Saturday, July 28, 2012

Newsletter July 28, 2012

Click here for today's practice and here for my blog and podium spot.  Also we have had about 20 new Tri-Dawgs join the team in the last couple weeks. I challenge some of you to come out to a Saturday morning swim practice while attendance is light during the summer months. The hardest thing about doing this is showing up for the first practice. If you get there, I'll take care of the rest. All abilities welcome.

Ironman Lake Placid Results
We had another great time at LP hanging out with all the Tri-Dawgs. However, the weather turned nasty on race day. It was hot and humid with very little cloud cover and the competitors suffered. Close to 300 ended up having to drop out. That was the most I have seen in the seven years I have been going up there. The Dawgs did great though. Eric and Lenny had impressive PR's and Cindy and Chris completed their first full IM. Katie was the fastest of the gang but no surprise there. Jeff and Patricia battled the elements and posted good times. Marianne qualified for Kona so we will be heading there in October. Unfortunately Margaret had to withdraw with a foot and back injury on a day she was super fast. She did an amazing :59 split in the 2.4 mile swim!
   Katie Dickerson   11:43
   Jeff Kammerzelt   12:07
   Lenny Rogers   12:13
   Eric Wolf   12:41
   Chris Wolf   13:23
   Marianne Moore   13:45
   Patricia Clifford   13:49
   Cindy Johnson   14:09

Philadelphia Marathon
I mentioned last week that it would be nice to get a group to go up and do the half or full marathon. We already have a few signed up. Click here to register. This does close out so don't put it off too long.

Piranha Triathlons
We are in a solid second place for the club points race with 424 points. Brick is in first and still within our reach with 654 points. Two big races are coming up. The first is North East on Sunday August 12 and the second is Lums Pond on Sunday August 19. Currently Brick has 25 signed up for the two races and we have 17. Please think about doing at least one of these races. Click here to register. I should be at both races and we'll have the tents set up with some light tailgating like at DITR. In case you didn't know, the North East triathlon is the birthplace of the Tri-Dawgs.
USA Olympic Team
Read my blog about the differences in watching the mechanics of sprinters in a pool and distance swimmers in the open water. Click here for a fun video that the U.S. team put together. Great team building! Call Me Maybe!
Andrew Gemmell from the Delaware Swim Team will be swimming the 1500 heats on Friday August 8 and the finals will be Saturday August 4.
The women's triathlon will be on Saturday August 4 and the men's will be on Tuesday August 7.
Have a great week!

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