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Newsletter September 2, 2013

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Lake Norman Sprint
   Josh Maybury   1:35:28

Save the Date
On Saturday November 2 at 6:00 PM we will be having our first official Tri-Dawg party not counting the countless tailgating we've done. We will hold it at the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center at 4905 Mermaid Boulevard 19808. We will be posting a sign up for food and an e-vite soon. In the meantime mark this date on your calendar. This will be a night to celebrate our successful season, try on and order uniforms and ring in the holiday season. I hope you and your significant other will be able join us.

New Sponsor
Since The Body Business folded we haven't had a massage business to sponsor us. We do now with Therapeutic Massage and Wellness located on Limestone Road just south of Kirkwood Highway. They are offering 10% off of all services and a five one hour session package for $275. They also have a strict no tipping policy.  Here is their website. I tried them and was very pleased. 

OWS Tips
Click here.

TBB Cyclery News
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9/11 Heroes 5K Run
This event will benefit DE Boots On The Ground.  Together, both organizations are committed to helping our military men, women and their families. Click here for details.

Tri Books
I just ordered Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. This is a 400 page plus book chocked full of great advice. You can read the reviews and find out more here.
Another book I just finished is Be Iron Fit. I thought this was an excellent read for anyone attempting their first IM. You can read reviews and find out more here.

I am looking to get feedback from triathletes on a virtual training app that just hit Kickstarter. What I want to learn is if the tool would be welcome in the tri community or not. I must decide what features to build next; and that will depend on who I am building for. I think it is a natural fit for multisport athletes, but I’d really rather get your opinion on that.
We just announced the app, called FitTrip, through Kickstarter last week. The campaign is going crazy. You can see a short video about the app at:
 It is a virtual training app for when you’re training indoors. It provides HD video of courses and synchronizes the video to your effort using your heart rate. It also offers zone training, stats, and coached endurance and interval sessions. We have HD video of courses from around the world. We also have a full Olympic-distance triathlon: the nationally televised Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon out of the Chicago area.
 What I want to find out is if triathletes want this and what features are necessary to make it awesome. The best products are the ones that users get to help shape. Would you be willing to send this email or my phone number to the team (or perhaps add this to a newsletter) and let them know I’d love to get their thoughts and ideas? Alternatively I could set up a Skype or Google Hangouts session to provide a live demo. Either way I am looking for your team’s feedback and advice on how to make it the best possible.
Thanks for considering it.
Shane Schieffer

Jack's 5K
As many of you know, on October 6th, 2009 I lost my first friend to something no child should have to deal with, cancer. Jack was a young man with a kind soul, strong spirit, and a will to fight. Though we long to see his smiling face up to bat on the Piedmont field, we must promote awareness and raise funds so that others will not have to undergo the same fight that Jack put up. After Jack was taken to heaven I was told by many, "time heals." Though five years has passed I have not forgotten about my first friend and hero, nor have I forgotten about the 46 children who are diagnosed with cancer each day. Please join us in raising money for pediatric cancer and in honoring Jack's ForeverSTRONG spirit by joining or donating to team 4evR Young at Jack's 5k!To register or donate to my team go to or go to
Thank you for your continued support! Together we will fight the monster that steals far too many lives.
Brooke Saunders

A Cautionary Story
Hi Glenn. I think we met once at the Lum's Pond Wednesday night swims. I was to participate in my first triathlon in Bethany next month. I suffered a massive heart attack after training 2 weeks ago. During the Cardiac Cath as they were trying to stent the blockages they severed my left main artery. Which left me with an emergency open heart Quadruple bypass. I turned 42 while in the hospital. I was in the best shape of my life. The only warning signs I experienced were that my workouts seemed more taxing and I had pain in my left arm that wouldn't subside. I was becoming more and more breathless with each workout. The day of my heart attack I went to swim and couldn't even finish 100 yards. I am so blessed that I wasn't out in the pond or on a country road somewhere. I tell you this to remind my fellow triathletes to listen to their bodies. Yes, having a heart attack is rare. 
But, because of our level of fitness, athletes often slip through the cracks. That happened to me. They sent me home from the ER with a diagnosis of muscle strain when in fact I had already experienced two undetected mini heart attacks. 2 hours after they sent me home the massive heart attack occurred. I have no doubt that I will rock my first triathlon next spring or summer. I have a lot of work ahead of me but am ready for the challenge. I know that most of our team do not know me. But, can you please share this with them. We tend as athletes to "tough" it out. But, sometimes we really need to listen to our bodies. Looking forward to training in the spring. God Bless.
Emily Holcroft

Have a great week!

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