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Newsletter August 27, 2012

Click here for Saturday's practice and here for my blog and podium spots which I have neglected of late for better or worse.

Race Results
Congratulations to the four Dawgs who did IM races Sunday! Special shout out to Ron who did his first IM.

IM Louisville
   Jeff Garvey   11:26
   Jocelyn Wong   11:43
   Ron Williamson   14:59

IM Canada
   Marc Oleynick   11:32

Athleta Iron Girl Triathlon in Columbia
   Kristin Lepley   2:41
   Lisa McKelvey   2:29 (relay)

Time to follow up our outstanding showing at Lums Pond with Diamondman. There is a half IM distance if you want to step up your distance and see how you do. Warning though. It could lead to signing up for a full IM in the future. And there is also a sprint. We have 22 signed up so far so I see another big tailgate in our future. The race is September 9. Click here to register.

Stroke Corrections
Here is an excellent website on common swim stroke errors and techniques to correct them. Good illustrations.

What is SuroMan all about? SuroMan is about setting a personal challenge while doing something good for the community and others.  Eric Suro will be running a solo iron-distance triathlon to raise money for The B+ Foundation.  The foundation provides financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer, and provides childhood cancer research grants (
SuroMan is slotted to take place on October 6th, 2012 (rain date may be the day before or after) starting with a 2.4 mile swim at Rodale Aquatic Center in Allentown, PA where he is currently living. Next will be a 112 mile bike ride to his parent’s house in Newark, DE, followed by a 26.2 mile run through White Clay Creek State Park, the town of Newark, DE where he went to high school and college, and finishing on Main Street.  The finish line will be at Klondike Kate’s restaurant and bar, where they will be donating 10% of all checks on event day for people who mention the SuroMan event and/or The B+ Foundation.  He is looking for family, friends, and fellow triathletes to accompany him along the way for an extended sense of community and motivation. 
If you are interested in joining in on any part of the fun, donating to the great cause, or just following the progress, please go to the event page at or you can e-mail him at

Determining Your Long Run for Triathlon Training
Click here.

We are now set up on our website for Karbon Speed race wheels. Click on the banner and it will take you to their website and give you a 10% discount. I have a few people trying out the set that was sent to me and I will be posting their reviews soon.

Click here for a new website for triathletes to buy and sell. It's new so there is not much on there yet but might be a good resource down the road.

Why Bike Fittings Are Important to Triathletes
Click here.

Registration still open. Click here.

Quiz: Do You Need a Running Coach?
Click here.

Vasa Trainers
I used their trainers quite often when I was coaching high school swimming and thought they were very useful. Think of it as being similar to being on your bike trainer when you can't get to the pool. Click here for their website.

Brandywine Bend Footrace
Click here for information on this trail run that is age handicapped race. And I don't mean that old people are handicapped!

Have a great week!

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