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Newsletter September 3, 2012

Warning: Very long newsletter! Make sure you scroll down to information on ordering team unis.
Click here for Saturday's practice and here for my blog and podium spot.

Race Results

Athleta IronGirl
   Kathleen Benson   2:11  (2nd Athena)
   Gail Wynn   2:23 
Congratulations to Vince LaFashia and Brenden Reilly on completing the Shenandoah Mountain 100 Mile Backcountry Mountain Bike Race which includes over 13,000 feet of climbing!

Instant Imprints is our official team clothing sponsor and is owned by Tri-Dawg Brian Drysdale. Click here to see what can be ordered. If you have a suggestion for something that you would like to see us carry let us know.
There is a big sale at The Bike Boutique in downtown Wilmington until September 15th. 40% off all in-stock clothing, shoes, and helmets! $30 tune-ups. Close-outs on bikes.

Masters Swimming
Yes, we plan on starting up the Masters practices again. We are hopeful we can coordinate pool availability with Bruce's availability. If that can't be worked out we will try some other options.
Lums Pond OWS
This past Wednesday was the last OWS for the year. Thanks to Vince and his team for making this successful.

Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon
We have a growing list of Tri-Dawgs doing this race on November 18. Why not join the fun! Click here to register.

Ironman Competitors
Click here for a funny assessment of Ironman competitors.

Bike Safety
Click here to listen to pro athletes talking about bike safety. I always say it's not if but when.

Triathlon Deaths
Interesting article on what may contribute to deaths in triathlons particularly the swim.

How Many Calories Does a Triathlete Burn?
Click here.

Next Spring
One of my goals is to start up a group ride day/night and a track workout day/night. If anyone would like to help assist with these activities, let me know. 

Team Uniform Order
It's time to place another Tri-Dawg uniform order. Please email Diane Arnold separately ( with your size & style order. 

Women's Fizz Tank -- $40
Men's RS shirt         -- $50 
Men's and 
women's RS short    -- $50. 
Trisuits                   -- $100.  

A couple of women have ordered the RS style top instead of the Fizz Tank, and that is certainly an option ($50). Just remember that there is no inner bra in the women's RS tops. 

Here again is the sizing chartFor sizing trisuits, use the RS top size as your guideline.

FAQ's (hopefully) answered:

Q. I didn't get a chance to try on the fit kit. Is it still around?
A. Sorry, no. I had to send it back. However, we learned that if you are on the edge in a size, you should order a size down for the Fizz tanks.  If you are unsure,ask a team mate to try theirs on. You really do want a tight fit.The Fizz should fit like a swimsuit. Hopefully the sizing chart will help you decide, too.  
Q. I am one size on top & another on bottom, so what's my tri suit size? 
A. Our Sugoi rep says, "For sizing the Tri suits, I recommend using the Tri tops as the ‘fit guide’ for those who are different size from top to bottom, go for the Top size over the bottom." 
Q. Is there a shorts length or padding choice? 
A. No. Unlike the Canari shorts, there is only one pad style, called the Trilite chamois, and one inseam size of 6". 
Q. Who do I pay? 
A. Make checks out to Carrie McGoldrick and send to: 2443 Linden Dr, Havertown, PA 19083-1651 
Q. When is the deadline? 
A. October 15 
Q. Can we order any other custom items? 
A. Not this time! This is considered a "reorder" of the first order placed this year. We can try to order something new with the new order in January, if we can get 24 people on board to meet the minimum!

If you have any other questions, please ask! Odds are, someone else has the same question, and our rep at Sugoi is very good at getting me quick responses.

