Monday, September 9, 2013

Newsletter September 9, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Ironman 70.3 World Championships
   Mike Welch   4:42:14

Nations Triathlon
   Gail Wynn   3:27:17

Diamondman Half Iron Tri
   Dave Anshen   5:23:40   3rd AG
   Marianne Moore   5:27:03   2nd Overall
   Julian Randolph   5:52:23   2nd AG
   Brian Drysdale   6:26:16   
   Glenn Moore   6:36:16   1st AG
   Barb Casper   7:04:38   
   Josh Maybury   7:10:30
   Patty Webster   7:39:43

Diamondman Sprint Tri
   Blair Saunders   1:24:48   5th overall
   Duncan Outslay   1:35:52
   Allan Cox   1:49:37
   Pat Hall   1:49:49
   Bill Hollandsworth   1:50:45
   Nic Price   1:51:14   3rd AG
   Irene Drum   1:54:13
   Anelika Eichler   1:55:04   1st AG
   Joanne Mullen   1:57:19   1st Athena
   Theresa Carpenter   2:21:13
   Becki McCullough   2:21:57

Diamondman Sprint Du
   Josh Boesen   1:34:15   1st AG

Diamondman Youth Tri
   Jacob Benson   17:39
   Maggie Benson   17:59   3rd AG
   Kerri Drum   24:25

Diamondman Youth Du
   Aiden Hall 17:17   1st AG

We picked up 68 points at the Diamondman races and now have a commanding lead of 308 points in the Club Championship with three races left. Next up is Marshman this coming Sunday, then Bethany and Cape Henlopen Tri's to wrap up the season.

Tri-Dawgs Party
Save November 2 6:00 PM for our first annual Dawg party. More details to come
Proper Head Position in Swimming
Click here for two good videos on maintaining proper head position and the effects of too high of a head position.

Classic Signs of Overtraining
Click here.

New TBT Program
Click here to see TriBike Transports new pack and ship bike program.

Ironman Club Championship
This is a new program this year. Many of you have taken the time to register as a Tri-Dawg at IM events. Right now we are 38 in the country. I think that is pretty awesome. If you are doing any 70.3 or IM events please look for the club table at registration.

Strength Training for Swimming
I asked Eric Wolf, who is a personal trainer, to put together a top ten list of strength training exercises for swimming. Not only did he give me a list but he has included YouTube links so you can see how to perform the exercises correctly. By the way, if you are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Eric. 
1. Elbow Planks -
2. Supermans -
3. Flutter Kicks (hip flexors) -
4. Standing Cable Trunk Twists -
5. V-Ups -

6. Rotating Dumbbell Shoulder Presses - 
7. Dumbbell Rotator Cuff (external) -
8. Dumbbell Rotator Cuff (internal) -

8. Straight-Arm Cable Pushdowns (forward lean)-
9. Cable Reverse Flys (shoulders)
10. Seated Cable Rows -

How To Bounce Back From a Bad Workout
Click here.

Have a great week!

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