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Newsletter November 11, 2012

Click here for the practice and here for my blog and podium spots.

Masters Swimming
We have come up with a six practices per week schedule that will run  10 week sessions at a cost of $125 for member of DSFC and $175 for non-members. Registration information is attached with details. The Masters program is open to people of all abilities.

DSFC Resolution Classic 5K
The Tri-Dawgs will be hosting the 4th annual race January 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM.  Please encourage your family and friends to join us for a great time with loads of amenities. You can get race details and sign up here on Piranha's website. The race will benefit the Tri-Dawgs and the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation which is affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club. Please share with any other running clubs or groups you are affiliated with. Thanks

Silent Auction
In conjunction with the 5K we will be having a silent auction. We are approaching our sponsors for donations but I would also like to reach out to the Tri-Dawgs as well. If anyone works at or has an affiliation with someone that would be willing to donate something for the auction, please contact me. Our goal is to have 10-12 items. Don't forget this benefits the Tri-Dawgs and the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation. 

Philly Half and Full
There might be a record number of Dawgs doing either race in two weeks. If you are doing the race or just going up to cheer on others, send me an e-mail and if we have enough interest maybe we can do a little tailgating if the weather cooperates.

Uniform Update
Last week I emailed everyone who has given me an order for a team uniform this fall to see about postponing our Sugoi order.  Our new rep at Sugoi has agreed to accept an order from us at the end of the year at these lower-quantity levels.  While we do have enough orders to get shorts & men's tops, we fell short in women's tops & trisuits. I was concerned that ordering only shorts & men's tops now would mean that in January we wouldn't be able to meet the higher minimums and then we'd really be scr*w*d!  

So, this works out well. I will add any orders you send me between now and the end of December to the spreadsheet and I will let you know when to send Carrie a check. 

As a side note, if there is another item you would like to see us get (tri-dawg tights? bike jersey?) please start a discussion on FB or in the forum and we can see where it goes. For any NEW items, we would need to meet the higher minimum, so it might require some recruitment. : )
Thanks very much!

Vasa Trainer
I think I mentioned before that I used this piece of equipment for my high school swim team almost daily. Maybe you can put it on your Christmas wish list. I mean you do have a bike trainer, right? Check out the videos that show the benefits of using the Vasa trainer.

Piranha Sports
Click here to check out there early bird prices on 2013 events. Offer expires 11/15/12.

4 Easy Ways to Become a Lifelong Runner
Click here.

Test Your Swim Flexibility
Check out this article with pictures that feature our very own RJ Snyder.

Overcoming Anxiety in Open Water Swimming
Click here for a good article. Notice he talks about breathing which I try to emphasize.

Lost Wetsuit
My name is Rebecca and  I competed in the Cape Henlopen tri.  Unfortunately, someone there ended up with my wetsuit.  I am pretty distraught because it wasn't very long ago that I purchased it.  I know there were some Tri-Dawg members racked near me.  I'm hoping to see if maybe someone accidentally grabbed the wrong wetsuit.  

Let me know if you ended up with Rebecca's wetsuit. Thanks

Have a great week!

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