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Newsletter May 19, 2013

Click here for the practice.

   Delaware Marathon
      Amanda Pupillo   3:32:23
      Lauren and Joe Patson  1st place family relay

   Escape from Ft. Delaware Sprint Distance  (45 team points)
      Blair Saunders   42:11   1st Overall Male
     Katie Dickerson   46:14   1st Overall Female
     Vic Suchodolski   51:10   1st AG
      Pat Hall   55:47
      Val Longhurst   1:04:45   3rd AG
      Tricia Howarth   1:04:48   2nd Athena
      Sara Mcelrath   1:07:02   3rd AG
      Diana Ortiz   1:11:41
      Roy Hall   1:13:06   2nd AG

   Escape from Ft. Delaware International Distance (39 team points)
      Katie Dickerson   2:20:33   2nd Overall Female
      Craig Deputy   2:20:42   1st AG
      Lenny Rogers   2:26:26   1st Clydesdale
      Nick Anderson   2:31:49
      Kristy Burnett   2:35:30   1st AG
      Cindy Johnson   2:44:09   1st AG
      Amanda Pupillo   2:48:16   2nd AG
      Dave Smallwood   2:57:22
      Jack Carey   3:11:42
      Barbie Woodland   3:15:40   

We increased out lead over the weekend from 3 points to 43 points by scoring 84 points in the two races. Special shout out to Katie Dickerson who scored 21 points alone in the two races and showed outstanding sportsmanship that shows what the Dawgs are all about! Below are the top five teams. Next race for points is Tri-It tri and du on June 9. Great races for first timers and novice level but it is open to everyone.

Tri-Dawgs   200
Turk's Head   157
UD   61
T3   47
Team Bricks   44

   Columbia Olympic Distance
      Brett Saunders   2:12:22   1st AG
      Jocelyn Saunders   2:26:14   1st Masters
      Brooke Saunders   2:33:13   2nd AG
      Doreen DiMeglio/Lisa McKelvey/Kevin McKelvey 3:34:33

   Ironman Texas
      Dave Drysdale   12:36:05
      Josh Inkell   15:48:22
Don't forget that if I miss anyone, send me your results and I will post it the following week. I just don't have the time to research every race.

Long Runs
Thinking about adding long runs to your training routine? Click here for some tips.

Oakwood Valley Swim Club
Looking for a summer swim club? Oakwood Valley Swim Club is accepting memberships and is offering 10% off for Tri-Dawgs. For more information visit or e-mail  The pool is located at 4909 Kirkwood Highway between Kirkwood Auto and Artisans Bank.  

ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival
They have a lot of unique endurance races on September 21. Click here to register for one of them.

Pre-Race Nutrition Blunders
Click here.

Swimming Deaths in Triathlons
Click here for the article.

Bikeline Newark
I had another great experience at Bikeline this weekend. Their customer service for Tri-Dawgs is outstanding. Ask for Howard at Newark and tell him you are a Dawg. Please don't hesitate to use them or Bikeline Wilmington.

From Xterra Wetsuits
We very happy to announce an incredible offer to my sponsored clubs, teams, and coaches in the hopes that all of you will have the chance to swim, bike, and run among the monuments of our nation's capitol!

As a proud sponsor of the 8th Annual Nation’s Triathlon to Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society XTERRA Wetsuits has an exclusive promotional offer for all our triathlon club members - Save $25 off your registration for this event when you use online code NTSAVE25*. *expires 5/31/13

Don’t miss out on Washington DC’s only triathlon taking place on Sunday, September 8, 2013 in the nation’s capital. Featuring a course that winds through Washington, DC’s monument corridor, participants have the opportunity to race this International Distance triathlon as an individual or relay team. Register Today!
Have a great week!

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