Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newsletter July 18, 2012

I didn't think I would be able to get a newsletter out this week since we are heading to Lake Placid IM but I had time to get a few things together before we left. Kathy will run practice for me on Saturday. 

Congratulations to Josh Loren for qualifying for Xterra Nationals in Utah!

Race Results
EX2 Xterra triathlon in Rocky Gap MD   (.75 miles swimming, 14 miles mountain biking, 5 miles trail running) 
    Blair Saunders   2:19  (4th overall, 1st AG)   
   Josh Loren   2:21  (5th overall, 1st AG)
   Vince LaFashia   2:34  (3rd AG)
   Margaret Amidon-George Loren-Margaret Amidon Relay 3:38

Overcoming Mental Blocks
Click here. Not that any of us have these!

Lake Placid IM
If you would like to follow the Dawgs here is the list of names and bib numbers. Race is Sunday July 22. You can follow them on the IM website or on your smart phone with the IronTrac app.
Eric Wolf   1947
Chris Wolf   1411
Margaret Amidon   720
Marianne Moore   1036
Lenny Rogers   2301
Cindy Johnson   1011
Katie Dickerson   545
Patricia Clifford   999
Jeff Kammerzelt   1937

From Rudy Project
Rudy Project requires that a minimum of 1 order be placed on your BRO account per year – in order to keep your account active.
You are receiving this email because our records indicate that no orders have been placed on your account for over 18 months.
This email will serve as a final reminder to please place an order before I deactivate unused accounts at the end of the year.

If you are on a Club or Team, PLEASE make sure that ALL members know how to order. Here are the ordering instructions:
-Go to:
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-Enter VIP code: DelawareTriDaw
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By the way, we've had the wrong code on our website forever so if you tried to use it you likely were not successful. Above is the correct VIP code.

Philadelphia Marathon
In years past we've had a nice number of Tri-Dawgs do this race and we'd tailgate and cheer all the Dawgs on. We haven't done that for awhile.  I've signed up this year and if you are thinking about doing a fall marathon or half marathon why not consider Philly and we'll make it a party. Registration is still open.

Essential Running Drills
Click here.

Training Fins
If you swim with me you know that I am a big proponent of using fins. I'm often asked where to get them. Here is a link to Amazon with fins I would recommend. Also if you look on the team website The Swim Shop is one of our sponsors and they carry fins. They are located in the Fairfax Shopping Center on route 202.

Endless Pools
Please welcome our newest sponsor. Details about what they can offer the Dawgs is below and will soon be posted on the website. Please make sure you contact Robert Reid directly if you are interested in making a purchase. Thanks, Robert and Endless Pools!
I was able to secure discounting for the TRI DAWGS on our products. 10% off the Fast lane, Fast Lane Pool, Original Endless Pool, and the Spa Series.  
We typically offer just 1,000.00 off of our Original Endless and Spa Series Pools for sales events, so 10% off the top is respectable for starts. If we get a lot of TRI DAWG hits, I'll work on getting something deeper.
Robert D. Reid
Design Specialist
Endless Pools
1601 Dutton Mill Rd.
Aston, Pa 19014

Have a great week!

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