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Newsletter September 23, 2013

here for the practice.

Save the Date
Our first annual club party will be Saturday November 2 at 6:00 at the DSFC Pike Creek location. You will also have an opportunity to order uniforms that night.

Outer Banks Triathlon Sprint
   Lauara O'Sullivan   1:48:37   4th masters
   Jen Bunora   1:48:37   1st Athena
   Sara Boehmer   3:01:02   Grandmasters/1st AG

   Mike Welch   5:48:42   2nd overall (fastest bike split with 23.9 average)

   Patricia Clifford   6:34:21   5th AG

   Skipjack Relay
   Team Sparkles   Barbie Woodland, Tinna Otero, Nancy Welch   5:38:09   2nd 
   Team Tri-Dawgs   Kathy Minka, Lisa McKelvey, Lisa McKelvey   7:15:54   

Bethany Beach Triathlon
   Blair Saunders   1:29:49   1st AG
   Marc Oleynick   1:38:45
   Mark Fox   1:43:31
   Kristy Burnett   1:49:08   1st AG
   Kristen Carney   1:50:08   3rd AG
   Amanda Pupillo   1:51:38   2nd AG
   Joanne Mullen   2:08:12   2nd Athena
   Tanja Przywara   2:15:21

Bethany Beach Duathlon
   Josh Boesen   1:29:23   4th overall
   Julie Boesen   1:49:05   1st AG

Bethany Beach is part of the club series so we picked up 36 more points for a total of 866 points which is a 270 point lead with only Cape Henlopen on October 13 left. So far we have 18 signed up for that race.

Congratulations to Tri-Dawgs Craig and Justine Deputy on their recent marriage!

Dawgs Pass 300 Mark
Seven years ago we started with about a half dozen friends with a common interest in triathlons. Today we passed the 300 member mark! What is really amazing is that it's all word of mouth since we don't do any advertising or recruiting. And the best part is that it is such a special group of people.

Stroke Analysis
Here is a really cool video of two coaches doing a stroke analysis of Non Stanford who won the ITU World Championships in London last week. The technology and camera angles are awesome.

Race Report on SavageMan
From Eric Wolf 
Top 10 Reasons for NOT racing Savageman 70.0 Triathlon:
10. Low lying fog banks and swimming directly into the sun make the jacked-up hammer toe of the disoriented age-grouper in front of you the best thing to site off of.
9. Your T1 split is measured not in time but in the least layers of cold weather bike clothing.
8. The first 20 miles of the bike are downhill. In wet shorts. In 40 degree temps. You connect the dots.
7. The Westernport Wall is merely a 'gateway drug' to the subsequent 7 mile hill climb 'overdose'.
6. Even the local farm goats use a triple ring.
5. Killer Miller makes Lake Placid look flat.
4. By mile 50 even the downhills make pedaling hurt.
3. You soon realize its faster to walk uphill than to run.
2. They add a 400m gravel run climb to the second turn around because, uh, they can.
And the number one reason to NOT do Savageman 70.0...
1. You'd actually prefer doing an Ironman.

Race Report on ChesapeakeMan
From Lisa McKelvey
Several of us did the Chesapeake Man Endurance festival this weekend. My "report" is a little different ....

First, our Dawg team is amazing. Mike and Nancy Welch, Tinna and Brett Oterro, Kathy Minka, Kevin myself and Liam had dinner Friday night before the big race. ---Barbie Woodward could not make it and we found out Sat that Patricia Clifford was racing too!

Patricia did the skipjack (75.2) and Mike did the Aquabike (2.4/112). The rest of us did the relay skipjack.

The water was full of see nettles, aka jellyfish, and the bike and half the run clocked winds from minimum 15 mph to over 30 - the whole time. If you like challenges, this is a good one.

But that is enough for the course. My version of the report is about what a great team we have. We all had fun at dinner and race day lots of cheering for each other. I cramped up halfway through the bike and had to slow down significantly to avoid injury. (Worst I have ever had) Next thing I know, Tinna was right beside me making sure I was okay and encouraging me. She is a pretty good cyclist so help and advice greatly appreciated. I was able to get a few more miles on that rush when Patricia came up to my side and asked how to help. I told her about the cramps she slowed down to talk for a few minutes and then gave me her salt tablet stash to try to help me break through the cramps! A few more miles.. amd there on the side of the road was Kathy Minka (jelly fish stings and all) with Tinna's husband Brett to cheer me on some more. I managed to finish and headed out on the run, after getting hugs and kisses from Liam and Kevin who are the most patient cheering section ever. A few miles in I saw Nancy on the way back, again encouragement and a smile from a fellow Dawg. A few more miles and I found Patricia, (who lied to me about where the turn around was :-) but her generosity on the bike trumps that) and more encouragement and smiles. I walked the entire run with another athlete and chatted. It was a nice midday stroll through the country side, haha. Towards the finish again there was everyone to cheer me on for the last grueling few hundred yards. I think Mike may have even jumped the fence to meet me at the finish and be sure I had fluids and stayed upright.

What an amazing team! For me it is not about race time it is about the journey. I don't even know what our time was but I know that everyone finished and finished safely.

On that note though, Mike got 2nd with the fastest bike split of the day. Woo hoo !!!!!

The caring  and support continued as I got to my car and had texts from you checking in and making sure all was okay.

I have to believe that we have one of the best teams around, having nothing to do with the incredible talent that many have, but the overwhelming caring and compassion for each other we all have. I am so proud to be part of this team. Thank you to all, great job!

- Lisa

PS. As I am typing this I have gotten 7 text messages checking in to be sure all is well. It is :-)

Have a great week!

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