Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Newsletter April 28, 2014

Devilman Challenge
Turks Head tri team has challenged us to a head to head competition using the Devilman sprint and half lite du and tri. TH came in second to us in the Piranha club series and they are anxious to see how they stack up to us one on one.Of course this means we need to get as many signed up for this race as possible. New this year is a sprint and half du which will also count towards the challenge. Click here to sign up for Devilman. So far we have 39 entries and Turks has 17. 

We will also be kicking off the season with another one of our fabulous tailgates at Devilman. Turks Head members have been invited to join us post race. Click here to sign up for the tailgate. 

We have many people new to the club and some whose names I have forgotten (it happens at my age). I will not be racing but I will be there so please come up and introduce yourself.

Race Results
Kevin Hicks has volunteered to gather race results. You can send him your results at He will compile the results and send them to me for the newsletter. We love race reports especially from out of the area races. Please send them to me and I 
will post them in the newsletter.

Group Ride
I posted a note on Facebook about a ride on Saturday starting from south Chesapeake City. Even though it posted was only a day or two before the ride, we had an awesome turnout. Don't hesitate
to do the same. It was a great way to quickly get something organized. Don't forget to like the club on Facebook.

Open Water Swims Start May 7th
Well its that time of year to begin our open water swims at Lums Pond. The swims start Wednesday the 7th of May between 6 pm and 7 pm and run every Wednesday through August. We have a few rules stated below that we must follow.  Hope to see some or all of you out there.

Directions:  Enter thru the main gate at Lums Pond and follow to AREA 1.
Rules for Open Water Swim (OWS)
(This is to ensure we keep our permit as well as ensure the safety of our team members and friends in the water)

Must Be a Member of the Tri-Dawgs or a Guest of a Tri-Dawg.


The OWS is NOT open to members of other teams, while we are a supportive group, this is a Tri-Dawg ONLYsponsored event 

TRI DAWGS ARE ABLE TO BRING GUESTS AS LONG AS THE GUEST AGREES TO REGISTER AS A "DELAWARE SWIM AND FITNESS TRI DAWG" DURING ANY PIRANHA SPORTS EVENT THEY PARTICIPATE IN DURING 2013.   Please introduce your guest to Vince LaFashia or Margaret LaFashia (or the assigned Tri-Dawg leading the swim that particular evening) so we are aware that there is someone new in attendance.  If you bring a guest, you are responsible for your guest and should swim with them. 

Must Sign-In & MORE importantly, you Must Sign-Out 

You cannot enter the water until you have signed in (a notebook will be present when you arrive). ALSO Please do not leave for your car until you sign out. This is also your signature letting us know that you are swimming with the understanding that you are "swimming at your own risk". 

Must wear a BRIGHT colored swim cap

Dark Blue and Black swim caps are NOT considered bright.  This is so the kayakers can see you.  If you do not have a swim-cap or forgot one, please try and borrow from a teammate.  You cannot swim without a swim cap.   

Please do not enter the water before 6:00pm and you Must be out of the water by 7:00pm

No swimming without kayakers in the water.  If you are half way thru a lap and you see the kayakers pulling the buoys, you turn around with them. NO exception.
Please keep the buoys to your left (so counter clockwise circle swimming)

This is to help collisions in the water from happening.  You do not need to swim to the furthest buoy to turn around, however you must stay between the first and last buoy,  you can turn around whenever you like, just do it with caution and keep the buoys to your left.   

Please Swim with Caution

The people in the kayaks are NOT lifeguards. NOTE:  You are swimming at your own risk.  They will assist if you need it but you should be able to swim.   If you see a fellow teammate struggling, you STOP and ASSIST and yell to a kayaker.

We usually have two to three kayakers in the water.  Sometimes we are in need of kayakers.  If you would like to be a kayaker / have a kayak. please contact Vince LaFashia ( or 302-383-0060) and let him know so he can plan accordingly on nights we may need your help. 

Have a great week!


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  1. Awesome collection of tips I like all however devilman sprint is strong team as compare to other team. Open water swim event is very fantastic. And we should attend this at any cost. In swimming come out from water within time is best habit.