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Newsletter October 26, 2014

Click here for the practice.

IM or 70.3 Races
Please let Eric Wolf (   know if you are doing any of these races in 2015 so we can be properly registered for club awards.

You've worked hard now share your results with others. I will post any road race half marathon or longer and any multisport race.

USAT National Championship Slate
Click here. The calendar and locations have been set.

Swimming Backstroke
Kind of funny how this article comes out the week after we started backstroke drills in swim practice.

Running and Your Lungs
Click here for an interesting article on the relationship between your lungs and running ability.

Xterra Wetsuits
With the season winding down and the water cooling off, now is a great time to get a Vector Pro or Vortex wetsuit for that late-season race and/or winter training. Get our Vector Pro Fullsuit for only $230, or check out the Vortex Fullsuit for $149! Remember to use your discount code - CO-DAWGS -at checkout to take advantage of these wetsuit deals! We're also still in stock of our 10' SUP Package Please use GOPRO at checkout to get this great deal at $598!  Also, we still have a few used wetsuits to clear out to make room for new inventory.
Regional Club Championships
From USAT Mid-Atlantic:
I want to congratulate you all on your performance recently at The North East Triathlon. It was a tough race and from the first to the final finisher, everyone had a great time!

One important not I totally forgot to mention while I was presenting awards was the prize pot! We have $5,000 to distribute to the champions and here is how the money will be distributed in this way: 

Division Winner — $550
Division 2nd place — $400
Division 3rd place — $300

The results are: 

Division 1: 

DC Triathlon Club — 83.5 points
DE Swim and Fitness TRI Dawgs — 23 points
Mid-Maryland Tri Club — 16 points

Swim Smooth
You've heard me talk about this website before and the app they have that is awesome. Here is some good analysis from Kona that I think you might find interesting.

Wetsuit Available
I have a men's medium sleeveless wetsuit available for borrowing should anyone need something short term.

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