Monday, December 23, 2013

Newsletter December 23, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Resolution Classic 5K
We are up to 92 entries as of Monday morning. This race benefits us but if I don't get 200 runners we lose money. I either need your participation and/or I need you to help get the word out. If you are on Facebook, please post the link. If you belong to another club or fitness center ask them to help promote the race.  We have over 300 members in the club and you all benefit one way or another by being on the club so PLEASE help spread the word.

The date will be Wednesday January 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM. 

We will do some tailgating in the gym after the race. Here is a link to sign up to bring something.

I need volunteers for out on the course. Contact Tricia Reilly at if you can help.

Click here to register for the race by December 27.  Race day registration starts at 9:00 AM.

I will run a swim practice that morning 7:00-8:15 and there may be a spinning class 8:30-9:30 so you can start the new year with a sprint tri.

Delaware Swim and Fitness Center
DSFC is introducing their newest and lowest pricing plans starting as low as $19.99 per month. They are also offering $100.00 off if you join before January 20th. You can find more information about the fitness centers and the pricing plans and sign up online If you are already a member and want to switch to the new pricing, you can do that.

Tips for Running on Ice and Snow
Take a look at this video to see how you can adapt an old pair of running shoes to make it safer to run on slick surfaces in the winter.

U. S. Masters Swimming
Click here for their page on swimming for triathletes. Some good stuff.

Trigger Point
Trigger Point has amazing stuff and this is a really great Club Program discount -25% OFF through December 17th. Please forward to your team.  The coupon code is TRICLUBHOLIDAY.

Clipless Pedals
So maybe you got your first set of clipless pedals and shoes for Christmas. Here are some tips to avoid the embarrassment we have all had.

Devilman and Club Challenge
Please be sure to put this race on your calendar for 2014. See information below from Neil Semmel, the race director.

I believe we’ll be good to add the DU for NJD for both distances.  In both of these due to logistics and layout of the land, they will start with a 2 mile run followed by remaining distances being the same. 
New Jersey Devilman Half Lite 50 DUATHLON = 2 mile run, 40.3 mile bike, 8.8 mile run.
New Jersey Devilman Sprint (technically is considered international distance) = 2 mile run, 20.5 mile bike, 4 mile run. 
I’m considering offering $1,000 cash as kick off to the Club Challenge at NJD to top 3 clubs broken down as follows:  $500 for first, $300 for second, $200 for third. 

In the meantime, we could use some sponsors if anyone can recommend anyone for this “kick off concept” as we’ll be paying out more cash and will probably create some trophies and/or banners that shows “winner, etc.”.  Please feel  free to recommend someone or put me in touch – if you don’t mind.

Merry Christmas!

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