Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newsletter May 20, 2012

PracticeClick here for Saturday's practice. We have room in the pool for a few more people. Contact me if you are interested in joining us on Saturday mornings 7-8:30.
Long Course Practices
There is a possibility of getting some practice time at UD's outdoor 50 meter pool this summer. It would be most likely a pay per practice. Practice
Bike Training
Here is a good article on critical volume for bike training from USAT.
Seems we have a litter of new Tri-Pups! Congratulations to Jen and Josh on the birth of Isabella Marie Loren 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 20.5" and to Chris and Carrie on the birth of Quinn McGoldrick. No doubt that Isabella and Quinn are loaded with fast twitch fibers.
We're Growing
We just passed over 200 members on the team! Who could have guessed that almost six years ago when we started with 3 or 4 friends that we would have such a dynamic team today.

Stan's Notubes
Eric gave me a head's up about this site. Check it out to find out about their no tube sealing system. Could be the answer to going flat free forever.
Triathlon Coaching
Click here for a good article that you should read if you are thinking about getting a personal coach.
Columbia Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
Brett Saunders   2:24:10  (2nd 14-16)
Dave Drysdale   2:27:15 
Jake Minka   2:29:28   (3rd 14-16)
Jocelyn Saunders   2:30:49   (1st 45-49)
Brooke Saunders   2:40:10   (1st 17-19)
Alexa Murray   2:56:24   (2nd 14-16)
Amalija Jurcik   2:53:20   (1st 14-16)
Patricia Clifford   3:02:41
Brian Drysdale   3:10:25
Diane Arnold   3:23:13
Heather Zolna   3:23:13
More Results
With races going on every weekend now it's impossible for me to research all them for times. I will gladly post anyone's race results if you forward me the information.
Have a great week!


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