Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Newsletter February 25, 2014

Click here for the practice. 

My Office
I've moved again so I'm back at our Pike Creek location but my office is now upstairs as soon as you enter the front doors of the fitness center which is the BC Communities office.

Bikeline Newark
They are one of our sponsors and the service you get from them is great. I needed a bearing replaced in my crankshaft of my Trek that I bought from them. They replaced the bearing, tuned up the bike and fixed a flat for $40. You would be hard pressed to find better service at a better price. Check them out for service and sales.

USAT All Americans
Congratulations to Mike Welch, Josh Loren, Marc Oleynick and Marianne Moore for making All American for 2013. You must rank in the top 5% of your age group to reach that status. If any others have made AA or Honorable Mention AA, please let me know.

Congratulations to Kathy Minka and Steve Savatelli on their recent engagement!

DSFC Spinning
Tricia has reminded me that Tri-Dawgs are welcome to come to her spinning class after practice on Saturdays. If you are not a member, just make sure that members have an opportunity to get a bike.

New Ironman Transfer Policy
Click here for their new policy on transferring races. It has some lame restrictions but it is better than what they offered before which was nothing.

Treadmill Training
Here is a good article on staying injury free since the weather has gotten many of us on the treadmill more often than usual.

Anatomy of a Bike
Click here for a beginner's tutorial.

Easing Back Into Training
Click here.

Our condolences to Marc Oleynick on the recent passing of his father. Marc's address is 43 N. New Ardmore Avenue, Broomall, PA 19008.

Lenny Rogers Photography
Below is information about Lenny's new venture. Lenny is one of the original members of the Dawgs and a highly experienced triathlete.

I am in the process of launching a photography and video services business and as part of that I will be offering a comprehensive swim stroke video package! My unique video capture gear allows the camera to move with you through the water to capture video head on, from below, from the side, behind and above!! Use the video to analyze your own stroke or use it to work with a coach! Details to follow in the next week or so!!!  I am also considering providing the same type of video services for running and cycling if there is interest so let me know!!!  I would LOVE to hear your feedback and answer any questions!

If you are interested please forward your contact information to:
subject "swim stroke"

I am planning on testing this equipment this Saturday, February 2.  Logistics of when the video taping will be available will be forthcoming once I've worked out a schedule with Glenn Moore.

If you are interested in other photography or video services please reach out to me.  I offer a variety of photography services including portraits, sporting events, birthdays and weddings.  I am very flexible with post production offerings (the final pictures and/or videos).  I can provide albums or DVDs or if you prefer to have the digital images and video that’s 100% good with me too. 

Please visit my site where you can see samples of my work (it is a work in progress).  www.lennyrogersphotography.comor my facebook page .

Hope to hear from you!!

Thank you,

Have a great week! 

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