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Newsletter June 30, 2012

The OWS at Lums Pond will not be held this Wednesday July 4th. Have a safe holiday.

Click here for Saturday's practice and here for a helpful read on swimming in rough water.

Michael Ramone Rundraiser
Michael is the owner of  Delaware Swim and Fitness, our primary team sponsor. He will be running for re-election as representative of the 21st District for the Delaware General Assembly. He is again hosting his annual crab feast at the Pike Creek club. Many Tri-Dawgs have turned out for this in the past and had an enjoyable time. Please join Marianne and me on July 15th. Details are in the attachment.

Diamond In The Rough
This is our next team race so we want to get as many as possible signed up for it. The race is in Perryville on July 7th. There is an international distance and a sprint distance so something for everyone. So far we have 21 signed up. I'd like to see us hit 50 entries. We will be organizing another tailgating event. Click here to get registered.

Diamond In The Rough Tailgating
We will be tailgating after this race. Look for our tents. Since we won't have Margaret and Diane to get us organized this is going to be a "whatever you bring, we'll eat and drink it" affair. Should be fun to hang out for a little while after the race and meet team members you might not have met before.

Club Championships
We've fallen a good bit behind Team Bricks but there is stilll plenty of time to bridge the gap. What has me concerned is that Turks Head is only 31 points behind us. We've never been challenged for the second spot and looks like this team is making a run at us. We really need to step up our game and get signed up for more races. The next big one is Diamond In The Rough (see above). Remember we have no fees for team membership and we rely on club winnings to finance the team. Please make an effort to get signed up for Piranha races.

Race Results
Wyckoff Triathlon (.5 m swim/17 m bike/5 m run)
   Duncan Outslay   1:17:02

Mont Tremblant 70.3
   Marc Oleynick   4:51
   Dave Anshen   5:05
   Lenny Rogers   5:20
   Marianne Moore   5:51 (1st 55-59)
   Cindy Johnson   6:00
   Diane Arnold   6:03
   Dave Arnold   Volunteer Extraordinaire

Brick Sprint Tri  
   Blair Saunders 1:01 (2nd overall; 1st 454)
   Dave Drysdale   1:05 (5th overall; 2nd 25-29)
   Vince Lafashia   1:06 (3rd 40-44)
   Margaret Amidon   1:10 (3rd overall; 2nd 40-44)
   Eric Wolfe   1:10 (2nd Clydesdales)
   Josh Inkell   1:14
   Vic Suchodolski   1:16
   Aaron Mason   1:18
   Henry Speed  1:18

Brick AquaBike
   Diana Ortiz   1:17 (1st 30-34)

Mont Tremblant 70.3
I'm not sure if any of the six Dawgs who did this race will write a report but I wanted to say a few things about the race. First of all, it is by the far the best race Marianne and I have been to (except Kona, of course). Marco got us a five bedroom townhouse within walking distance to the transition which was spacious enough for the ten of us and very inexpensive. Every aspect of the race was first class and well run. The village next to the transition area was designed to look like a European village and it was really cool how the last half mile of the run went down through the center of the village. The village was loaded with shops, restaurants and lodging and a ski lift that took you from the bottom of the village to the top. I would guess that about 95% of the course was closed to traffic. The volunteers and townspeople went out of their way to make everything special for the athletes. The swim started off with a nine jet flyover not once but three times. The lake was crystal clear and about 74 degrees. The ride up was a little long (10.5 hours for us) but an easy drive. It was hard to believe this was Mont Tremblant's first triathlon. I would highly recommend this race for next year. They are also hosting a full Ironman in August.

Water Running
Click here for training tips for running in the water.

Bethany Beach Triathlon
Click here for information.

Lake George Triathlon
Click here for information.

Michael Phelps
Of course he is once again the big story as the Olympics approach. Click here to see short three videos on his recovery, nutrition and strength training.

Ironman App
IronTrac is an app that I used at Mont Tremblant to track everyone. I'd recommend it if you are tracking another triathlete in an Ironman event.

Make-A-Wish Triathlon
September 29, 2012 – TriColumbia ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival in Cambridge, MD is benefitting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic this year! You can register for this event here. This is the same triathlon that was held for 28 years in Sea Colony but has now been moved. In fact their first year was my first triathlon!

Have a great week nd a safe holiday.

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