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Newsletter August 20, 2012

Click here for Saturday's practice.

Sleep and Performance
Click here for the USAT article.

Miles and Meals
Running more but gaining weight? Click here for some tips.

Are you aware that we currently have 13 sponsors who offer the Tri-Dawgs discounts? You can find them on our website. I'll be highlighting a different one each newsletter. We will also be adding Karbon Speed race wheels soon.

Delaware Swim and Fitness is our corporate sponsor and offers the team a discounted membership to both their fitness centers in New Castle and Pike Creek. Individual memberships are $36 per month and a couple is $59 per month. Check out the many upgrades that the club has under gone this summer. You can ask me if you have any questions.
Diamond in the Rough Pictures
Click here for my attempt to post pictures from this race. Hopefully you can view this.
Lums Pond Tri and Du
What an epic turn out by the Dawgs for this race. Between the two races and Saturdays tri for kids we had 48 participants who scored a whopping 135 points. Equally impressive was the tailgate organized by Diane and Margaret. We had so many others who came out just to cheer on the team. We had quite a crowd many who stayed long after Piranha left. Results are below. Our next big team race will be Diamondman on September 9 at Lums Pond. This is a sprint and half IM distance. Come out and join the fun.

Andy Jakubowitch   1:25  2nd overall male
Kyle Carrick   1:26   3rd overall
Dave Anshen   1:30   1st 40-44
Katie Dickerson   1:30   1st overall female
Dave Drysdale   1:31   1st 25-29
Lenny Rogers   1:32   1st Clydesdales
Margaret Amidon   1:34   2nd overall female
Brian Denney   1:34   2nd 35-39
Ryan Lowe   1:34   3rd 35-39
Dan Hahn   1:35
Nick Anderson   1:36   3rd Clydesdales
Craig Deputy   1:37   3rd 20-24
Jon Cochran   1:38   
Stephanie Khan   1:39   5th overall female
Joe Burns   1:39   
Marianne Moore   1:40   2nd 55-59
Holly Burns   1:40   1st 45-49
Josh Maybury   1:42   
Josh Inkell   1:43   
Dave Rowan   1:44   3rd 25-29
Kristy Burnett   1:45   2nd 25-29
Cindy Johnson   1:46   1st 50-54
Brian Drysdale   1:49
Bill Hollandsworth   1:51
Stephen Hamilton   1:53
Jack Carey   1:53
Amanda Pupillo   1:54
Terrie Lazear   1:56
Diana Ortiz   1:56
Patti Huber   1:58
Larry Filtz   1:59
Barb Casper   2:01   3rd 35-39
Angelika Eichler   2:03
Rockey Poeta   2:06
Sarah McElrath   2:07
Nancy Welch   2:12
Nikki McCullar   2:13
Sandy Jannetty   2:14

Brian Welch   1:26   2nd overall male
Vic Suchodolski   1:35   1st 40-44
Glenn Moore   1:54   3rd 60-64
Youth Tri
Griffin Santana   19:52
Mia Beaudet   21:50
Rory Waynant   27:13

Other Race Results
IM Mont Tremblant 
Eva Van Stratum14:49  

Steelhead 70.3
Paul Randolph

Congratulations to Jocelyn, Brooke and Brett Saunders who earned berths in the World Championships in London 2013 by virtue of their races this past weekend at the USAT Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships in Vermont. Special shout out to Brooke who won her age group.

Resolution Classic 5K
The Delaware Swim and Fitness Center has hosted this New Years Day race the last three years. The Tri-Dawgs will be taking over this race this year with proceeds benefiting the team. I will be the race director. If you are interested in helping with the race please let me know. More details will be coming over the next few months.

Good luck to Ron Williamson and Jocelyn Wong in IM Louisville this coming weekend.

Have a great week.

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