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Newsletter December 12, 2014

Click here for the practice.

Resolution Classic 5K
With less than two weeks to go we only have 40 signed up for the race. And only about half of them are Tri-Dawgs. Come on people we need 200 to break even. 
Please help spread the word about the race and get yourself signed. It's a great way to give back to the club. A flyer is attached.

I still need about eight more volunteers race day to help be a course marshal. Everything else is about covered. We always have a very fun post race gathering of the Dawgs in the gym. Below is a list of help that I need. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer. 
We will also be having a silent auction. Contact Maria Sawczuk at if you can help with this.

Stick around for our always fun indoor tailgate. Sign up to bring something here.

Annual Team Party
Click here for what is shaping up to be our best party yet!

Delmo Sports
I reached out to their race director for information about their series. There seems to be a growing interest in club members trying new races with longer distances than the typical Piranha races. I will be talking more with them in the future. They put on the Escape the Cape tri in Cape May but unfortunately it is closed out. However, if you are still interested in this race, let me know and I might be able to get you on a wait list. Click herefor more info on Delmo.

Science of Running and Pain
Click here.

Track Workouts from Coach Fischer
This may be the first time in over thirty years that I will miss four weeks in a row.  I’ve missed the last two weeks because of a banquet and work and the next two weeks because of a banquet and work.  I feel really bad about not being there.  Congratulations to those of you who ran the Thanksgiving Day, Delaware Open, and Rehoboth races.  Good luck at the National club races.  Please feel free to email or call me if you want to talk.

PARTY – Since I won’t be able to make the next two Tuesdays, we have finger food and a cash bar at Caffe Gelato at 6:00pm on Monday, December 15th.  We will not have a full meal as part of the party, but you certainly can stay for a meal.  I hope to see you there!
December 9
4-8 x (500m @5K/100m jog/200m @Mile)  (Do 1st rep controlled.) + 4 x 100m S
800m @5K + 1-2 x 1200m @10K + 800 @5K + 1-2 x 1200m @10K + 800m @5K/400m slow jog recovery + 4 x 100m S
If you are running at Club Nationals, just do maintenance work – controlled 400m’s or 600m’s – nothing very fast.  Just get warmed up and into a good rhythm.  Do not get fatigued!
December 16
You pick – intervals, time trial, whatever.

December 23 & 30 – No Practice – will not meet
January 6 – Meet at 6:00pm at St. Mark’s – Happy New Year

Toughman Race Series
Click here for details on these 70.3 distance races.

Xterra Wetsuits
Both our Lava Flow Pants for paddling, as well as our Lava Pants for your swim sessions are available for $75, The Vortex sleeveless is available for $99 if you're looking to add a sleeveless wetsuit to your collection
We've also added our dry bag, which can make a great transition bag, as well as a great addition if you already have an inflatable board!
All these deals, and more can be found by clicking XTERRA Wetsuits
As always, remember to use your discount code - CO-DAWGS -at checkout to take advantage of these wetsuit deals!

Running Doesn’t Increase Risk of Knee Arthritis
How many times have you heard that running is bad for your knees?  Well, a new report suggests that regular running does not increase the risk of knee osteoarthritis, and it may actually help prevent the condition.  The research team from the Baylor College of Medicine found that runners at any age had less knee pain and less evidence of knee arthritis than non-runners.  However, they caution that this study does not address whether or not running is harmful to people who already have pre-existing arthritis in the knee.
American College of Rheumatology, November 2014
Have a great week!


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