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Newsletter September 29, 2012

Click here for Saturday's practice and here for my blog and practice podium spot.

Newsletter and Practice
There will be no newsletter for the next two weeks as I will be in Kona cheering on Marianne, Mike and Jocelyn. Kathy will be running the Saturday practices.

Congratulations to Matt Hall and his wife Katie on the birth of their second child on Thursday.

Cape Henlopen Tri and Du
Our last team race is CH on October 14th. We have 23 registered so far. Click here to register.

Cape Henlopen Tailgate
Click here for the link to bring something to the tailgate.

Click here for a video of Dave Drysdale biking up the notorious wall at Savageman at 15:15 of the video.

Choosing the Correct Fin
I'm right on board with this video on fins.

Team Uniform Order
It's time to place another Tri-Dawg uniform order. Please email Diane Arnold separately ( with your size & style order. 

Women's Fizz Tank -- $40
Men's RS shirt         -- $50 
Men's and 
women's RS short    -- $50. 
Trisuits                   -- $100.  

A couple of women have ordered the RS style top instead of the Fizz Tank, and that is certainly an option ($50). Just remember that there is no inner bra in the women's RS tops. 

Here again is the sizing chartFor sizing trisuits, use the RS top size as your guideline.

FAQ's (hopefully) answered:

Q. I didn't get a chance to try on the fit kit. Is it still around?
A. Sorry, no. I had to send it back. However, we learned that if you are on the edge in a size, you should order a size down for the Fizz tanks.  If you are unsure,ask a team mate to try theirs on. You really do want a tight fit.The Fizz should fit like a swimsuit. Hopefully the sizing chart will help you decide, too.  
Q. I am one size on top & another on bottom, so what's my tri suit size? 
A. Our Sugoi rep says, "For sizing the Tri suits, I recommend using the Tri tops as the ‘fit guide’ for those who are different size from top to bottom, go for the Top size over the bottom." 
Q. Is there a shorts length or padding choice? 
A. No. Unlike the Canari shorts, there is only one pad style, called the Trilite chamois, and one inseam size of 6". 
Q. Who do I pay? 
A. Make checks out to Carrie McGoldrick and send to: 2443 Linden Dr, Havertown, PA 19083-1651 
Q. When is the deadline? 
A. October 15 
Q. Can we order any other custom items? 
A. Not this time! This is considered a "reorder" of the first order placed this year. We can try to order something new with the new order in January, if we can get 24 people on board to meet the minimum!

If you have any other questions, please ask! Odds are, someone else has the same question, and our rep at Sugoi is very good at getting me quick responses. 

Other Tri-Dawg Gear
Click here to order other clothing from our website.

From myList
There are exciting things going on right now with myList on the IRONMAN Facebook Page, that you and members of your club can participate in! Doing so can help you connect with like-minded triathletes and even win some free pro gear.
1.  IRONMAN, and many top IRONMAN athletes, are adding a new social media tool called myList to their Facebook Pages to create fun lists of triathlon content for fans:
·  IRONMAN Facebook Page:  Lists of race info, nutrition info, and more!
·  Craig (Crowie) Alexander, IM World Champion: Lists of bike specs, race pics, and more!
·  Andy Potts, Olympic Swimmer & IM Champion: “What’s in my transition bag?” and more!
2.  Right now, and for the month leading up to the World Championship in Kona, IRONMAN and its sponsors are GIVING AWAY professional gear from these lists to fans.  Simply follow the IRONMAN link above and start “adding” things to your lists to be eligible to win (no purchase necessary, etc. - see the rules on the IRONMAN Page for more info).
Hydro Tracker GPS
Click here for a cool toy for the triathlete who has almost everything.

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