Monday, May 16, 2011

Mags race reports

I used to do a great trip report for races that I have been at and have been bad in posting them due to changes in jobs, personal life etc... (love ya Vince!  a.k.a. Babe!)
anyway here are my notes from recent races - - (if you are at a race and want to post your notes or story, by all means let me know and send it to me and ill post on your behalf or we can figure out how to grant access to all?  im not tech savvy so bear with me...
Trip to Boston Marathon
Well Vince and I traveled to Boston with Marianne and Coach on the train - so much fun!  Coach picked us up early from the house (even loaded our luggage in the car!) and off to the train station we went,  Started with some NECESSARY coffee for Marianne and I and we boarded the train (sounds like a song...hmmmm.....) we arrived in Boston (pink bracelets and all in honor of Diane and her battle to beat cancer!!!)  to meet up with Diane and Dave who had already got the lay of the land - we checked into an awesome B&B (per Vince's suggestion) and headed to the expo - OMG can you say wall to wall people!  Carrie, I almost teared up thinking off all the times I have been there with you and how much I missed you and Chris!  anyway we got all the necessary bibs and numbers and t-shirts for Marianne and Diane!  Afterwards we headed out for pizza and wine!  What fun!  we drank a lot of wine and from the pics I saw later on my phone, there was lot of kissing going on - - TMI!!  The next day Vince and I headed out for a run on the Charles River - soooooo beautiful!  What an active city!  I could live there!  Later we hooked up with Coach and Dave (while M and D took a nap to rest for the marathon) and we got to pick Dave's brain and learn some personal stuff about him!  It was fantastic!  He is now one of my favorite people!  You learn a lot about someone when you get alcohol in them!  ha!  To round out the evening the 6 of us went out for a great dinner at the local fish company restaurant!  great wine, food and tons of laughs!  we woke up marathon morning and walked D & M to the start - WOW talk about a lot of people - the runners had to line up for the buses - - we gave them each a hug and kiss and left them with their hubbies and Vince and I went for a run!  Sometime later we hooked back up Coach and Dave and watched some pretty amazing finishes for the marathon - the top wheel chair competitors came down to 3 racers!  and the men’s and women’s races were seconds apart!  AMAZING!  Diane and Marianne finished in typical Boston fashion - !  Boston will break down the toughest of competitors!  Our girls held up great!!!!!  Coach, Dave and Vince then went and got us pizza, ice cream and wine while we sat in the hotel room and re-lived the marathon:)  now I didn't run, but I had to ensure they didn’t pass out so SOMEONE had to stay back while the boys went and got us "refreshments"!  Ah Boston - - you will always hold a special place in our hearts! 
Trip to Devilman Half-Lite and Sprint:
The morning of Devilman started at 3:00am to walk the dogs, get coffee, pack up bikes and drive to race transition that opened at 5:45am.  Josh, the super teammate that he is came to the house at 3:45 to help us pack last minute stuff!  We met up with Brian Kennedy and his wife Michelle at Wawa for the necessary coffee run!!!!  Once at the race we met up with many Dawgs!  My sister Amanda, my neighbor Michelle (who both were rookies to the sport and doing their first triathlon), we saw Carrie in line registering, we saw Lenny and Cindy drive up and Carrie, Bob, Anshen, Doug, Jocelyn and Rich in transition.  Doug surprisingly didn’t forget his helmet or bike (ha ha kidding Doug, we love your aloofness!).  I was super nervous as the sprint waves lined up – Michelle was doing her first open water swim EVER!  Her mom showed up to watch her too!  How exciting and moving emotionally at the same time!  My wave lined up as the sprint waves were already under way… I kept looking for Amanda and Michelle to come out of the water – Amanda passed me and we gave each other a high five (ok phew she is out one more to go…) then Michelle surfaced!  I saw her running out of the water and I yelled to her – she ran towards me and we embraced in a big hug – and we both had tears in our eyes!  I was so excited and elated to see her!  Of course our team photographer got pics of that (thanks Lenny)! 
While on the bike, I saw everyone! It was an out and back course so depending on which race you did (sprint or half, you either did it once or twice) - - I accidentally called Anshen “babe” …. Ooopps thought it was Vince!!!  Ah well!  Rode a bit with Jonathan Cochran and talked some but we broke from each other…..I saw Carrie of course rocking the bike in true form!  So great to see her back on the circuit!  I then saw Bob, Amanda and Michelle on the bike – although my own sister called me Carrie!!!  I just shook my head and thought “Amanda, its your sister!”  ugh! 
On the second loop of the bike (for us doing the half lite distance) – I saw Vince, Anshen and Jocelyn wiz by on the way home!  Wow can they freakin ride!!!
When I finished the bike I decided not to run (stupid Achilles!!!!) so I got to have beer earlyJ  and hang out with the Dawgs!  Eric and Amanda and her Chris (of course sweet Fiona joined too) all came out to cheer us on!  When Michelle finished the sprint, I understand her mom ran her in - - OMG how sweet!!!! 
The awards for the sprint followed and Cindy and Carrie both placed in their age groups!  Not bad for a rookie and a recent mom!!!  Amazing – I love this extended family we have in the Dawgs!
The Half Lite finishers started to come in,,,, Doug rocked the course as did Brian!  Jocelyn came in 2nd female overall and Anshen and Vince had solid finishes!  Rich even finished with an Achilles injury (how you did it ill never understand, but I feel like a failure compared to you as I pulled out prior to the run)!
I didn’t even know Ron raced till I looked at Lenny’s pics!  Ron stick around some more next time and wait for us slow pokes!
And then in true Dawg fashion, we were the last tri team there!  J 
Did I already say how much I love this family? 
Half Lite Distance
Bishop, Doug
Kennedy, Brian
Anshen, David
Wong, Jocelyn
2nd female overall
Lafashia, Vince
Cochran, Jonathan
Castro, Richard
Sprint Distance
McGoldrick, Carrie
3rd in AG
Williamson, Jr., Ronald
Amidon, Amanda
Johnson, Cindy
1st in AG
Galbraith, Robert
Wang, Michelle`

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