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Newsletter September 10, 2012

Team Uniforms
Make sure you scroll down to see Diane's message about ordering uniforms. Our biggest issue with ordering is reaching the minimum requirements that our supplier requires. If you are thinking at all about getting a uniform don't wait until our late winter/early spring order because you take the risk of us not reaching the minimum order. Diane would like to send this order off by October 15 so get your order to her asap. Without question, we have the sharpest looking uniforms.

Click here for Saturday's practice and here for my blog and podium spot.

Race Results
Well we did it again! We rocked another Piranha tri Sunday by scoring 120 points. And of course we had another great tailgating time. No other team comes close to doing it like we do. It is so cool to see all the Dawgs cheering on each other. We had 11 entrants in the half IM distance race who scored 33 points and 27 in the sprint who scored 87 points. We closed the gap on Team Bricks by about 60 points and now trail them by 129. We have a 420 point lead on third place Turk's Head so we are guaranteed at least second place for the season. Next two races are Marshman on September 16 and Cape Henlopen on October 14. We have quite a few going to CH. 

   Blair Saunders   1:10   3rd overall
   Brandon Dombrowski   1:14   1st 20-24
   Craig Deputy   1:17   3rd 20-24
   Jocelyn Wong   1:20   1st overall
   Ryan Lowe   1:21   2nd 35-39
   Nick Anderson   1:24   3rd Clydesdales
   Dave Ziegler   1:24   3rd 35-39
   Eric Wolf   1:25
   Josh Maybury   1:25   3rd 30-34
   Brian Drysdale   1:27   2nd 25-29
   Kristy Burnett    1:30   1st 25-29
   Dave Smallwood   1:31   
   Amanda Pupillo   1:32   2nd 25-29
   Sandy Womer   1:33   1st 35-39
   Joanne Mullen   1:35   1st Athena
   Kathleen Benson   1:36   2nd Athena
   Barb Casper   1:38   2nd 35-39
   Rockey Poeta   1:40
   Justine Sosnowski   1:41   2nd 20-24
   Peggy Oleynick   1:42
   Diane Arnold   1:42
   Sara Santana   1:47
   Tracy Curran   1:48
   Michelle Wang   1:48
   Gail Wynn   1:50   3rd 45-49
   Valerie Longhurst   1:51
   Martin Giblin   2:15

Half IM Distance
   Jeff Garvey   4:45   1st 40-44
   Dave Anshen   4:50   2nd 40-44
   Marianne Moore   5:21   4th overall
   Holly Burns   5:23   5th overall
   Matt Hall   5:27
   Joe Burns   5:33
   Josh Inkell   5:54
   Ron Williamson   5:59
   Terrie Lazear   6:29
   Allan Cox   6:35
   Bill Hollandsworth   6:45

Shoreman NJ Half IM Distance
   Mike Welch   2nd overall

Piranha 2013 Races
Click here for special early bird prices on next years races.

I was honored to be inducted into McKean High School's Hall of Fame Friday night. I'd like to thank all those who sent me such kind messages or were at the event Friday. I was very fortunate to coach so many fine young men and women over 23 years there. If you are ever given the opportunity to coach kids no matter what age or level, please think about doing it. I started 35 years ago with absolutely no experience with competitive swimming and the relationships I have made and the experiences I have enjoyed have been wonderful.

Xterra Wetsuit Newsletter
Click here.

Why Yoga Can Benefit Endurance Athletes
Click here.

ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival
Registration is still open for the four races below to be held September 29 which benefits the Make A Wish Foundation. Races are put on by Columbia Triathlon which always does a great job. Click here for more information.

ChesapeakeMan   2.4 mile swim; 112 mile bike; 26.2 mile run
Aquabike   2.4 mile swim; 112 mile bike
Skipjack   1.2 mile swim; 64 mile bike; 10 mile run
Bugeye   1.2 mile swim; 25 mile bike; 6.2 mile run

Paul Ryan Run Calculator
Not making any political statement here but you may have heard there was some controversy about his marathon time. Click here to find your adjusted Paul Ryan time.

Strength Training for Runners
I am a big proponent of this having seen the benefits of working with Eric for almost three years. Click here for this article.

Flip Turn Video
Here is a pretty basic video on learning the flip turn.

FAQ from Beginner Triathletes
Click here.

From Amanda Armstrong
I have been invited to be a guest bartender at an event to help raise money for PAWS for People, which is a great local non-profit organization I volunteer for that is committed to providing therapeutic visits to any person in the community who would benefit from interaction with a well-trained, loving pet.  PAWS for People recruits, trains, certifies, and places therapy teams in over 125 sites, such as hospitals, skilled care facilities, chemical dependency centers, elementary schools, and libraries in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
The event will be from 6:00–9:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 20th, at the BBC Tavern and Grill in Greenville.  I will be bartending beginning at 6:40 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Please come out and let me make your favorite drink, where 100% of the tips will go to PAWS for People.  Since all tips go to charity, there are two easy ways you can make a donation so that you receive the full tax benefit of your contribution.
1.      Go to to make an online donation. Click the “Donate” button and then the “Make a One Time Donation to PAWS” link.  At the bottom of the page choose the option “To Support PAWS Guest Bartender Fundraiser at BBC Tavern on September 20th and list my name in the Comments section.
2.      Write a check in the amount of your gratuity or tip donation payable to PAWS for People and put my name in the memo line of the check.  Please mail to:                       
        PAWS for People
        P.O. Box 9955
        Newark, DE 19714
If you don't write a check, tips are accepted on credit card that evening and cash is always welcome in the tip jar.
Team Uniform Order
It's time to place another Tri-Dawg uniform order. Please email Diane Arnold separately ( with your size & style order. 

