Monday, July 15, 2013

Newsletter July 14, 2013

No practice this past Saturday.

Diamond in the Rough Sprint
   Craig Deputy   54:13   4th overall
   Margaret Lafashia   54:13   3rd overall
   Nick Anderson   57:25   1st AG
   Eric Wolf   57:45   3rd AG
   Kristy Burnett   58:10   5th overal
   Amanda Pupillo   1:00:17   1st AG
   Josh Inkell 1:05:20
   Pat Hall   1:05:25
   Diane Arnold   1:05:34   1st AG
   Joanne Mullen   1:06:43   Athena
   Bill Hollandsworth   1:07:26   3rd Clydesdale
   Steve Salvatelli   1:08:18   3rd AG
   Ed Miller   1:10:37
   Peggy Oleynick   1:10:37   3rd AG
   Patti Huber   1:11:04   3rd AG
   Catherine Thompson   1:14:09   3rd AG
   Laurel Wolfe   1:33:17   2nd Athena

Diamond in the Rough International
   Mike Welch   2:09:16   1st AG
   Marc Oleynick   2:18:32   1st AG
   Paul Randolph   2:28:48
   Brian Denney   2:29:42
   Marianne Moore   2:39:32   1st AG
   Joe Burns   2:40:12
   Lenny Rogers   2:40:21   1st Clydesdale  
   Angela Westerheide   2:40:46   1st AG
   Holly Burns   2:42:28   1st AG
   Brian Drysdale   2:49:17
   Dave Smallwood   2:53:59   
   Ron Williamson   2:54:56
   Glenn Moore   3:07:48   3rd AG
   Tinna Otera   3:10:46   1st Athena
   Nancy Welch   3:16:38   
   Sara Santana   3:18:57
   Susan Dumont   3:41:33

Outstanding results at DITR. We had 17 do the sprint earning 66 points and 17 do the international distance earning 47 points for a total of 113 points. Those results pushed us past Turks Head for 1st place in the club competition 441-366.  We actually had 41 entered by race day so I fulfilled my pledge to the team and raced. Thanks to everyone who competed and we had a great time tailgating. 

We have Julie's Race coming up this week with 16 signed up so far (5 for Turks Head). I have not been to this race but it is a run-swim-run which makes it very unique. Those who have done it speak highly of it. I believe there is a post race pub stop as well. 

We have 37 signed up for the inaugural Top of Delaware sprint in the Newark reservoir in August (2 for Turks Head). I would not be surprised if we hit 50 or more entries for this.  Let's keep the ball rolling! 

Xterra Off Road Triathlon
   Blair Saunders   2:19:37   1st AG
   Josh Loren   2:21:52   1st AG
   Vince Lafashia   2:34:50   3rd AG

Bust out of a Training Rut
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Nutrition Tips for Triathletes
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Know the Rules
Click here for the "unauthorized assistance" rule. I see this violated quite often. It seems harmless but it can cost you a DQ.

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Have a great week!

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