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Newsletter October 28, 2013

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Piranha Awards
Top Ten Clubs (Entries, Points) Out of about 210 clubs
DSFC Tri-Dawgs   331   932
Turk's Head Racing   136   620
UD Triathlon Club   77   251
Wooden Wheels   95   241
Team Bricks   86   210
Bike Line Tri Club   87   193
Pittsburg Triathlon Club   96   159
Mid-Maryland Tri Club   87   157
Poolesville Triathlete Consortium   43   146
Dave's Road Bikes   60   143

Top  Age Groupers
Blair Saunders   1st Overall
Mike Welch   5th Overall
Brett Saunders   1st 0-19
Josh Boesen   2nd 30-34
Brooke Saunders   1st 0-19
Kristy Burnett   1st 25-29
Amanda Pupillo   2nd 25-29
Nancy Welch   3rd   25-29
Katie Dickerson   1st 30-34
Margaret Lafashia   1st 40-44
Jocelyn Saunders   1st 45-49
Marianne Moore   2nd 55-59
Joanne Mullen   1st Athena
Tinna Otero   2nd Athena

Cape Henlopen Triathlon
Blair Saunders   40:15   1st AG
Vince Lafashia   41:11   1st AG
Brett Saunders   42:35   2nd AG
Jocelyn Saunders   42:45   3rd Overall
Jake Minka   44:14   3rd AG
Stephen Hamilton   45:47
Brooke Saunders   46:08   1st AG
Craig Deputy   46:15   
Grant Otto   49:17
Nicholas Price   50:13
Alexa Murray   55:47
Diane Arnold   55:58   3rd AG
Cheryl Williams   56:54   3rd AG
Joanne Mullen   56:56   1st Athena
Brian Drysdale   57:42  
Sandra Van Wormer   57:58   3rd AG
Heather Drysdale   1:02:43   
Roseann Salasin   1:04:07
Jane Schindewolf   1:04:49
Michelle Wang   1:05:21
Tinna Otero   1:06:11

Cape Henlopen Duathlon
Josh Boesen   42:06   3rd Overall
Catherine Thompson   59:01   3rd AG

USAT Duathlon Nationals Sprint
Josh Boesen   55:06
Julie Boesen   1:01:52
Both qualified for Worlds next spring in Spain!

Xterra World Championships
Josh Loren   3:25:49
Blair Saunders   3:26:48
Vince Lafashia   3:54:06

Marine Corp Marathon
Andrew Brett   3:35:47
Amy Brett   4:14:44
Pat Hall   4:56:01

First Annual Club Party
Our first annual club party will be Saturday November 2 at 6:00 at the DSFC Pike Creek location. The address is 4905 Mermaid Boulevard 19808. Come out and celebrate our club championship! You will also have an opportunity to order uniforms that night. And Lenny Rogers will be putting together one of his renown slide shows of the team throughout the year. Please send him pics to include at
We hope everyone will be able to come out and celebrate a very fun and successful season! We've grown so much this year, and it will be a great chance to meet some of your teammates that you didn't even know you had! The signup page is the same as every tailgate. Pick a food category and pencil in a description of what you'd like to bring. .  BUT this time, you'll see uniform sizes listed, too.  Here's the deal ...  If you have a uniform and you are willing to let others try it on for size, choose the size from the list, and pencil-in a description.  Diane's is there first, so you can see what's happening.  If you don't already have a uniform, this is your chance to come and try one on.  Thinking about getting a tri-suit? Bring your checkbook and we can get the order done that night! It is also BYOB. Click here for the sign-up page. 

Bike Weight and the Myth of Fast Bikes
Click here for an interesting article on the folly of spending thousands of dollars on a lighter bike thinking it will make you significantly faster.
CR Half Marathon Survey
Duncan Outslay has asked the club to take a survey to help improve the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. The survey takes less than 5 minutes.

Congratulations to Josh and Jen Loren on their wedding in Maui while Josh was there for the Xterra World Championships!

Track Practices
This past Monday was the  last night we’ll be at McKean.  We have reserved the track at the University of Delaware on Tuesday nights with lights on from 5:45pm until 7:15pm.  That goes into December.

How to Jump from Sprint to Olympic Distance Tri's
Click here.

Injury Prevention Checklist
Click here.

Xterra Wetsuit Sale
XTERRA Wetsuits is finally discounting the fastest, most buoyant wetsuit in existence, the Vendetta Sleeveless. Regularly $500, the Vendetta Sleeveless price has been cut in half and will be available for the all-time low price of $249 for a very limited time.
In addition, we will be selling the Velocity-M Speedsuit at a discounted price of $129 (regularly $350). If you haven't already heard, the Velocity-M Speedsuit had the fastest swim time at the Kona World Championships in both 2012 and 2013.
This promotion will be sent out to our internal database tomorrow morning, however, I wanted to give your members a jump start on the discount to ensure they get first dibs before we sell out.
Please share this at your soonest convenience.
Sale Ends October 29th, 2013!

From CoreRecoverySuit
As a fellow triathlete, we want to introduce you to a brand new product that we believe will greatly improve your training ability.  We at CoreRecoverySuit have had the advantage of this new product for a few months now and our team has seen some dramatic results. The CoreRecoverySuit is a unisex clothing line that can be frozen or warmed up to decrease inflammation, limit muscle breakdown, loosen tight muscles and lower your core temperature, all while allowing you to be fully mobile. We want to spread the word to all triathletes so they can continue pushing their bodies to the limit, taking the sport to a new level.  As such, we want to provide you and your team members with an introductory offer of 15% off our entire CoreRecoverySuit line.  This offer is good for all orders placed within the next 45 days.  Please feel free to provide the coupon code: int15 to your active team members. You can find our products online at  We are also on Facebook.  If you spread the word to your team members to like us on Facebook, we will be sure to provide further discounts and advantages to all of your members.   

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