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Newsletter December 8, 2014

Resolution Classic 5K
OK, Dawgs! Here is what I need. This race benefits us but if I don't get 200 runners we lose money. I either need your participation and/or I need you to help get the word out. If you are on Facebook, please post the link. If you belong to another club or fitness center ask them to help promote the race. A flyer is attached that you can use. We have over 300 members in the club and you all benefit one way or another by being on the club so PLEASE help spread the word.

The date will be Wednesday January 1, 2014 and I am moving the time up to 10:00 AM. (If there is enough interest we could have a swim practice before the race.)

I need volunteers for out on the course. Contact Tricia Reilly at if you can help.

I will take care of promoting the race, timing, pre-race registrations, police, EMS, insurance, prizes, amenities etc. If you are unable to help or run race day, please do your best to get the word out to friends and family.

Click here to register for the race.

Click here for the practice.

Rehoboth Beach Marathon
   Nancy Welch   4:04:48
   Howard Keener   4:06:13 (25th marathon)
   Patricia Clifford   4:47:31
   Tinna Otero   5:22:12

Congratulations to Mike Welch who is now on the Zoot racing team.

Finishing Line Etiquette
Click here. I think rule #2 doesn't apply if you are finishing an IM as long as you don't rain on another finisher's parade.

Online Dating Tips for Triathletes
Click here for a little humor.

Rise and Swim
Click here for a motivational video to get you going on those cold early mornings.

Columbia Triathlon
Click here for registration information about this very popular Olympic distance tri.

Ironman 70.3 Princeton
Please read below. If you are interested in early entry by Monday evening.

Hi Everyone!

So by now you have heard that we are opening a new IRONMAN 70.3 in your “hood” !

IRONMAN 70.3 Princeton will take place on Sunday, September 21, 2014. General on-line registration for the race will begin at noon EST on December 16th. The initial race entry fee will be $275 and will increase to $300 on December 30, 2013.

Given the feedback we have received regarding this new venue, we believe that the race will fill very quickly and will likely close to general entry prior to the price increase scheduled for the end of the month.

Because your club is a member of the IRONMAN TriClub program and is considered “local” to the Princeton area, we are offering your members early entry to the race. The offer is not being extended to the entire IRONAMAN TriClub roster so please be sensitive to the teams who have not been offered early entry and refrain from prolific Facebook posts, slowtwitch posts, etc. as  we do not want  your “brothers and sisters” from outside the area to feel left out!  We are not trying to be sneaky but rather wish to support local clubs who will help us staff volunteer positions, help with training ride advice, etc.

We recognize that the early represents a significant benefit to member clubs. We understand that many of you will use this opportunity as a way of driving membership and wish you success in that regard. Again, please be sensitive to other clubs with this offer – e.g. do not steal members from other clubs by claiming you are the only club to have this goodie please!!

If you have athletes interested in early entry please submit to me via email  no later than Tuesday December 10th at noon, an excel spreadsheet with the First Name, Last Name and Email Address of your member wishing to race. Each field should be in a separate column and please make sure that whatever the athletes has on their USAT membership card, matches the spreadsheet.  This is a HARD deadline folks – sorry but our athlete services team needs time to set the invites up and to send them out.

Your athletes will receive a VIP invitation to register from and Active prior on Wednesday, December 11th and will have until Sunday, December 15th at midnight to register. Please ask them to not use corporate email addresses as this email can be seen as SPAM and they won’t receive the invite.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly should you have any questions regarding the early entry program. Looking forward to a great race in Princeton!


Elizabeth Kollar
Director of Athlete Development and Communications

Have a great week!

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