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Newsletter December 23, 2012

Click here for the practice.

DSFC Resolution Classic 5K
The Tri-Dawgs will be hosting the 4th annual race January 1, 2013 at 1:00 PM.  Please encourage your family and friends to join us for a great time with loads of amenities. You can get race details and sign up here on Piranha's website. The race will benefit the Tri-Dawgs and the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation which is affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club. A flyer with details is attached. Please share with any other running clubs or groups you are affiliated with. Thanks

Update: As of today we have 24 Tri-Dawgs out of over 250 on our roster registered. C'mon Dawgs!!

Silent Auction
In conjunction with the 5K we will be having a silent auction.  Don't forget this benefits the Tri-Dawgs and the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation. Here is our list of items so far:
Four 32 ounce bottles of ASEA sports supplement
Triathlon Sprint entry from Piranha
2 Phillies Tickets
Transition bag from Swim Shop
2  tickets for three different shows to Walnut Street Theater
Gift basket from Newark Natural Foods
Wine tasting from Deerfield wines
Chef's wine tasting for two from Cafe Gelato
Giro Savant bike helmet from Bikeline Newark
Sunday brunch for four at Deerfield CC
Three month membership at Delaware Swim and Fitness Center
Ryefield Ceramics and Your Creation Station Pottery

Congratulations to the newly weds,  Mr. and Mrs. Vince Lafashia! Yes, that would be Margaret!!

New Masters Session
Session II starts January 14th. Registration information is attached.

Piranha Races
Their special pricing ends the end of of the month. Click here for information.

Treadmill Running
Some of you know I do most of my running on the treadmill. My training for two marathons this year were almost exclusively on the mill and I ran my fastest marathon in 8 years this fall. I thought this was an interesting article on one woman's transition to the treadmill.

Breathing Exercise
Here's another thing you can try to work on mastering your breathing. 

I recently learned about an interesting new company based out of Maryland.  The company was started by runners, IronMan finishers, technologists and device geeks.  They have use many of the same devices we use in training and thought there ought to be lower cost options and that they had some needs current technology did not solve.

Their first product, the MilestonePod costs $14.95 and serves two purposes: it attaches to your shoe to track the number of miles run in that shoe and it acts as storage for digital health and emergency contact information.  The idea is that by connecting the device to your laces, and leaving it there, you will have an always on count of the mileage on your shoe.  No more need to wait until your knee hurts to replace a shoe or to replace the shoe too early.  And, because the device remains on the shoe you will always have your emergency contact information with you - ever forget your bracelet?

The company has pre-launched the product, information can be found here - Milestone on Indiegogo .  For just $15 you can pre-order a Pod and help a local company get started. 

New Off Season Rules (from
1.  Don't run a marathon in January.
2.  Focus on short intensive workouts.
3.  Gain weight on purpose.
4.  Swim a lot.
5.  Strength train.

One Running Shoe In the Grave
Not likely this article will change my training but thought I would pass it along for you to decide.

Have a great week and a Merry Christmas!

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