Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tri-Dawg Challenge

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This is to challenge the Dawgs to sign up for 2-3 races this season! There are 3 great races coming up that many Dawgs turn out for so the support is huge! Plus we will get lots of points in the Piranha Series! As you know we do not ask for dues to be apart of the Dawgs nor do we pay for coaching from Glenn nor do we ask for a fee to swim at Lums pond Wednesday evenings.... But we can raise money by placing in the Piranha series. The last two years we placed 2nd! The first team wins by pure volume so it's difficult to beat them in terms of total points but on performance at key races we can contend against the rest!!!! Please make every effort to sign up for one if not more of the following races:

1) Diamond In the Rough Tri is a 1 mile swim, 27 mile bike and a 5 mile run on July 9th...

2) Sunday august 14th the lums pond sprint triathlon or duathlon! Great race for beginners!!! And of course we will tailgate afterwards!!

3) The 3rd race (Delaware DiamondMan) is Sunday september 11th also at lums pond (just begins at a different side of the pond) and there are two distances; half ironman and a sprint! Again the sprint is a great beginners race distance and for those who have been thinking of doing a half, this is a flat bike course! Also this is the race that Becki n Andy met last year and are now married! So who knows maybe you can make a "love connection":)!

Remember to sign up as a "Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg" (not trail dawgs) when u sign up, look for team option on sign up page!

(FYI) MY goal is to see close to 30 people at each race BUT coach has upped the challenge to 50 people per race! Which makes sense as we have over 100 dawgs on our roster....

FYI...we do get points if you sign up as as a Delaware swim and fitness tri Dawg in any of the Piranha series. You don't have to just do the Lums Pond sprint or duathlon ; and the Delaware diamond man sprint/half.


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