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Newsletter November 17, 2014

Click hereI've lost count but there are probably over 200 practices that you can choose from or mix and match sets.

Rise and Shine
If you aren't motivated by this, please see a doctor!

Marine Corp Marathon
   Jenn Bonura   4:51:19

Mark Allen Must Watch
Click here to listen to Mark describe winning his first IM. Very inspiring!

Mountain Biking Video
White Clay and Fair Hill not challenging you anymore. Try this ride.

Please Share
I'm always on the lookout for items of interest for the newsletter. Please feel free to send me anything you think might benefit others.

Confessions of An Unlikely Marathoner
Click here.

Bike Insurance
Click here for details.

Tri-Dawg Team Awards
Click here to vote on team end of the year awards.

Team Uniforms
Now is the time to order a new uniform or a long sleeved cycling jacket. All of the details are below. I apologize for the length of this message, but I want to cover everything! 

I'm also testing the waters to see if there is any interest in a BMX-style, short sleeved cycling jersey. I'll be sending a separate email about that shortly.  

I can't emphasize enough how cool it is to have a team uniform. Not only is it great to have the support at a race that comes from being instantly recognizable by team mates and their family and friends, but it is actually economical! Check this out. Sugoi sells the NON-customized version of our tri-tank, for example, for $80.00. Our customized version is just $68 each, because we order in quantity. Each item we order customized is actually cheaper than off-the-rack generic.

To order, there is no need to send an email to Diane (unless you have a question!).  Simply write a check to DSF Tri-Dawgs for the total amount . (no tax, no shipping), and mail it to Diane Arnold, 2209 Anthony Avenue, Broomall PA  19008. Include a note stating the quantity, style and size of the items in your order.  (For example 1 medium men's tank, 1 medium men's shorts, 1 large fizz tank, 1 small women's trisuit.)

Add your mailing address to the note if it is different from the address on your check. This time, I will be mailing everyone's orders to them. There will be no pick-up at swim practice.

Sizing and pricing are detailed in the chart below.  See the sizing chart here or open the attached PDF to see the illustrated version. If you’d like to try something on, reach out to the team on Facebook or in the forum on our web page. Someone will let you try theirs on.  See the Tri-Dawg facebook page for some photos of the uniform in action. If you are not on fb and want to see some pics, email me and I'll attach a couple of pictures to my reply. (I refrained from attaching the photos here because of email file size limits.)

Women’s Sizes:  XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X Use your top size to determine tri-suit size
Long Sleeved Cycling Jersey*
Fizz Top (w/shelf-bra)
RS Tank* (no shelf bra)
RS Shorts
RS Tri-Suit (no shelf-bra)
* “Unisex” sizing. It is essentially men’s sizes, but includes XS.

Men’s Sizes:   S, M, L, XL. 2X, 3X Use your top size to determine tri-suit size
Long Sleeved Cycling Jersey
RS Tank
RS Shorts
RS Tri-Suit

I am consulting with our new Sugoi rep about possibly adding a new item to the team's line. : )  Before we get started with artwork, I need to be sure there is enough interest to move forward. 

This picture is the style of jersey we're talking about, except that it would be short sleeved.
RS Jersey

And this is the women's cut. You'll have to imagine these with the Tri-Dawg customization.

Women's RS Jersey

The price would be a little less than what you see listed, depending on quantity.   If this is something you think you would be interested in ordering this winter, please shoot me a reply, or reply on facebook.  If I see enough interest, I'll move forward.

Also, the Windblock Jersey has been discontinued.  I know! BUT, there is an alternative that should be very similar. I will let you know when I know more about that.
Contact Diane Arnold  with any questions you have that weren't answered here.

Checks will not be cashed until the order is placed in late December. So, don't delay, send your check today!

Winter Bike Riding Tip



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