Race Report by Ron Williamson on IM Louisville
Bottom line up front – That was an awesome experience and I am really looking forward to my next Ironman.
I chose the Louisville edition of Ironman for a few reasons, the main one being the Time Trial swim start.  It took a little while to get through the line but I finally jumped in the water at 7:09:02.  I really enjoyed the swim.  Temperature was perfect and there was not the chaos of the mass start.  My only strategy for the swim was one Coach told me before my first half iron TRI.  “Swim at a pace that will allow you to finish”.  I was very pleased with my swim finishing three minutes faster than I had hoped. 
T1 went well.  I remembered what Marianne told me, “It’s not a race”.  I was comfortable and anxious to get on the road.  As I headed out on the bike, I repeated to myself the swim advice you gave me and set in a pace I felt I could maintain for the next seven hours that would also allow me to have something left in the tank for the run.  Within the first 10 miles though, I received a blocking penalty.  Shortly after that my chain came off in the middle of a shift.  Dealt with that easily enough and reported to the penalty tent at about 30 miles to acknowledge my blocking penalty.  It wasn’t a time penalty like drafting is.  I just had to go to the tent, sign in, they marked all of my numbers and I was back on the road. 
No issues for the next 60 miles.  Followed the nutrition plan and took my salt tablets right on time.  Everything was great although the seat seemed to be getting more uncomfortable as I went.  At mile 90 I had a flat.  This brought some stress to my day.  I had everything I needed but I quickly realized this was something I had not practiced nearly enough or even at all for that matter.  I put nearly 2000 miles on my bike getting ready for this day and I had been fortunate to have only had one flat in all of those miles.  That was during a local ride with no pressure.  I amateurishly wasted both of my CO2 cartridges due to unfamiliarity with the process.  I was pretty dejected thinking all of the training and money were wasted and my day was done.  Fortunately, a Good Samaritan happened by and asked if I needed anything.  I told him I needed CO2 and he turned around and gave me one of his.  I regained some composure and got the tire fixed and back on the bike.  My Ironman goal was back on track thanks to number 1374.  I finally dismounted the bike around 4:30, 30 minutes after my original goal. 
T2 took much longer than I had hoped.  I feel I made some poor decisions here.  Instead of just having running shorts and a shirt to change into I went with those compression socks and a one piece TRI suit.  It was difficult to get those things on being so sweaty.  Did I mention it was very hot?  Next time, the socks will go on in T1 if at all and I won’t change in T2.  
If I was disappointed with anything I would say the run.  Normally this is the strongest of the three disciplines for me.  I really struggled with trying to find something to refuel with that didn’t make me feel sick.  It may have been the heat or too much water.  Not sure but something I need to work on.  I approached the run like the other events, picked a pace that would get me to the finish line but walked the aid stations and any up hills although there were few of those.      
Finally, at 14:59:13 I crossed the finish line, about an hour longer than planned but crossed it none the less.  What an incredible experience the whole weekend was.  Athlete Check- In on Thursday to Athlete Celebration the day after. 
Special thanks to Patricia Clifford and Josh Maybury for taking time to provide me very accurate intelligence of this Ironman.   
Message from Brooke Saunders

At times this summer I have felt like the luckiest person in the world. Lucky for the opportunities I have been given, the people I have met, the love and support that has been given to me, and the results of all these factors together. Saturday was one of those times. On August 19th, I raced in USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in honor of Jack. Jack's inspiration lead me to be the 19 and under National Champion. I know for a fact I could not have done it without Jack, or all of you! Each donation, word of encouragement, and awareness spread, are what inspire me to race and train.

It seems like an unbelievable amount of time since I lost my first friend. I always thought that a first friend was someone you were supposed to grow up with, share stories about, and be able to introduce to your own children. It doesn't seem right that I have the opportunity to go to nationals and Jack is in heaven. Though none of this seems fair, as we try to spread Jack's 4evRSTRONG spirit, I know Jack continues to make a difference and will never be forgotten. Not a day goes by without thinking to myself of Jack's strength, hope, and way he lived his life; each day to the fullest.
Each school day, 46 children's lives are changed forever with the words, "you have cancer." Also, 3% of all federal funding for cancer, is towards childhood cancer research! Each of these statistics seem unbearable to me, and that is why we strive to change them. With your help, we will fight childhood cancer! Please join our team, Racing for Childhood Cancer, at Jack's 5k, on September 9th at Rockford Park! Registration starts at 8:00am and the race begins at 9:00am. To sign up or donate please go to the link below and select Racing for Childhood Cancer. Hope to see you there!
Have a great week!

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