AG
      Amanda Pupillo   2:48:16   2nd AG
      Dave Smallwood   2:57:22
      Jack Carey   3:11:42
      Barbie Woodland   3:15:40   

We increased out lead over the weekend from 3 points to 43 points by scoring 84 points in the two races. Special shout out to Katie Dickerson who scored 21 points alone in the two races and showed outstanding sportsmanship that shows what the Dawgs are all about! Below are the top five teams. Next race for points is Tri-It tri and du on June 9. Great races for first timers and novice level but it is open to everyone.

Tri-Dawgs   200
Turk's Head   157
UD   61
T3   47
Team Bricks   44

   Columbia Olympic Distance
      Brett Saunders   2:12:22   1st AG
      Jocelyn Saunders   2:26:14   1st Masters
      Brooke Saunders   2:33:13   2nd AG
      Doreen DiMeglio/Lisa McKelvey/Kevin McKelvey 3:34:33

   Ironman Texas
      Dave Drysdale   12:36:05
      Josh Inkell   15:48:22
Don't forget that if I miss anyone, send me your results and I will post it the following week. I just don't have the time to research every race.

Long Runs
Thinking about adding long runs to your training routine? Click here for some tips.

Oakwood Valley Swim Club
Looking for a summer swim club? Oakwood Valley Swim Club is accepting memberships and is offering 10% off for Tri-Dawgs. For more information visit or e-mail  The pool is located at 4909 Kirkwood Highway between Kirkwood Auto and Artisans Bank.  

ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival
They have a lot of unique endurance races on September 21. Click here to register for one of them.

Pre-Race Nutrition Blunders
Click here.

Swimming Deaths in Triathlons
Click here for the article.

Bikeline Newark
I had another great experience at Bikeline this weekend. Their customer service for Tri-Dawgs is outstanding. Ask for Howard at Newark and tell him you are a Dawg. Please don't hesitate to use them or Bikeline Wilmington.

From Xterra Wetsuits
We very happy to announce an incredible offer to my sponsored clubs, teams, and coaches in the hopes that all of you will have the chance to swim, bike, and run among the monuments of our nation's capitol!

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Don’t miss out on Washington DC’s only triathlon taking place on Sunday, September 8, 2013 in the nation’s capital. Featuring a course that winds through Washington, DC’s monument corridor, participants have the opportunity to race this International Distance triathlon as an individual or relay team. Register Today!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Newsletter May 12, 2013

Click here for the practice.

   Delaware Marathon
      Lydia Carrick   2:52:11   1st overall
      Howard Keener   4:02:01
      Marianne Moore   4:12:59   2nd AG

   Delaware Half Marathon
      Kyle Carrick   1:15:32   2nd overall
      Jon Cochran   1:51:56
      Glenn Moore   1:52:45   2nd AG
      Nancy Welch   1:54:20
      Katie Bielat   1:57:06
      Kathleen Benson   2:15:21

   Delaware Marathon Relays
      I couldn't figure out how to track down individual results. Teams were only listed by team name and one person. I understand that a four person team that included Josh Loren came in first and that an eight person team that included Diane Arnold and Duncan Outslay came in first in their category. I also know that Ray Jackson and Gail Winn competed but I don't have any results. If you did the marathon, half marathon or relay and I missed you, please send me your results for the next newsletter.

Next Team Race
Next big race is escape from Ft. Delaware with the sprint on Saturday May 18 and the international distance on Sunday May 19. If you are a novice this sprint is a good one to try since the swim is only 400 yards and will surely be wetsuit legal. We have 16 entries so far and Turks Head has 7. Let's try to pad that lead in two weeks. Click here to register.

Post Run Stretches
Use these simple standing stretches after a run to help jump start recovery. Click here.

Running Shoes
Click here for information regarding when to replace your running shoes.

IM Swim Changes
Click here to see some of the changes that IM is experimenting with including IM Lake Placid which is popular with so many Dawgs. I think this is a change for the better. Safer and less stressful.

At Devilman. Long sleeve black pullover with Tri-Dawg logo. Let me know if it's yours.

Training Sessions
These have been going well and attendance is picking up. Just a reminder that the track workouts are Mondays 6-7 PM at McKean High School track with Coach Fischer. Group bike rides are Tuesdays 6-7:30 from Jennersville YMCA. All abilities welcome. Open water swims are Wednesdays 6-7 PM  at Lums Pond. Please read past e-mails on our website for more details.

