Thursday, February 13, 2014

Newsletter February 13, 2014

Hop on that trainer or treadmill and enjoy the day! Better training days are coming! I hope!!

Click here for the practice. We've reached capacity in the pool on Saturday mornings. I can't take any new people at this time. And if you haven't been to practice in the last six months, check with me before coming.

Check Your Rankings
Go here to check your ranking. If you made All American or Honorable Mention All American, please let me know.

Track Workouts
Coach Fischer was kind enough to send out a whole season of workouts in case you miss a practice or can't make the practices. I have attached them. Practices are Tuesdays at 6:00 PM weather permitting at the St. Marks HS track. I believe the track is still ice and snow covered so there will be no practice until that is cleared. Which at this rate may be mid April!

Swim Tips from USAT
If you compare their suggested workouts with our Saturday morning practices, we are way ahead of the game!

Stroke Analysis
Here's an excellent video with some high tec tools. While this may not relate to the type of swimmer you are, it's interesting to hear this person's stroke being analyzed. 

Core Exercises for Runners
Click here.

Shake Off Swimming Rust
Click here.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Got to love this!

Mike Clark Legacy Foundation
Our Tri Dawg Board of Directors met two weeks ago and we decided to partner with a local charity (Mike Clark Legacy Foundation).  For more information on MCLF and Mike Clark (a Delaware Ironman triathlete who past away in 2008), please see the attached 
The Mike Clarke Legacy Foundation (MCLF) is 100% volunteer-driven and we have two opportunities to help MCLF in 2014.

1) On May 11th, the Tri Dawgs have a opportunity to assist as course marshals during the Delaware Marathon.  We would assist the MCLF team by providing 10 volunteers to help in the Wawaset neighborhood (volunteers would be assigned a shift lasting two hours). 

2) In August, MCLF will host the Mike Clark Memorial Bide Ride. MCLF has two rest stops on the course - Ashland Nature Center and Northbrook Orchard. Both are great locations!  We would provide our Tri Dawg team tent, a table for snacks, and volunteers to take shifts at one (or both) of these rest stops.  We would like to provide 10 volunteers (again, we would have shifts). The bonus, you can ride the course after your before/after your shift. 

Please let me know or contact David Anshen ( directly if you are interested in being a volunteer.  More details will be provided as we get closer to the events.   

Have a great week and be safe out there!  

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