Saturday, March 9, 2013

Newsletter March 9, 2013

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Team Uniforms
Our order went into production.  We expect it to be ready to deliver to everyone by mid-April.

Learn Your Pace
Here is some good info on run pacing and it is something you can work on when we start track workouts.

Recent Swimming Death
This opinion piece from is a result of the recent swimming death at the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of our OWS at Lums Pond.

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Bikeline Sponsorship
Our sponsorship has changed for this year. It will now allow 15% discount on new bikes and 20% discount on accessories and repairs. We can now use these discounts at both Bikeline Newark and Bikeline Wilmington.

Swim Fins
If you have been to my practices you know you need to bring fins with you. If you workout on your own I suggest incorporating them in your workouts. You can look on the team website Practice Archives to get suggestions for their use. Click here to see the type I recommend.

Tri-Dawg Calendar
Click here to check out our calendar on the team website. If you have anything you want to add let me know. Thanks

Functional Training
Click here to find out what it is.

Vasa Trainer
I've talked about this piece of training equipment for swimming before. Think of Vasa for swimming as bike trainer for biking. Here is a video posted by a triathlete coach as to how he uses the trainer. If you hit the lottery or just have money burning a hole in your pocket, this would be a good investment.

Shamrock 5K
This 5K race benefits MS and is on March 16. Click here for more information.

Summer Lifeguards Needed
Got a friend or relative looking for a summer job. Aquatic Management Systems is hiring lifeguards for the summer. Apply online at If certification or recertification is needed you can sign up online for a Red Cross certified course.

Group Workouts
Our goal is starting  April 1 we will begin running workouts meeting at McKean High School track every Monday. Click here for a map. Josh Loren, who ran for Penn State and is on New Balance's running team will be heading these up. We will run these starting at 6:00 PM and going to around 7:00 PM.

Open water swims at Lums Pond are scheduled to start in May on Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM. We will most likely be in Area 1 again. Click here for a map. More details will follow. Vince Lafashia will be heading this up.

Group bike rides will be Tuesdays starting April 2  around 6:00 PM. They will most likely start at Avondale Intermediate School and go through the back roads of Amish country. We figure it's much safer than riding in Delaware. Marianne Moore and Dave Myers will be heading this up. Click here for a map to the school. 

All of our group workouts are for Tri-Dawg members only. 

Have a great week!

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