Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Newsletter October 1, 2014

A huge thanks to Pat Hall for taking over the newsletter this summer when I had a full plate. I am back to doing the newsletter so let me know if you have anything you would like me to include. You can send any race results to me or Kevin Hicks at Don't be modest. Let us know what you are doing that way we let others know who are doing what races so in the future you can be a resource for someone who is thinking about doing a particular race.

Ironman Maryland
Congratulations to the Tri-Dawgs who captured second place in the team competition. We scored 12,512 points and were only 150 points out of first. Dawgs that raced were Chris Racine, Marianne Moore, Vic Suchodolski, Diana Ortiz, Glenn Moore and Nancy Welch.

Greater Atlantic Club Challenge
We are in a favorable position to defend our 2013 title. We currently have a 152 point lead over second place Turk's Head with two races to go. So far we have 9 entries and Turks has 8 entries. It would be nice to get a few more entered just to be safe. Brierman sprint tri is on 10/5/14 and Cape Henlopen sprint tri and du are on 10/12/14. Click here to register for the races.

Ironman Race Registration
Once again we are updating the team's race roster for the 2015 race season.  If you are registered to race or volunteer at a WTC event (IM, IM70.3, Iron Girl, IRONKIDS, 5i50) next year, or perhaps even in 2016, please e-mail Eric Wolf at your full name EXACTLY as it would appear on the race registration form along with the EXACT email address you use in association with that name. (I do not need to know which events you have chosen. If you wish to send that information to either Pat Hall or Kevin Hicks, please do.)

WTC can only track our team's participation accurately so long as the EXACT name spelling and EXACT email address match up. Using different names, spelling variations or multiple email addresses creates "confusion" on their end and can incorrectly tally our team's point standings as they accumulate. 

The sooner I have this roster accurately updated, the sooner we can be placed in the proper race division (1-5) and start competing against other clubs of equal size. 

Thanks again, in advance,  for all your help on this matter. 
Eric Wolf

Swim Practice
Practices are back on Saturday mornings 7-8:30 at the address in my signature. We went back to a six lane configuration so now you have a lane line in the middle of the floor in each lane plus we have new lane lines. Right now we have room if you still want to get in. I am back to posting the practices on our website. Last week's practice ishere.

I have an Xterra (blue lettering) Women's Large wetsuit in my office. Please let me know if it is yours.

Road ID App
I'm always promoting wearing their bracelets when working out. Here is a cool new app that they have launched in which you can track someone else like a significant other when they are out on a run or ride. Now you can take the worry out when  they are running behind the time they told you they would be back. Not that that ever happens!

TBB Cyclery
Katrina Dowidchuk, one of our Tri-Dawgs and a world champion cyclocross rider, is the new general manager at TBB. She is offering the following deals:
We are running our "Cut and Run" sale on triathlon stuff.  Basically, we cut the prices, and you run with a deal.  So...
1) all late-model BMC and Fuji's are at prices that our manufacturers won't let us print.
2) triathlon clothing is going at $25 per item
3) BlueSeventy wetsuits at $100 each.
4) aero helmets are 40% off.
Sizes and quantities are limited, so have anyone call me if they are interested. 302-543-4536

Effective Shifting
Click here.

Have a great week!

Coach Glenn Moore
Delaware Swim and Fitness Tri-Dawgs
4905 Mermaid Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19808

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