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Newsletter October 29, 2012

Click here for the practice.

Masters Swimming
We have come up with a six practice per week schedule that will run about 15 weeks at a cost of $150. We hope to have a November 5th start date as soon as we finalize a few other details. I will be e-mailing out registration forms and the rest of the details this week. The Masters program is open to people of all abilities.

DSFC Resolution Classic 5K
The Tri-Dawgs will be hosting the 4th annual race January 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM. More details to follow. Please encourage your family and friends to join us for a great time with loads of amenities. You can sign up here on Piranha's website. 

Does Drafting Help in Running?
Click here for research on this strategy.

IM Hawaii Pics
Click here to go to the Tri-Dawgs photo page and click on IM Kona 2012 to see some pictures from Kona. 

Uniform Update
Last week I emailed everyone who has given me an order for a team uniform this fall to see about postponing our Sugoi order.  Our new rep at Sugoi has agreed to accept an order from us at the end of the year at these lower-quantity levels.  While we do have enough orders to get shorts & men's tops, we fell short in women's tops & trisuits. I was concerned that ordering only shorts & men's tops now would mean that in January we wouldn't be able to meet the higher minimums and then we'd really be scr*w*d!  

So, this works out well. I will add any orders you send me between now and the end of December to the spreadsheet and I will let you know when to send Carrie a check. 

As a side note, if there is another item you would like to see us get (tri-dawg tights? bike jersey?) please start a discussion on FB or in the forum and we can see where it goes. For any NEW items, we would need to meet the higher minimum, so it might require some recruitment. : )
Thanks very much!

Race Results
   Atlantic City Marathon
       Howard Keener   3:54:57

Congratulations to Becki and Andy McCullough on the birth of their daughter, Abigail Grace, 6 pounds 2 ounces.

From Sean Dougherty
Sean is the Delaware Swim Team's program coordinator and head coach of the national team.

On Wednesday October 10th, I gave myself a "Clean Shave" and began this years " Mustaches for Kids" fundraiser! This program will raise money for "Supporting Kidds." Founded in 1989, Supporting Kidds is one of the first organizations in the country to address the unique needs of bereaved children. The mission of Supporting Kidds is to provide a compassionate pathway to healing for grieving children and their families, and to empower the community to support them in the grieving process.

Thanks to all of you who supported my effort last year! I finished 6th overall in fundraising, with over $1300.00 raised; AND.... earned the Charlie Hustle award! This award is presented to the fundraiser who "hustled" to spread the word about the foundation. This year I have been slow to the blocks, but plan to rally, and get myself to the top of the fundraising board. Over the course of the next 3 weeks I will continue to grow my "Stache," you can follow the links below to learn more, follow my progress, and/or make a contribution in support of my effort. 

I will be sending out periodic updates of my "Stache," and the progress to towards my goal of raising $750.00 for the cause. Of course, I would love to raise more money, but I'm getting a late start, so I'll do my best. 
Thanks, and please take a minute to look at the links below. 

2013 ITU World Triathlon San Diego
Click here if you are interested in registering for this event.

Have a great week.

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