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Newsletter May 5, 2013

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   Xterra Jersey Devil
      Josh Loren   1:33:17   1st AG   6th overall
      Vince Lafashia   1:36:48   2nd AG   13th overall
      Blair Saunders   1:37:05   2nd AG   14th overall

   St. Lukes Lehigh Half Marathon
      Carrie McGoldrick   2:04:13

   Indian Valley Y Youth Triathlon
      Grace Gilbert   16:20
      Lauren Gilbert   17:12

   NJ Devilman
      Great day for the Dawgs. We had 23 Dawgs score 67 points in the sprint and 12 score 27 points in the half lite. This puts us in first place for the first time. I have to say this was the coldest tri I have been at with air temps in the upper 40's to start and water temp was 66. I'm happy to say everyone successfully completed the swim which was a challenge. Of course we had a great time tailgating and cheering on each other.

      Mike Welch   1:33   5th overall  male
      Blair Saunders   1:34   3rd AG
      Brian Welch   1:37   2nd AG
      Brett Saunders   1:37   1st AG
      Vince Lafashia   1:37   1st AG
      Grant Otto   1:40   2nd AG
      Jocelyn Saunders   1:41   3rd overall female
      Jake Minka   1:42   3rd AG
      Dave Drysdale   1:44
      Josh Maybury   1:46
      Bryan Mora   1:48
      Brooke Saunders   1:51   1st AG
      Margaret Lafaashia   1:51   1st AG
      Stephanie Khan   1:54   2nd AG
      Amalija Jurcik   1:59   2nd AG
      Gregg Fink   2:00
      Ron Williamson   2:02
      Brian Gilbert   2:08
      Mike Laverty   2:09
      Larry Fitz   2:12
      Michelle Wang   2:19
      Nancy Welch   2:21
      Heather Drysdale   2:30

   Half Lite
      Lenny Rogers   3:49   1st Clydesdale
      Nick Anderson   3:50
      Kristy Burnett   3:56   3rd AG
      Marianne Moore   3:57   1st AG
      Amanda Pupillo   4:04
      Eric Wolf   4:06
      Cindy Johnson   4:08   3rd AG
      Dave Meyers   4:12
      Chris Wolf   4:14
      Patricia Clifford   4:17
      Brian Drysdale   4:49
      Tinna Otera   4:58   2nd Athena

Team Totals
   Tri-Dawgs   116
   Turks Head   113
   UD   58
   Team Bricks   43

Next big race is escape from Ft. Delaware with the sprint on Saturday May 18 and the international distance on Sunday May 19. If you are a novice this sprint is a good one to try since the swim is only 400 yards and will surely be wetsuit legal. We have 14 entries so far and Turks Head has 6. Let's try to pad that lead in two weeks.

Dawgs Helping Others
Lisa McKelvey, a fellow Dawg, sent this to me the other day and I asked her if I could share it with the team. Jocelyn is also a Dawg and former professional triathlete working with wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Rob is a retired race director who put on Eagleman and Chesapeakeman for many years. Thanks to Lisa, Jocelyn and Rob for showing what triathletes are all about.

I wanted to let you know something about the Tri-Dawg family that has nothing to do with racing...Last year through my friend Beth Ann, who has brain cancer, I met another woman who also has brain cancer- Lisa Saunders. Lisa lost her leg to complications of her disease last year. She always wanted to do a tri in part to show her young sons ( and the physically challenged students she teaches)that "nothing is impossible". Sadly, her insurance does not believe that she needs the appropriate prosthetic devices to do physical activity...she is in a chair a good portion of the time. (We are the same age).The running legs are pretty expensive and she had given up. I had an obvious soft spot for her and her ordeal, on a whim I contacted Jocelyn Wong to see if she knew anyone that could help my friend accomplish her dream. My thought was maybe we could do some sort of fundraiser to help her.

Over the past few weeks, and a lot of phone calls, emails etc. Jocelyn was able to have the prosthetic donated for my friend. Lisa just called and she is meeting Jocelyn on May 15 in her office to get her new device. Tricolumbia and Robert Vigorito donated her a specialty bike.

Tri-Dawgs are much more than a team, what an amazing group of people. It is heart warming to have people help just for the sake of helping.

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