Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tri-Dawgs Get a Web Site!

Greetings, Dawgs,
At long last, Coach has decided that the Tri-Dawgs need a web site, and voilà, we have a web site!

This page is the web site's blog, where you'll find everything that before now has been emailed from Coach & Margaret, and anyone else who has replied to "all." It will be archived and searchable here. Feel free to comment! Your email can take a break.

Some of us want the email messages, and we can still have them! There is a box at the bottom right on this page where you can enter your email address, which subscribes you to emailed alerts whenever something new is posted to this blog page. If you want to know about new posts but don't want the email, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for your iGoogle page or your My Yahoo! page or another RSS Reader by clicking those links below as well.

The other pages here, tabbed along the top, are still in the works. Coach has already put in lot of swim workouts from the archives! It will be so awesome to be able to come here and print out a workout quickly
on my way to the pool! His notes from weekly swim practices will be here as well.

One of the tabs is our very own discussion forum! If you have something you want to buy or sell, or if you have advice or need it or want to share something you heard about, now we have a place to do it when we aren't actually in the pool or on the road or trails together. Register on the forum page to post. It's quick & easy.

Coach has lot of other great ideas for our web site. You'll be hearing about them!

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