Have a great week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Newsletter May 5, 2013

Click here for the practice.

   Xterra Jersey Devil
      Josh Loren   1:33:17   1st AG   6th overall
      Vince Lafashia   1:36:48   2nd AG   13th overall
      Blair Saunders   1:37:05   2nd AG   14th overall

   St. Lukes Lehigh Half Marathon
      Carrie McGoldrick   2:04:13

   Indian Valley Y Youth Triathlon
      Grace Gilbert   16:20
      Lauren Gilbert   17:12

   NJ Devilman
      Great day for the Dawgs. We had 23 Dawgs score 67 points in the sprint and 12 score 27 points in the half lite. This puts us in first place for the first time. I have to say this was the coldest tri I have been at with air temps in the upper 40's to start and water temp was 66. I'm happy to say everyone successfully completed the swim which was a challenge. Of course we had a great time tailgating and cheering on each other.

      Mike Welch   1:33   5th overall  male
      Blair Saunders   1:34   3rd AG
      Brian Welch   1:37   2nd AG
      Brett Saunders   1:37   1st AG
      Vince Lafashia   1:37   1st AG
      Grant Otto   1:40   2nd AG
      Jocelyn Saunders   1:41   3rd overall female
      Jake Minka   1:42   3rd AG
      Dave Drysdale   1:44
      Josh Maybury   1:46
      Bryan Mora   1:48
      Brooke Saunders   1:51   1st AG
      Margaret Lafaashia   1:51   1st AG
      Stephanie Khan   1:54   2nd AG
      Amalija Jurcik   1:59   2nd AG
      Gregg Fink   2:00
      Ron Williamson   2:02
      Brian Gilbert   2:08
      Mike Laverty   2:09
      Larry Fitz   2:12
      Michelle Wang   2:19
      Nancy Welch   2:21
      Heather Drysdale   2:30

   Half Lite
      Lenny Rogers   3:49   1st Clydesdale
      Nick Anderson   3:50
      Kristy Burnett   3:56   3rd AG
      Marianne Moore   3:57   1st AG
      Amanda Pupillo   4:04
      Eric Wolf   4:06
      Cindy Johnson   4:08   3rd AG
      Dave Meyers   4:12
      Chris Wolf   4:14
      Patricia Clifford   4:17
      Brian Drysdale   4:49
      Tinna Otera   4:58   2nd Athena

Team Totals
   Tri-Dawgs   116
   Turks Head   113
   UD   58
   Team Bricks   43

Next big race is escape from Ft. Delaware with the sprint on Saturday May 18 and the international distance on Sunday May 19. If you are a novice this sprint is a good one to try since the swim is only 400 yards and will surely be wetsuit legal. We have 14 entries so far and Turks Head has 6. Let's try to pad that lead in two weeks.

Dawgs Helping Others
Lisa McKelvey, a fellow Dawg, sent this to me the other day and I asked her if I could share it with the team. Jocelyn is also a Dawg and former professional triathlete working with wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Rob is a retired race director who put on Eagleman and Chesapeakeman for many years. Thanks to Lisa, Jocelyn and Rob for showing what triathletes are all about.

I wanted to let you know something about the Tri-Dawg family that has nothing to do with racing...Last year through my friend Beth Ann, who has brain cancer, I met another woman who also has brain cancer- Lisa Saunders. Lisa lost her leg to complications of her disease last year. She always wanted to do a tri in part to show her young sons ( and the physically challenged students she teaches)that "nothing is impossible". Sadly, her insurance does not believe that she needs the appropriate prosthetic devices to do physical activity...she is in a chair a good portion of the time. (We are the same age).The running legs are pretty expensive and she had given up. I had an obvious soft spot for her and her ordeal, on a whim I contacted Jocelyn Wong to see if she knew anyone that could help my friend accomplish her dream. My thought was maybe we could do some sort of fundraiser to help her.

Over the past few weeks, and a lot of phone calls, emails etc. Jocelyn was able to have the prosthetic donated for my friend. Lisa just called and she is meeting Jocelyn on May 15 in her office to get her new device. Tricolumbia and Robert Vigorito donated her a specialty bike.

Tri-Dawgs are much more than a team, what an amazing group of people. It is heart warming to have people help just for the sake of helping.

IT Band 
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Core Strength for Runners
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Training Pace Calculator
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