Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newsletter June 25, 2013

Click here for the practice.

Rev3 Quassy 70.3
   Sara Santana   8:55:19

Paul Schlosser Tri Sprint
   Mike Lally   1:19:46   4th AG
   Jack Carey   1:28:58
   Kara Hebert   1:30:10   5th AG
   Jim Cox   1:30:39   4th AG
   Sandy Jannetty-Carey   1:35:36

Tri-It Sprint
   Jim Cox   1:10:11   1st AG

Syracuse 70.3
   Mike Welch   4:45:51   34th overall
   Kristy Burnett   6:02:47
   Amanda Pupillo   6:06:26

Philly Tri
   Brandon Dombrowski   2:14:43   3rd AG
   Craig Deputy   2:26:19

Coach's Challenge
How serious am I about winning the Piranha club championship? If we get 40 Tri-Dawgs signed up for Diamond in the Rough July 13 I will come out of retirement and do my first triathlon in over 25 years. And if we get that many I'll do the international distance not the sprint. We have 22 signed up as of today. 18 more to go!

Here are a few comments that I have gotten with regards to our Wednesday evening swims at Lums Pond. If you've been thinking about doing it and haven't been sure now is the time to try it.

"Had great success on my first open water swim. That first lap was a little freakish not being able to see and worrying about creatures. I am thankful for these swims. Not as scary as I thought it would be. Everyone was extremely friendly." 

"Didn't have a chance to meet you but swim was great. I'm glad I joined."

Most of you know that Michael Ramone is the owner of Delaware Swim and Fitness Centers which is our primary sponsor. He is also a state representative. He will be hosting his annual crab feast and fundraiser on July 14th  3:00-7:00 PM at our Pike Creek location. Cost is $35 per person and includes all the crabs you can eat, subs, salads, cold beer and beverages. That is a true bargain! Everyone is welcome.

Skin Care
Click here for some good tips.

Coffee and Performance
Click here.

Swimmer Float
This float is a lightweight inflatable device that visibly floats behind a swimmer in open bodies of water. The device is easily pulled along by the swimmer and can hold one’s valuables (e.g., wallet, money, mobile phone, shoes, towel) as well as be used in emergencies as a flotation device. The brightly colored device is also easily visible by lifeguards and boaters and windsurfers on the water. Your stroke will not be impeded by using this. Click here.

Xterra Wetsuit Sale
Not sure if you can apply our team code to this but the price is still good. Click here.

Mentally Rehearse Workouts
Click here to find out why this might be a good idea.

 Body composition scale and they are offering a sweet 15% off deal to Tri-clubs on their BC-549! This scale measures: 
•Body Fat %
•Body Water %
•Muscle Mass
•Physique Rating
•Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
•Metabolic Age
•Bone Mass
•Visceral Fat Rating

Time Trials
Here is some information about two time trial races in Mullica Hill, NJ.

Running Compared to Biking
Ever wonder how  biking equates to running? A good guideline is that you must ride about twice the amount of time or three times the mileage running depending on how you track your runs by minutes or miles. Because bikinging is low impact, it takes longer than running does to fatigue your muscles and joints and it's that fatigue that helps build and strengthen your legs. 

Have a great week!

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