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Newsletter June 17, 2013

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Club Championship
Good news is that we have had a lot of people racing the past two weeks as you can tell from all the results. Bad news is that many were doing races other than those that count towards the club championship. Consequently we have dropped to second place in the standings. That's not good but it looks like it is a two club race with Turks Head the rest of the way. They have 296 and we have 281 points. Click here to check out Piranha's website to see what upcoming races you might be able to do. Popular races you might want to consider are Diamond in the Rough, North East, Top of Delaware and Diamondman. All have sprint options. Hope to see you there.

Coach's Challenge
How serious am I about winning the Piranha club championship? If we get 40 Tri-Dawgs signed up for Diamond in the Rough July 13 I will come out of retirement and do my first triathlon in over 25 years. And if we get that many I'll do the international distance not the sprint. We have nineteen signed up as of today. Twenty-one more to go!

Eagleman 70.3
   Mike Welch   4:26:11  70.3 World Championship slot
   Brian Welch   4:42:12
   Jocelyn Saunders   4:54:35   4th AG
   Brandon Dombrowski   5:05:36
   Grant Otto   5:20:08   1st AG
   Brooke Saunders   5:32:36   1st AG
   Lenny Rogers   5:40:00
   Cindy Johnson   5:43:36
   Marianne Moore   5:53:31
   Patricia Clifford   6:32:23
   Nancy Welch   6:34:37
   Relay of Doreen DiMeglio, Lisa McKelvey and Jamie Donnelly   6:54:13
   Special recognition for Patricia who literally carried an Iraqi war veteran the last two miles when he suffered from heat stroke.

Escape the Cape
   Roseann Salasin   1:42:45

Tri-It Sprint Youth
   Ian Khan   16:02   3rd AG
   Becca Owens   17:37
   Jacob Benson   17:43
   Maggie Benson   18:53   3rd AG
   Aiden Hall 20:49
   Gina Salerni   20:59   3rd AG
   Griffin Santana   21:35
   Kerri Drum   24:20
   Meaghan Drum   25:10
   Owen Santana 33:18

Tri-It Du Sprint
   Vic Suchodolski   56:37   2nd AG

Tri-It Sprint
   Ryan Lowe   51:30
   Josh Benson   51:58
   Ray Jackson   56:28
   Pat Hall   57:38
   Sandy Womer   57:52   3rd AG
   Irene Drum   58:34
   Joanne Mullen   59:19
   Julie Boesen   59:41   3rd AG
   Natalie Moravek   1:02:05
   Nic Price   1:04:07
   Stephanie Davis   1:04:32
   Eric Johnson   1:07:32
   Jessica Smallwood   1:08:55
   Lee Stephenson   1:15:10
   Robert Salerni   1:17:32
   Chiara Gravell   1:24:44

Xterra East Championships
   Josh Loren   2:45:08   1st AG   Maui World Championship Qualifier
   Blair Saunders   2:46:16   2nd AG
   Vince Lafashia   2:58:00 

Richmond 21K Trail Run
   Margaret Lafashia   1:40:59   1st AG 4th overall
   Jen Snyder   1:42:03   2nd AG

NJ Parvin Sprint Tri
   Brian Welch   58:44   5th overall

Dragonfly Heart Tri Sprint
   Aiden Hall 21:08   2nd AG Youth
   Pat Hall   1:09:36
   AJ Panaccione   1:11:39   2nd AG

Paul Schlosser Tri Sprint
   Blair Saunders   1:04:41   1st overall
   Brett Saunders   1:07:23   2nd overall
   Jocelyn Saunders   1:10:38   1st overall
   Grant Otto   1:11:42   1st AG
   Brooke Saunders   1:16:20   3rd overall
   Duncan Outslay   1:16:31   3rd AG
   Josh Boesen   1:17:13   3rd AG
   Jon Cochran   1:20:06   5th AG
   Kristy Burnett   1:21:06   1st AG
   Amanda Pupillo   1:21:34   2nd AG
   Amalija Jurcik   1:22:47   1st AG
   Josh Inkell   1:27:06
   Julie Boesen   1:30:22   2nd AG
   Natalie Moravek   1:31:36   4th AG
   Stephanie Adams   1:32:55
   Alex Murray   1:37:27   2nd AG
  Joanne Hennessy Slawter   2:01:59
   I'm sure I missed others in this race. Send me your results if I did.

Tips for Hot Weather
It seems common sense and we've heard this stuff many times but after watching so many people at Eagleman struggle maybe it's a good time to review these tips.

Nancy's Race Report
Click here for an inspirational journey to Nancy's first IM 70.3. 

Have a great week!

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