Sunday, May 6, 2012

Newsletter May 6, 2012

I missed practice since I was at the Devilman Tri but you can read my blog about Devilman here.
What a great day for our first "team" event. We were the top club in points scored with 96 points which gives us102 on the season. Team Brick picked up 42 points for a total of 191 so we closed the gap by outscoring them by 54 points. Remember they got  a big jump on us at that bogus duathlon in Dover a couple weeks ago. If we continue at this pace we should be able to make up the deficit by the end of the season. Thirty-five Dawgs raced Saturday with 15 in the half and 20 in the sprint. Nineteen Dawgs picked up one point just for racing so you can see how important just entering is. Click here for sprint team results and here for team half lite results. We have a great team and it just shows what we can accomplish with a concerted efort. Plus no one tailgates or has as much fun as we do.
The next team event is Diamond in the Rough on July 7 at Perryville, MD. This race has a sprint and an international distance and is in a really scenic location on the Susquehannna River. (And no bugs!) So far Team Brick has 12 entrants to our 9 so we have to pick up the pace on that.
Open water swims on Wednesdays will be held at Lums Pond State Park. Go to Area 1 where the Lums Pond Tri is held. Click here for a map.
This is a supplement that is one of our sponsors. There was a recent study done that shows some interesting results. Click here to read the study. Marianne and I have been using ASEA for over six months and we feel like it has been helpful with recovery.

Tires 'N Tubes
As the season is kicking off, your athletes are going to be needing tires for their racing and training and we would love to supply them.  If you would be willing to share our website with your team that would be great (  Also, if your team puts together an order of $1000 or more, we will offer an additional 10% discount.  We are still building out the product offering, but right now we can get any 3T (including all 3T Aero Bars), North Wave, and San Marco item at very good prices, so if your team is interested in those brands not yet on the site, please have them email me directly (
Weight Training
Click here to read an article on weight training for runners and the use of heavy weights v. light weights.
Diabetes Bike Ride Fundraiser
Hop on a bike and join your friends to help those affected with Diabetes.  Delaware Swim and Fitness Center has formed a team to get out there and show our support!  On May 12th, come out and show your support while enjoying a bike ride.  There are 3 different lengths to match your level: 10 miles, 30 miles, and 60 miles.  Along the route you will have rest stops and SAG support for all three rides.  Then after the ride, the fun doesn't stop.  There will be free lunch and live bands as well as other booths.  It will be a great Saturday for all involved.

Please visit JOIN DSFC Dawgs!  We've gotten a late jump on the competition this year.  Don't wait to sign up.  Even though the ride date is only a few days away, we have been given permission by the ride coordinators to continue fundraising until the end of June.  Unfortunately only the funds raised by the day of the event will count towards awards given out for top fundraiser (both team and individual), but the gift level will still go until the 3rd week in June.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there on Saturday, May 12th in Newark.
Brian Drysdale
Here's a reminder from Xterra if you are thinking about buying a wetsuit from them:  Please be sure to bookmark this link:  It will always contain the most up-to-date pricing.  As a reminder, the unique coupon code for Delaware Swim & Fitness Tri-Dawgs is CO-DAWGS.
Have a great week.

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