Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks to my Tri-Dawg family

Hi Dawgs,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has reached out to me and asked how I am doing since my accident Friday night June 3rd.  I am doing much better!  
It was a scary situation as I look back now and hear the ad-libs from many on what happened.  I don’t remember much except seeing my front tire get close to Vince’s rear tire and then waking up in the ambulance.  In the middle of all of that Vince, Eric, Kris, Josh, Lenny and Cindy, who were all riding with me, had to react.  We were going at a good pace and having a great time and you do not realize how quickly something can happen.  
I want to thank the rescue personnel (from the paramedics and ambulance to the firemen and police) who arrived on the scene.  Vince said they did a fabulous job!!!  Apparently I was repeating the same question over and over again which is a sign of some type of head trauma/concussion.  Rocky had a good idea in that we should add a section to the Tri-Dawg page that outlines what to do and how to respond when something bad happens; what signs to look for and what questions to ask in different situations.  I think it’s a fabulous idea!  I know many of us think “it will never happen to them” but many experienced cyclists would say “its not a matter of ‘IF’ but rather a matter of ‘WHEN’.  
Lying in the “waiting room” between tests and being looked at I looked around the room and I saw many faces…Vince, his dad, Henry, Josh, Jen, Cindy, Lenny and my sister.  In parallel Josh and Eric went to our house and walked our dogs, Henry went to our house and got Vince and I clothes as we were staying at hospital overnight for observation and then Eric visiting later in the hospital.  We were discharged at 2:00 am and the next day, my sister brought us breakfast, Lenny brought me Swedish Fish and fruit, Marianne stopped by and brought flowers, Coach had a beer at our house (go figure, shows up empty handed and has a beer!  Kidding coach), Henry came by to write me a ticket “for following too close” (funny man) and Dave Anshen came to the house to visit so he could put eyes on me to ensure I was ok.  I got many text messages from Lisa, Becki, Andy, Diane, Paul, Bill, Carrie, Chris, Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Jocelyn, Amanda, Shannon, and all my neighbors asking if they can do anything or come by etc… and I realize what a great family we have in the Tri-Dawgs.  
Luckily I walked away with only major road rash and a concussion and a black eye and nothing else – it could have been a lot worse.  The helmet and sunglasses didn’t make out that good though L  Ill need to replace them but they saved me for sure!  I know I don’t have to tell you, but Always wear your helmet!  And also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor – always carry your cell phone and an ID – or better yet get a Road-ID!  I wear one as does Vince.  If I was alone (as many of us ride alone), the Road-ID would have saved me as I was unconscious Friday night when Vince ran up to me.  So someone would have found me and called 911 first and then looked at my wrist and read to call: my sister and Vince next as their names and numbers are listed.  Even if you do ride with people, do they know who to call in case of an emergency?  Do they know your spouses name and number or your kids or your parents?  Probably not!  Its cheap and easy to get!  I just ordered one for Marianne and Carrie (act surprised when you get it from me girls) – but the rest of you, please order yourself one.  They are actually somewhat fashionable tooJ  Vince and I personally have the Black Elite one…Here is the link:

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