Women's Fizz Tank -- $40
Men's RS shirt         -- $50 
Men's and 
women's RS short    -- $50. 
Trisuits                   -- $100.  

A couple of women have ordered the RS style top instead of the Fizz Tank, and that is certainly an option ($50). Just remember that there is no inner bra in the women's RS tops. 

Here again is the sizing chartFor sizing trisuits, use the RS top size as your guideline.

FAQ's (hopefully) answered:

Q. I didn't get a chance to try on the fit kit. Is it still around?
A. Sorry, no. I had to send it back. However, we learned that if you are on the edge in a size, you should order a size down for the Fizz tanks.  If you are unsure,ask a team mate to try theirs on. You really do want a tight fit.The Fizz should fit like a swimsuit. Hopefully the sizing chart will help you decide, too.  
Q. I am one size on top & another on bottom, so what's my tri suit size? 
A. Our Sugoi rep says, "For sizing the Tri suits, I recommend using the Tri tops as the ‘fit guide’ for those who are different size from top to bottom, go for the Top size over the bottom." 
Q. Is there a shorts length or padding choice? 
A. No. Unlike the Canari shorts, there is only one pad style, called the Trilite chamois, and one inseam size of 6". 
Q. Who do I pay? 
A. Make checks out to Carrie McGoldrick and send to: 2443 Linden Dr, Havertown, PA 19083-1651 
Q. When is the deadline? 
A. October 15 
Q. Can we order any other custom items? 
A. Not this time! This is considered a "reorder" of the first order placed this year. We can try to order something new with the new order in January, if we can get 24 people on board to meet the minimum!

If you have any other questions, please ask! Odds are, someone else has the same question, and our rep at Sugoi is very good at getting me quick responses.
Race Report Shenandoah 100 Mountain Bike
We arrived in Harrisonburg, VA early Saturday afternoon and checked into the Village Green Inn.  Hurricane Isaac thankfully traveled inland but the effects of it were evident from the thick, humid air and on-and-off rain.
Race registration opened at 4:00 p.m. so we headed over. Brendan and Chris (Wooden Wheels) decided against a pre-ride of the start and finish due to the rain. Brendan and Chris did bag drops that included water bottles, nutrition (liquid and powder) tubes and Co2. Vince opted for a large Camelbak that held all of his supplies. Many racers and friends & family were already camped out in tents, trailers and their cars (there were some interesting set-ups). The rain subsided back at the hotel so Brendan and Chris went out for a spin on the road to get their legs moving and see the local “sites” at nearby Bridgewater College. That evening we went to dinner at a neat place called Local Chop & Grill House- had some delicious food and drinks (great beer selection too!).
Sunday welcomed us with a 4 AM wake-up call. Everyone ate breakfast and went in search of coffee (where’s a DD when you need it?!). A quick stop at 7-11 and we arrived at the race site. There were 600+ riders for a sharp 6:30 a.m. start led by a dirtbike. Racers were on bikes of various shapes and sizes and different varieties- tandem bikes, singlespeeds, hardtails and every style and color under the sun. Although at the finish you couldn't see anyone's bikes because they were covered in mud! I was also impressed with the solid showing of women... former Olympian Susan Haywood won 1st for the women's category… she also raced MASS Iron Hill this past year. Kathleen Harding from Team CF snagged a top-10 spot. The rain held off until about 7:30 a.m. and then the skies dumped on the Shenandoah Valley until about 1:00 p.m.and at times could be considered a torrential downpour.
Support team Margaret, Karen and I all volunteered at Aid Station #2 (mile 33) where racers could pick up their drop bags, get their bike serviced (one guy even turned his bike into a singlespeed on the spot), take a bathroom break, fill up water/Gatorade/Heed, and grab some snacks (everything from gummy bears to Cola to Oreos to PB&J sandwiches). Our station was full-service, where we would fill up Camelbaks from water jugs right on the racers’ backs. All of the racers were soaked to the bone and the rain didn’t let up. We were happy to see all of our significant others come through the stop in good spirits and feeling strong despite the conditions.
S100 veteran Jeremiah Bishop won 1st with a time of 7:20 and he’s held this first-place title for a few years. A few years ago his fastest time was 6:35 but the slippery conditions caused a delay this year. All of the racers were COVERED in mud coming through the finish line. A lot of people couldn’t even wear glasses because of all the mud.
Chris came in 20th with a solid finish at 8:18. Brendan just beat his 10-hour goal at 9:59 and came in 104th. Vince came in at 12:15 with a smile on his face saying how awesome the course was... that's what it's all about!
 These guys weren’t up for writing their own race reports and kept yelling at me while I was snapping photos like a tourist, but I got some info from them over Mexican and margaritas on Sunday night. Some feedback from Chris and Brendan for future racers:
·         The big 2-hour climb at the end that everyone talks about is not the worst climb. The 2 climbs in the beginning are worse. Brendan taped a graph of the elevation on his bike and broke the race down into 6 mountains which was really helpful. The total elevation was 14,000 feet of climbing, no easy feat!
·         The scenery was beautiful! There were some really nice views from the ridgeline.
·         A full suspension would be nice (Chris suggested this but Brendan disagreed)
·         Aid stations were great because they all had people wrenching there and chain lube was crucial in the muddy conditions.
·         Bring duct tape in your bag for quick fixes
For spectators and other IronSherpas- bring chairs, a large tent (great for shade, naps and rain protection) and lots of beer. It’s a really long day. Volunteering in the morning was fun because it kept us occupied and that was probably the only way that we could see our racers during the race. All in all it was a great weekend and congratulations to the racers!

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