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Newsletter June 3, 2013

Click here for the practice.

   Independence Sprint Triathlon
      Blair Saunders   44:23   3rd overall male
      Katie Dickerson   47:42   2nd overall female
      Eric Wolf   53:18
      Bill Hollandsworth   1:05:07

Blair and Katie are also in first place overall in the Piranha series.

We picked up 19 more points which added to our overall lead:
   Tri-Dawgs   227
   Turk's Head   166
   UD   62
   T3   57
   Brick   50

Next Piranha race is Tri-It Tri and Du for adults and children June 9th. We have 30 signed up for that so far.

   Escape the Cape (see race report below)
      I have not been able to find any official results yet but I do know the following:
         Vince Lafashia   2nd AG
         Chris McGoldrick   3rd AG
         Marc Oleynick   3rd AG
         Margaret Lafashia   2nd AG
         Sandy Womer   3rd AG

We have a good group going down to Cambridge MD for this challenging 70.3 this coming weekend. If you are going down, look for our tents. No major tailgating but if you like bring some light snacks and drinks.

Most of you know that Michael Ramone is the owner of Delaware Swim and Fitness Centers which is our primary sponsor. He is also a state representative. He will be hosting his annual crab feast and fundraiser on July 14th  3:00-7:00 PM at our Pike Creek location. Cost is $35 per person and includes all the crabs you can eat, subs, salads, cold beer and beverages. That is a true bargain! Everyone is welcome.

How to Break a Plateau
Click here.

Introducing Children to Triathlons
I'm getting more and more requests for information regarding children and triathlons. Here is an article that might help.

Kinesio Taping
If you know anybody that is interested in getting kinesio taping done. I will be available @ 650 Plaza Dr. Newark DE 19702. (Chiropractic Office) No appointment needed. It will cost just $20.00 for the tape and application. That's a 90% discount for what we normally charge our patients.
Yours in fitness,
Nicholas B. Price C.P.T

Racing Too Much?
Here are five signs that you should be on the alert for.

Swim Kick Exercise
Here is an exercise that will help strengthen your legs for the freestyle kick in swimming.

Drinking and Training
No not at the same time! Click here to see what the experts say. I seem to run best on pinot grigio.

From Andy McCollough
Just wondering if anyone knows of any jobs out there that are hiring in the field of childcare or business.  I have been an Education Director at the Boys and Girls Club since 2011, and before that I was the Childcare Coordinator at the Western Family YMCA for 6 years.  My email address is  Thanks everyone! 

Bike Blue Book
Ever wonder what you bike is worth or if you are getting a good deal on a used bike. Now you can go to to find the value of a bike.

Book Offer
I am David Pearce - a member of the Maidstone Harriers Tri Club and have just written a book called "350 Triathlon Questions and Answers" in response to all of our new members questions. Could you please let all your members now about the book and that it is available for just $9.95 as an e-book from my website www.triathlon-questions.comAnyone who orders will also receive a  massive discount code for a AlertID ( which I believe is essential to wear when training in case of medical emergency.

All 350 questions are listed on to ensure that your members know their question will be addressed.
The book contains the following sections and (where applicable) edited by an expert in their field:-
General Questions

I finally made it to the Wednesday night swim at Lums Pond. I had a great time and it's well organized. Water temperature was borderline wetsuit. I wore a sleeveless wetsuit and was comfortable. I highly recommend giving this a try. Details are on our website. Don't forget to wear a bright swim cap and sign in and out.

Escape the Cape Race Report
From Diane:
What a difference a week makes!  Memorial day weekend in Cape May was stormy with strong wind and seas rough enough in the Delaware Bay to cancel ferry service.  One week later
the sun was out and the water had warmed from 57 degrees to 68. A good day for a race
This was the inaugural Escape the Cape. Security post-Boston was insanely tight but actually didn't slow things down at all. The body marking was during packet pick up on Saturday, which meant that some of the marking didn't even make it to the starting line, but who among us is ever still completely marked after the swim anyway? That was a good move that made race morning much easier.
Once we were all aboard the Cape May-Lewes ferry,  athletes lined every deck, waving at spectators waving back 
along the jetty as we pulled out, headed for the sprint swim start, 400 yards from shore.  So far so good.  Tri-Dawgs met up with other friends unexpectedly on the ride out, which was really fun. 
The ferry began drifting as the first wave or two of the sprinters hit the water, and had to be repositioned twice before all sprinters finally began their race.  As a result, we saw the first sprinters start their run along the beach before the last sprinters began their swim
 Not ideal.  They'll need to fix that for next year. 
Mags and Peggy and I were slated for the last wave of the international distance and at first thought it would be cool to be the last off the boat, but we gave up on that after being aboard the ferry almost an hour after our scheduled leap into the bay. The race organizers were ready to have us all off, too, so -
as with the last waves of the sprint
we were all permitted to line up to jump off whenever we were ready.
The 10 ft jump was not all that bad, and frankly, everyone was just dying to get started and so nerves really weren't the issue.  And on
e in the water, the temperature wasn't the issue, but the current and chop was!  From the boat deck it seemed pretty clear which wa
 to go and what to do. Once in the water, though
 it was all pretty disorienting.  Paul told
 to just swim to the beach and the current pushing us out in the opposite direction would keep us from getting to the beach before reaching the
spot designated as
   swim exit. Good advice, but
 I still got pulled out too far.  Not wanting to get run over by better swimmers, I had waited longer than the other Tri-Dawgs to jump in and swim, but I really didn't need to worry about that too much, since I was so off-course.  ha ha.  Typical for me.
The bike was actually a pretty easy out-and-back (two loops for the International distance) with a little lollipop for a turnaround and another before the finish
   .  It was breezy, but for all the head winds there was a corresponding tail wind and the cross winds weren't too bad. The bike course went away from the beach, over the canal, and down the road toward Higbee Beach, where we could have enjoyed views of nude-beach sunbathers, but, alas, the turn around was before Higbee.
The run along the beach was, well.  Hmmn... I guess "awful" would be too strong a word? But really,  when you consider that Sand+Water=Cement, we were pretty much running in cement booties for the entire run, since the beginning of the run (and at the turn around for the International distance) was through deep, soft sand followed by tide pools. Between the two beach treks, the International distance runners ran down Beach Drive, right up to Margaret's street!  So cool to see Mags' house as we ran down the beach toward the turnaround -- the same beach we had been relaxing on the day before! 
I guess race organizers thought running on the beach would be a nice touch for the character of the race, but I think everyone would agree that it would be much better to fill out the distance of the run down Beach Drive -- an asphalt road with beach & ocean views -- with a detour (instead of the beach) through the shaded neighborhood.
Race support was awesome, the volunteers and spectators so supportive.  For the most part, it was a very fun, well done race.  For next year, they just gotta work on the swim start and the run course!  My suggestion for next year is, look at the run course, and if it is still partially on the beach, choose the sprint distance!

My third granddaughter was born Friday. Quinn Harper Moore weighed in at 7.0 pounds and 20.5 inches. 

Have a great week!

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