Saturday, February 9, 2013

Newsletter February 9, 2013

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New Masters Session
Session II starts January 14th. Registration information for this ten week session is attached.

Team Training Sessions
I'm working on organizing some group training options starting in the spring. We will have the Lums Pond OWS again on Wednesdays. I was able to get McKean High School's track one night a week (most likely Mondays) and we can also have group runs from there. I have a couple people  who are willing to lead group rides one night a week (probably Tuesdays). If you are interested in coaching/leading/organizing any of these things let me know. My Saturday morning swim practices are starting to fill back up again so if you want in on that contact me. Probably looking at an April 1 start for track and bike workouts and May 1 for OWS.

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The Puzzler
For many years The Puzzler has provided me with countless challenges for Saturday practices except when he is on holiday (he's French). It appears that he is retiring early to the French Riviera and will be too preoccupied (read intoxicated) to think about puzzles. If you would like to submit a puzzle(s), please feel free to e-mail them to me. Please include the answer because I'm not smart enough to figure most of them out.

Phone App
T-Zero is a good app for counting down the time to any event you have on your calendar. Good tool for keeping you abreast of how much time you have for training for a big race and a motivator to get training. Or countdown to a great vacation!

Treadmill FAQs
Click here.

Do you have medals from a marathon, half marathon or triathlon that are collecting dust in a shoe box somewhere? Click here for an organization that can put them to good use.

Brick Workouts
Here is a good article on designing your first brick workouts.

What to Eat Pre-Race
Click here.

Exit the Swim Alive
Here is the first of a four part series on deaths in triathlons and preventive measures and here is the second part. 

Barracuda Goggles
They are offering us a 30% discount and free shipping through through their website, Just type the word tribarracuda in the promo code field at check out. I have received some sample goggles if you want to try them out at practice.

Strava and Garmin Groups
Craig Deputy created groups on these two tracking websites so you can enter your training and see what others are doing if you want to join up. Here are the websites forStrava and Garmin.

Have a great week!

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